Lanco Tactical Grip Stop

Lanco Tactical has developed a simple hand stop that cuts the difference in angle between a vertical foregrip and a grip like the Magpul AFG (Angled Fore Grip). It is selling for  $39.95.

Lanco Tactical LLC is pleased to announce the Grip Stop™.  The Grip Stop™ is the culmination of a brainchild design by a former U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran to fill the void between using a vertical grip and hand stop. The Grip Stop™ allows a variable angle grip to prevent locking the wrist. Use as an assist to the modern “C grip” technique or as a barrier stop.  The Grip Stop™ is made in the USA in South Central Pennsylvania. It is made from solid billet aluminum and then hard coat anodized black. It comes with mounting hardware to fit most applications.

It is designed to fit weapons without a picatinny rail.  The Grip Stop™ fits Magpul Handguards, Geissele Super Mod Rail, JP VTAC Mod, APEX Gatorgrip, Noveske NSR, Troy VTAC & Alpha, Diamondhead VRS, PWS Keymod, LWRC SPR, Midwest Industries Freefloat G2 SS, OEM “Round” or M4/M16 Style Handguards.  It will fit most forearms/handguards with 2 3/8″ spaced holes or slots and modular forearms with 6 o’clock holes/slots & keymod.  With a weight of 2 oz. the Grip Stop™ will not add unwanted weight to a weapon.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • z

    An AR accessory that doesn’t fit a picatinny rail?
    Now I’ve seen everything!

    • Cymond

      Impact Weapon Components has based their entire busienss on things that attach directly to handguards.

      • sianmink

        If they had a 1-o’clock mini-rds mount I’d be all over it. Having to attach a rail to my slick foreend just to mount an adapter to put the sight where I want it is silly.

  • verymiddleeuropean

    Positively medieval! Now lets just get upper with muzzleloading barrel and matchlock attached ( those two made of course of scandium, and duracoated), and you got yourself nice tactical handgonne to bust those pesky knights with.

  • davy jones

    Tch, 40 bucks for two ounces of aluminum? Why not a high strength polymer?
    I wouldnt pay more than 15 for a part whose primary purpose is a reference aid for indexing your weapon.

    • Ryno

      I couldn’t agree more. $40 for 2 ounces of aluminum seems unreasonably steep. I like the product, but I’d never pay that much for it.

    • Suburban

      I’m right with you on that. If someone could produce an angled foregrip for around the price of the MOE vertical grip (about $20), they would probably sell like crazy. Polymer would probably work just fine, since it’s not necessary to function. If a plastic foregrip breaks, it’s not the end of the world.

      Magpul AFG and AFG2 sell for $30-35, which I feel is too much, and I refuse to pay that.

      Strike Industries Cobra angled foregrip is $25, but I feel like it’s so small that it’s essentially pointless.

  • Lance

    I saw Rob Curtess on Gear Scout show this one off. Looks nice and is comfortable.

  • John184

    The only reason why I want 3D printing to take off is to stop the price gouging on small accessories like this.

  • E-Rock

    Seriously folks?! It’s obvious no one here has ever learned the basic rules of economics and manufacturing. You’re not being asked to buy a 2oz slug of AL, what’s for sale isn’t metal alloy, it’s a product that enables the user to do something better. Material is irrelevant. He’s taken a useless hunk of metal and injected value to it. It’s made of machined aluminum because launching a new product and gauging market response is done by using the most economical way to do short-runs without breaking the bank. You want “plastic” (a state, not a material)? Have you any idea how much money it takes to have mold cavities built? I’m sure this guy would love to bang these out of nylon and drop the price for you, but they’d have to justify building thousands of these each year to pay for the tooling. Are you going to buy that many? Now, if they start selling like hotcakes, perhaps it will be worthwhile for them to change material and process. If you’re a little guy with an entrepreneurial spirit, this is how it’s done. One shouldn’t go to a bank and take out huge loans on the chance that it will be successful. Especially with the likes of you, bitching about cost. I can hear you now whining, “I’m not paying $12 for a $0.15 chunk of plastic.”