Taurus CT9 Carbine

Taurus recently announced on their Facebook page that they’re now shipping their CT9 Carbine that has been in development for quite some time. Chambered in 9mm, the Brazilian made carbine comes with one 10 round magazine, a Picatinny rail up top, adjustable iron sights and is made with both polymer and metal components. It comes in a blued finish with an overall length of 36″ and weights in at 6.6lbs without a magazine.  If you’re wondering why they only come with a 10 round magazine, it’s to comply with pesky 922(r)laws that won’t let you build a rifle with more than 10 imported parts. The magazine itself is considered three parts: the follower, floorplate and mag body. I give it a few months before Taurus USA comes out with American made hi-capacity mags.

Ray I.

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  • blaine

    Um, if the magazine were just longer, wouldn’t it still be three parts?

    • Paul Epstein

      Three foreign made parts- a gun composed of ten or more foreign made parts cannot have certain features, among them a high capacity magazine. So it could be longer for aesthetic reasons, but it’d still be limited capacity.

  • 032125

    10 round magazines? Oh bestill my beating heart! How positively Brady-esque.

    • Cymond

      Blame our stupid Brady-esque import laws (I think it’s the 1968 GCA). Feel free to replace enough parts to make it 922(r) compliant, and then drop in some extended mags.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Get rid of that horrible stock and they might be on to something…. Even if that something is just a slightly better HiPoint carbine or Beretta carbine abomination thing, it’s something.

    Really Sig has the right idea. An MP5 / AR hybrid. MPX

    This could have potential as a cheap 9mm carbine alternative if they go that extra 10% that they so far have not shown.

    • Dustin

      Hate the Beretta CX4 all you want. I’ve had mine for 6 years, put thousands of rounds through it, not one problem, very accurate, uses the same mags as my 92, compact, I love it. It’s my main home defense tool.

      • Tim U

        If I was going to buy a pistol cal carbine these days, I’d be looking at the CX4. This new Taurus firearm has not changed that in the slightest. The Sig is probably going to be way more expensive than either the CX4 or this.

        **Warning, humor ahead.**

        Besides… I work in IT. I need to be ready in case I have to deal with the Cylons. I hear the CX4 is excellent at dispatching Cylons.

        • KM

          that’s ok. there was no humor to be found

        • schizuki

          You could have left out either “Warning, humor ahead” or “I work in IT.”

        • Sid

          Tim, green tips are for zombies and red tips are for robots. They handle little way to remember is “green skin, red eyes”.

  • Cuban Pete

    Mmmm….needs a new stock, a flash hider, better sights (folding), more ergonomic grip, and a larger mag. Apart from that, I still ain’t gonna buy it.

  • Tim U

    How would Taurus USA making mags help 922r? I haven’t seen one of these, but I don’t see how they have 10 or less parts to the rifle (not counting magazine)

    • Formynder

      Because if Taurus USA produced them, then they would count as American made parts.

      • Tim U

        You’re missing my point.

        Even with 3 American made parts, I seriously doubt that the rifle would have 10 or less “parts” in the eyes of the ATF.

        Receiver, barrel, stock, handguard, bolt, trigger, and hammer are a minimum. Then if there’s any trunion, charging handle, or “operation rod” that counts as a part. Same if there’s a bolt carrier separate from the bolt. Sears and disconnectors count as well.

        Most imported rifles are 14-17 “parts”. Unless the design on the inside is incredibly simple with minimal parts, I do not see how swapping out 3 “parts” of the magazine will make the complete package 10 or less foreign made parts.

  • Oh, but the “best” part is the $898 MSRP.

    • Matt Ware

      For that price I’d go with a Beretta.

      • Agreed. (Or maybe an AK and case of ammo.)

  • Joe

    Why would anyone get this when Citadel’s 9mm M1 carbine is coming down the pike at around/less than half the price? Even if you like the tacticool aesthetic, there are better choices out there.

  • Big Daddy

    I’m going to build a 9mm AR with a DDLE lower. Yes it will cost more money but it will be an AR. Parts that are available for it are endless and growing. This looks like a UMP a little, very thin barrel, no flash hider, terrible stock, you’re stuck with that pistol grip, magazines look difficult to load and I haven’t even found out what other features it has or doesn’t have. They could have made it so that any consumer used AR or even AK parts on it made in the USA but they did not. Does the bolt hold open? How are the ergonomics? Like the 9mm Just Right Carbine it’s just wrong.

  • Mike Knox

    Whenever I see this gun, I can’t help but wonder why is there too much furnishing on a Pistol Calibre Carbine..

  • Cymond

    There seems to be some confusion on US import laws. In short, any “non sporting” rifle is limited to 10 or fewer of these imported parts.

    This carbine has 7 foreign parts, and the magazine adds 3 more parts for a maximum allowed 10 imported parts. Replacing the magazine with an American made magazine will reduce the gun to 7 foreign parts.

    Only these 20 parts are considered for the sake of 922(R). Of course, not every rifle has every one of these parts. There’s obviously no gas piston, barrel extension, or muzzle attachment on this Taurus.

    27 C.F.R. 478.89 lists 20 parts:
    (1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or stampings
    (2) Barrels
    (3) Barrel extensions
    (4) Mounting blocks (trunions)
    (5) Muzzle attachments
    (6) Bolts
    (7) Bolt carriers
    (8) Operating rods
    (9) Gas pistons
    (10) Trigger housings
    (11) Triggers
    (12) Hammers
    (13) Sears
    (14) Disconnectors
    (15) Butt stocks
    (16) Pistol grips
    (17) Forearms, hand guards
    (18) Magazine bodies
    (19) Followers
    (20) Floorplates

  • Lance

    Looks like a cheap copy of a Beretta CX4 Pistol Caliber Carbine. If its cheaper may be worth it. They make a ok very cheap Beretta 92 copy.

  • Billll

    Why not make it to fit Glock or Beretta double stack mags, and ship it without a mag.

  • Walter E. Kurtz

    It amazes me that Taurus is even in business. I don’t know how they do it. Low grade products, cheesey marketing, zero innovation (I do not consider a .410 gauge revolver an innovative product), the list goes on and on. Instead of importing the SIG-inspired CT30 .30 carbine as a pistol (for conversion to SBR), they decide to import this abomination.

    The horror. The horror.

  • CowardlyHero

    Saw one of these on a local gun stores wall for $599, but until they start making the standard capacity mags I would pass on it.

  • Bear @ C&L Armory

    In my opinion, the carbine needs the larger magazine, the ability to switch out furniture with ease like an AR, a lower price tag, and to be chambered in 45 ACP. So I would say to all of you is to give it some time to mature. That .410 revolver that Walter E. Kurtz mentioned earlier, the Judge, is actually one of Taurus’ best sellers. At first, the .410 was not a good defense round to use but then a new round was made that actually was good to use in a defensive situation. I believe it was developed by Federal, i can’t recall. But the point is what I said earlier, give it time and let your voices’ be heard.

  • Panzercat

    So, ten rounds, ugly as heck and over 5x the price. How does this compete with a HiPoint carbine again?

  • Frank

    I own one of these, the mags look exactly the same as AR 9mm mags, minus cosmetic differences that shouldn’t theoretically have an effect. So, STANDARD CAP (the 9mm model was designed for 34 rounds making 34 the standard cap, not high cap) mags may be here soon!