MTM Survivor Ammo Can

MTM Case-Guard has developed a ammunition storage can designed specially for burying in the ground.

The Survivor Ammo can was designed to secure important essentials that may be needed in the future.  The Survivor Ammo Can will hide important documents, gear and even emergency food underground.  The capsule is completely waterproof/weatherproof with the double O-ring seal and uniquely designed protective cap.  The protective cap serves dual purposes as it drains water away from the seals with its overlay design, it withstands the additional weight of earth and acts as a vacuum seal that keeps dirt out of the secure screws in the can and endures the possible impact from a shovel with extracting the unit.  The bucket-style design of the Survivor Ammo Can will house up to 600 rounds of .45 ACP or 500 rounds plus a handgun.  Sometimes the safest place to store things is right underfoot.

It will retail for $29.95. Your only problem will be trying to find (or afford) enough ammo to fill up!

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • greatbeefalo

    Wise man says: when its time to bury them, its time to dig them up.

    • Asdf

      Done in one

    • E

      Not as wise as you think, you keep at hand what you need. Rest you bury and if you need to dig them up you got the others so that you can reach them.

      I think most of you would die within the week(maybe month). Get to know people who survived this stuff instrad of armchairing it.

      • greatbeefalo

        So what youre saying is that if I regurgitate a catchphrase, im obviously a paranoid chairborne ranger?

        Seriously dude, lighten up.

        • MrSatyre

          You can also use your cans to store your regurgitations for pithy use later in a post-revolution/apocalypse world. We will definitely need amusing one-liners to help us through those tough times.

  • Mystick

    Not a bad price…. I would like to see more size options, though. I can see this scaling up/down well.

  • Mike Knox

    You know, large Ziploc freezer bags in used paint cans are a lot cheaper and more abundant..

    • Rob in Katy

      6-8 inch pvc pipe can be had cheaply also. put a sealed cap on one end and a threaded one on the other and cut to size. I am seriously thinking about doing it with one of the ARs and some ammo while I am recovering from shoulder surgery…well, I may have to get the wife to dig the hole…lol

      • Mike Knox

        The bag and can needs less work though but the plastic pipe does work on longer articles. A one metre length of eight inch pipe can hide around two or three RPG rockets..

    • 8,000 rounds

      Done that, been there. The paint can lids rust out after a few years. Make sure to bury a lot of metal bars all over the yard to make the FBI’s work harder. Its stinks to have your neighbors call DHS “see something, say something” hotline on me.

      • Mike Knox

        You’re supposed to put a layer or mineral oil or axle grease on any exposed metal before burying them.

        For placement however, they’re best buried right next or over large pipes under the ground. That’s how metal dead drops were hidden during the cold war..

  • Zius Patagus

    I’m going to invent a Survivor Ammo Can Can that will hold Survivor Ammo Cans that you can bury in the ground. Then I’m going to invent a Survivor Ammo Can Can Can that will hold Survivor Ammo Can Cans that are full of Survivor Ammo Cans. Then I’m going to come out with a super deluxe Survivor Ammo Can Can Can Can…

  • Gun Luva

    This is crazy though, I still don’t understand why MTN is so popular. this site was also saying they are good: