A Georgian Bushmaster M4

After the Russia-Georgia War of 2008, which if you recall lasted just over a week, the Russian military proudly displayed the remains of Bushmaster M4 rifles that they captured and destroyed. The M4 rifles has been part of a military aid package from the US Government. Five years on the trophies that were not destroyed are slowly making their way into museums. I am not sure which museum the above photo was taken.

Bushmaster M4 Carbines destroyed by Russian military forces (August, 2008)

Bushmaster M4 Carbines destroyed by Russian military forces (August, 2008)

Thanks to Vinh for the tip. Photo Copyright (c) by Edwin Le

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  • bbmg

    The photo is from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Armed_Forces_Museum

    Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the Moscow area, the shrapnel riddled wreckage of Gary Powers’ U-2 is one of the highlights.

  • Guest

    For higher quality here you go.

    • Nicholas Mew

      God Dammit, my computer is just being screwing around with me.

    • floppyscience

      Meh, no sympathy for a bunch of Bushmasters, but I do feel bad for that poor Minimi in the foreground.

      • hurvo

        Its Negev LMG, not minimi, check the magazine well on bottom, or real life photos of georgians shooting negev

        • floppyscience

          You’re right, I saw the mag well but didn’t register it’s on the bottom of the receiver. My bad.

        • Mike Knox

          How about a game? Spot the Negevs and Galil Sharpshooter Rifles..

    • Mike Knox

      Why didn’t they just chuck them into industrial shredders and recycle to make a buck (or whatever Russia uses for money)?

  • Lance

    Its not there M-4s fault for that loss. Georgia is a blip in size to Russia both Territory and Military size. The Russian could sniff Georgia in a instant if they wanted too. Georgia is trying to reform they make there own M-4s in Georgia now. Rifle made no difference in the war they lack tanks and aircraft to Russia. They are trying to buy T-84s from Ukraine now.

    • mikewest007

      T-84s from Ukraine? What happened to the great Polish-Georgian friendship, if we can sell tanks to Malaysia and Yemen, Georgia isn’t out of the question either!

      • Lance

        They wanted better tanks than the outdated T-72s they have. M-1s are very expensive for a small nation.

        • El Duderino

          Yah. 4.5 million vs. much less. I’d venture to guess a T-84 would go for $750,000 or so.

    • bucherm

      >Georgia is a blip in size to Russia both Territory and Military size.

      All the more stupid reason for them to pick a fight with the Russians.

      But, during the Georgia war, the Russians never managed air supremacy, and they never outnumbered the Georgians locally in number of ground troops. And they STILL spanked them. Not only are the Georgians outnumbered in general terms compared to the Russians, but when “all things being equal” occurs they clearly don’t even rate equality in training and doctrine to the Russkis, despite the amount of cash we spent training and equipping them.

  • vereceleritas

    I remember being in line behind some Georgians at a DFAC in Camp Leatherneck while waiting for our flight back home. I got a little chuckle seeing that their M4’s were Bushmasters. I incorrectly assumed that we just gave them our old Colt M4’s. No optics but they did have PEQ-2’s and some of their guys had what looked like a Stoner LMG. On a totally unrelated note, Georgian soldiers love sliced bread for whatever reason. All those guys ended up with half a loaf on their trays.

    • allannon

      Maybe it was because it was white bread? I dunno if America’s (sometimes overly) sweet bread is common in that area.

    • Vladimir K

      I’m not sure for PEQ-2’s but my friends and I managed to purchase a few ACOG’s and AIMPOINT’s from locals through a mutual friend of ours that was there as a camera guy for one of the local TV-channels about two weeks after hostilities took place.

  • Ryan

    There’s a few staged pictures of Russian SF, Alpha Group I think, running geared up M4’s.

  • Tenacious221

    Georgia can have one…but I can’t…

    Not cool.

  • Mike Knox

    Wasn’t there an article about Georian M4s a while ago?