Colt’s Phantom Factory In Florida

Those of you with great memories will recall that Colt announced in 2011 that they were opening a factory in Florida. Richard Johnson has been investigating what became of this factory

According to news reports, Colt’s Manufacturing has yet to take possession of the facility and it appears that none of those promised jobs have materialized.  With an end-of-the-year deadline looming in the contract between Colt and Osceola County, it is being reported that Colt’s lender,not the company, is working out an agreement to get things back on track.

What is going on?  Will Colt ultimately abandon the deal?

Read Richard’s article here.

Steve Johnson

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  • LE6920

    The “deal” was leverage in the last union contract negotiations

  • Lance

    With the way CT gun law attack gun makers and owners im not surprised to see Colt move to a gun friendly state.


      Not happening anytime soon.

      This like another poster said was just a tatic to get the union up north to agree to less money and benifits. The threat was colt would close shop and move to FL. Once the union bended over and grabbed ankles colt never made any real moves on this FL plant.

      Companies are increasingly using this Rarick

  • Gunluvr

    I just hope they restart the production of the Python, wherever they go. I’d like to buy a pair for open carry.

    • Anonymoose

      And the Anaconda for a relatively cheap but well-made .44.

  • WebSnyper

    Less than impressed with Colt, and this is just another reason why.

  • Mike Knox

    Poop, I thought this was about a haunted gun factory or something..