Double Tap Defense .45 Auto Review

The folks at Modern Pawn and Guns have done an thorough video review of the Double Tap Defense .45 Auto. We have been trying to get one of these to review for a very long time for review but are still waiting for the company to send it to us. After watching the Modern Pawn review, I now pity the poor writer who ends up having to endure this little firecracker for our TFB review!

Steve Johnson

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  • FourString

    oh goodness, that does not look pleasant to practice with o.o

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    No thank you very much.

    I have a hard time enjoying putting 25 rounds of .38’s through my 642.

  • Alex Nicolin

    Does it take .45 Super?

    • No

      • Editor

        I shot two rounds of American Eagle 230 gr. 45 ACP FMJ, std pressure. The first round hurt. The second shot was sheer torture. The first shot will be accurate to 7 yards, but forget the quick follow-up shot won’t happen unless you use it at staple gun range. NOT for the faint of hand/wrist. Definitely NOT for newbies unless you want this to be the last handgun they will ever want to fire.

  • M.M.D.C.

    With all the itty bitty 9mms available now I don’t see the advantage, especially not with the flinch-inducing grip. Yikes!

  • Bear @ C&L Armory

    It looks nifty. Even though there are other small pistols (XDM series from Springfield) with better ammo capacity, the Double Tap is much smaller and thus easier to conceal. The XDM is still a sizable firearm that requires some sort of a holster to properly carry it and is still somewhat obvious that you’re packing if you do not change your wardrobe. The Double Tap on the other hand is slimmer and fits into your pocket better without showing the world that you’re packing. But it does depends on what a person wants in their firearm, do you want better concealment or more rounds in the mag?

  • Wes

    Eyes! Ears! Everytime!

  • D

    A 2-shot handgun is useless. This thing is a joke

  • Kai

    I still cannot figure out what possible use this would offer most people, that already existing compact (although larger) pistols cannot do.

    • Albert Thompson

      Fire from full concealment in a jacket pocket. In a situation where a presentation may not be appropriate early on, being able to shoot from full concealment has the advantage of not having to fully commit, vis a vis the presentation of a weapon, at an early stage of the confrontation. As I already have a COP 357/38spl for that purpose, and it has 4 shots, so I am similarly unimpressed.

  • HSR47

    I fondled one a few weeks ago, and I was thoroughly unimpressed.

    It’s bigger than the Diamondback DB9, and the trigger was HORRIBLE.

  • Mike Knox

    For this pistol, the reference to ‘clip’ would actually be correct.

    Stuff I’d wonder about his pistol:
    -How’d it fare with sub-sonic loads?
    -What’ll happen with +P or Nitro loads?
    -Would there be barrel kits for different calibres?
    -Will it blend?

  • pcnotpc

    Its usefulness ends with it being a bluff. Just pointing those two big holes at a perp would hopefully be enough to scare him off. If you ever have to pull the trigger you would probably get the less desirable end of the deal.

  • Mick Finn

    Kills on one end, wounds on the other, and no one has figured out which end is which.

  • JSL

    Shot the .45 today, yes it bit a little, but who cares. This thing as thinner than my wallet and its a .45. When I actually need to shoot it, that bite is simply a non issue, its not for plinking, it is for deep concealment and survival. Certainly having the knock down power of a .45 ACP means I do not care if the bad guy is wearing kevlar or other soft armour, he is going down. As far as two shots, frankly If I have not hit the bad guy in two shots, I did hit something, no? Having a dozen, while nice, if I am that bad of a shot just makes me a greater danger to the innocent bystandards around me. The best gun is one you can and will carry, this one makes having some real fire power very easy to carry.

  • not a buyer

    based on the shooters’ reactions, nope, I would not be buying that one.

  • John Morony

    A speed loader for a two shot derringer? What am I not understanding?


    I was very interested, I can accept the recoil, I was still weighing 2 shots vs having a 45acp
    this compact. Then I saw a u tube video and they had extraction problems. Think about it, extraction and ejection is done by your finger tips, the film I saw they messed with it for a few full minutes before getting the empties out. Maybe chamber polishing or a chromed chamber would have prevented this. with only 2 shots I don’t need problems reloading.


    This little power house should not be overlooked.(45acp)
    (10 It is a last resort personal protection piece.
    (2) Recoil will be your last concern in a confrontation
    (3) Range shooting will only make you gun shy
    (4) Buy two 45 cal laser insets and use them to prefect your point and shoot ability
    (5) Make sure you take advantage of your above purchase. Use it at home in the office,or where ever.
    (6) There is no sighting involved ( If you have to you use the sights your dead!)
    (7) If you play ping gong or pool you can be deadly.
    Just a suggestion