IWI Silently Updates Tavor X-95 Design

The new Tavor X-95 design. Copyright Military Arms Channel.

Mac from the Military Arms Channel toured the IWI factory earlier this year. He published a number of photographs which indicate that IWI have silently updated the design of the IWI Tavor X-95. The newer model Tavor X-95 rifles features a different handguard and rail  (see above photo). Compared to the older round handguard (see below), the new handguard is much more angular. It looks better in my option, and is probably more ergonomic. The IWI website and brochures still features the old design and I have not received any press releases announcing an updated design. What do you think of the redesign?


Older IWI X-95 Tavor Design

More photos of the newer Tavor X-95 can been seen at the Military Arms Channel website.

Thanks to Arik for the tip.

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  • Masoo2

    I personally do not like the looks of the new X95, but it does give it more features

  • Mike N.

    Looks like the biggest difference is a continuous top rail, which makes more sense to me.

  • Lance

    Dont like it seems too small. Seems they are tailoring it for women and or small men. Sucks for the tall BIG men in service.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Sounds like it fits you perfectly then…

    • James N

      Israeli conscripts are quite small on average compared to American and Northern European soldiers.

      • Michael Pham

        Irrelevant; a small rifle (assuming the controls are large enough) can be used by a larger person. A large rifle however, while possibly being more comfortable for a large person, is unwieldy for a small person. All armies have people of varying stature. And since when was the Tavor an unusually small rifle anyway?

      • Joe Schmoe


        Israeli Male average height 18-21: 1.770m

        U.S. Male average height 20-29: 1.776m

        The average height in Europe is about the same, give or take a centimeter.

        • claymore

          Why use two different range of ages?

          • Joe Schmoe

            Those were the only age groups my quick Google-Fu turned up. In any case, the difference in height between 18-29 is minimal at best.

      • John Sjöström

        Maybee average height in the military. As you said. Israel has conscripts which mean a lot off women.

        • Meren

          Average difference in height in overall population is that Israelis are less than 2 inches shorter than Americans overall. It still doesn’t matter if a rifle is comfy for a 6’11” sasquatch shooting from a bench, so long as it’s usable for a 5’3 woman shooting from behind a car.

      • Joe Schmoe

        The difference between U.S. soldiers and Israeli soldiers isn’t really the height, it’s the bulk.

        There is a vast difference in the training programs between the U.S. and Israel in regards to fitness. The American program really helps the soldiers bulk up and do repeated short distance on road marches (final ruck sack march is 15-20 km correct?). Where as the Israeli system is aimed more at stamina, with very long distance off-road ruck sack marches (my final march in training for the Beret was over 62km).

        Not saying one system is better than the other, just different philosophies based on past experience; and each one has their merits (walking 62km straight with gear does the knees and back no favors).

      • afddsdadfsd

        Israelis on average are about 1.5 inches shorter than Americans. It’s not a big difference.

    • vitor roma

      So, according to your logic, anyone taller than 6′ can’t handle a pistol properly.

    • dafsd

      Small people can’t shoot large guns, but large people can shoot small guns. Get over it. Of course it’s small, that’s the point. Put a fucking full size suppressor on it, and cry about how size efficient it is.

  • Wosiu

    Tavor is functional but ugly like hell. Its external surface is overengineered (the same is with VHS 2) and could be problematic in dense forest. First Tavor prototype was much better with it`s “organic” shapes.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Nah, trust me on this, if there were issues with it catching on shit they were taken care of long ago. The entire Northern border area is one big forest and brush country. Looks kinda like this just much, much thicker:


      • Wosiu
        • MrSatyre

          Now THAT’S ugly! 😀

      • Mike Knox

        I almost agree with you. But when you’d have to trudge through jungle bushes and tight greenery, some stuff still snag on the charging handle sometimes under the mag release..

  • Wosiu

    BTW, in the second photo is Ukrainian license version of Tavor in 5.45×39 mm.

  • allannon

    I like the continuous top rail, but I’m not sure about the hanguard (I can’t see a difference in it).

    • erwos

      The sides are more angular. The original model looks rather tubular.

      If they release an X95 SBR here in the USA, I’ll be all over it. I love my Tavor.

    • Maxim

      The non-continuous top-rail probably was to save some weight, and mount a laser device on top without it obstructing your sight picture. The change is probably just to save on production time and make it a bit more sturdy.

  • Joe Schmoe

    By the way, IMI has a habit of silently updating their weapon designs. I know of at least three different IMI Negev updates to the IDF since 2007 alone, including a major revision that got the name “Mark B”.

  • Hank Strange

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder in other words its subjective just like a lot of things. I like this look and design yet at the same time I like my “old” 18 inch barrel flat top tavor just fine, here is a video I made with some friends about mine & the RFB:

  • -V-

    The only thing I can think of this is when can I get my hands on one?

  • Mike Knox

    I was hoping for something like the front sight stemming from the barrel fore-end or a switch for ejection orientation..

    • mafds

      The front sight would get hot. The switch for ejection orientation would be largely useless, and unnecessarily complex. The ARX100 has that covered.

  • Nathaniel