Palestinian Militants With Israeli Gun Accessories

An observant reader noticed that the Palestinian Militant in the foreground of the above photo has an Israeli-manufactured FAB Defense Magazine Holder Foregrip attached to his M16.


FAB Defense MG-20 Foregrip

Ironically photo appeared in a recent Stratfor article about the guns that Iran and Syria are alleged to be smuggling into the West Bank via. Jordan. What I want to know is if it came with the gun, or if Israeli weapon accessories are being exported into the West Bank …

Thanks to Brian for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Andrew Tuohy

    I had never considered it before, but that’s probably the perfect firearm accessory for shooting into the air during a wedding.

  • Imbecile

    I would like to know why he has a magazine with a foregrip attached to the… foregrip…

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      The Israeli’s are always coming up with new ways to carry a magazine. If I remember correctly it is because they are not allowed to keep the magazine in their guns when carry off duty.

      • neoconfection

        I worked in Israel and I’m fairly sure I saw both unloaded and loaded guns being carried by soldiers, but almost all of the time they’re unloaded. I can understand this grip, then, since most of the time they have the magazine in their back pocket.

      • Alan

        It depends on what unit you are in. But generally you are correct. Most off duty soldiers are required to keep their weapons unloaded but still have a loaded mag with them.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Not anymore. It used to be that you were supposed to (admittedly, I didn’t most of the time 😛 ). However, Israel recently introduced the chamber block add on that allows the magazine to be inserted with full confidence the gun isn’t loaded, so now the soldiers keep the magazines in the weapons.

        Jobnicks (POG’s) however have no reason for the magazine to be anywhere near the gun honestly, so they keep theirs unloaded for the most part.

        The chamber plug is the orange thing in the gun here:

        All you need to do to eject it is cock the gun fully, which also loads a round. Therefore, it does not operationally hamper the soldiers in any way but will reduce accident firing incidents.

        It is similar to this one so as to give you an idea:

        • Clint Notestine

          does the guy in the foreground need a rear sight?

          • Joe Schmoe

            He has an A.R.M.S. BUIS mounted on the main rail.

  • Risky

    Considering the accessory is on an M16, I’d venture to say that it is just a captured Israeli weapon rather than think its part of some Iranian/Syrian Israeli-arms smuggling venture.

    • Anonymoose

      Since the Israelis have been supplying the rebels in Syria with M16A2s and FALs (among other things) it could be from an arms shipment that was intercepted by the Syrian government or taken by anti-Israeli rebels and sent back.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Israel has most certainly not been supplying the FSA with any kind of arms, much less American arms and FAL’s.

        • Anonymoose

          Well, there’s this:

          The FALs and M16A2s in question could very well be from captured Syrian government stockpiles (which were originally captured from Israel during past clashes; the North Koreans and North Vietnamese were known to use Imperial Japanese weapons, and Vietnam still has lots of captured M16 variants, M14s, and M60s, etc) or black market sources (sold by elements within the Israeli government or shipped from Libya, Turkey, or somewhere else). Furthermore, the West (regardless of political or religious affiliations) does have a bad habit of indiscriminately giving weapons to mujahideen worldwide to spread “democracy” (read: radical Islam), as seen openly in Afghanistan, the Balkans, sub-Saharan Africa, Egypt, and Libya.

          • Mr Silly

            Excellent cross-reference. Scary how many illegal weapons are still out there. If only they had expiration dates.

        • Mr Silly

          That outrageous fallacy is contradicted by documented fact and acknowledgement, as seen on multiple videos, from the FSA itself.

  • Anton Gray Basson

    It’s either a captured/stolen weapon or considering how light weight and not exactly large piece of gear it really is. easily smuggled in from Israel itself

  • kalashnikev

    I knew that cheap garbage had to be part of some larger conspiracy…

  • Lance

    Might not be just Israeli accessories. The US under Obama gave tones of M-16A1s and mags and accessories to various Palestinian organizations.

    • Bill


      • JumpIf NotZero

        Dude has never had a source for anything he has ever posted.

        • Lance

          Thats bull crap Jumph look up Obama’s and Bushes arms trade with Palestinian “Security Forces” Whammy BIG sales of M-16A1s LAWs and other old weapons to HAMAS.

        • Lance

          I have it look up Joe Schmoe he telling it too.

          • Joe Schmoe

            What the hell? Don’t you fucking put words in my mouth! If you want to go ahead and lie, that’s your prerogative; don’t bring me into this.

            The M-16’s were transferred from Israel (not the U.S., but with their permission) in the 90’s as part of the peace process initiative to arm the Palestinian Police. Israel also transferred thousands of rifles in the late 2000’s to the P.A.

            To my knowledge the U.S. under Obama has never given a single firearm to the P.A.

          • ak1134

            I know for a fact that palestinians were not given m-16 rifles. Anything they get goes through Israel. They are in charge of all weapon end receivers.

            Please shut your fucking mouth with random bullshit LANCE

    • ak1134

      HAHAH your an idiot.

  • Doom

    Receive military and financial aid from US
    give crap to Palestinians
    complain about Palestinians to US
    Receive more aid and guns


  • Tom – UK

    I think another possibility that has not been mentioned is whether it came from the USA. Here in the UK large amount of US weapons were sent by Irish Americans to help the IRA in the fight. Now the USA has a large number of “refugees” and immigrants from the middle east who may despise Israel and want to help their compatriots by sending or smuggling equipment that can be bought in the USA. It may not be relevant to this particular piece of equipment but in general I feel it is.

    • Anonymoose

      Same deal with the Balkan Wars. US citizens smuggled guns to the Albanians and their diaspora in Kosovo and Bosnia to fight the Serbs.

    • 朝花夕拾

      Maybe they just captured it from Israeli soldiers.

  • insertjjs

    Like Nick Cage said in Lord of War “I sold Israeli-made Uzis to Muslims.”
    I always laughed when I would see groups that hate Jews using jewish made weapons

    • Joe Schmoe
      • insertjjs

        I can believe that, Before the Islamic Takeover, the Shah was a good friend and Ally to Israel. So I can easily see the Iranians having the tooling to make UZIs. I just always found it funny to see an individual calling for the destruction of the Jews using the hardware of the people they want to kill.

        Like seeing a picture of an SS trooper with a PPSH. Regardless of who made it, when you find a good weapon you want to hold on to it.

        • Mr Silly

          PPSh weren’t considered “good”- but merely practical. It was quicker, easier and more practical to grab ammunition from dead Russians or from Russian caches than wait for the logistics of the German army to resupply. Hence MP40 was revised to accommodate the PPSH patrone.

      • Suburban

        Islamic jihadists *manufacturing* Uzis is probably even more ironic than Islamic jihadists just *using* Uzis.

        • snmp

          UZI is metal sheet version of the CZ23/24 (tubing)
          Norinco (china) build UZI clone that’scould sold to Iran like manie others weapons.

          • Mr Silly


        • Mr Silly

          The Uzi Machine gun. Czech gun, copied by a Jew. Coveted by Extremeists? Covet? No I don’t think so. More like uses already available ammunition stocks.

    • No more ironic than the Irgun making use of Kar98’s & Schmeisers

      • Mr Silly

        Erfuter Maschinefabrik GmBH (ERMA) MP40’s to be exact, Schmeisser made the magazines as part of deal following a suit by ERMA on Schmeisser infringement of ERMA’s telescoping bolt and spring patents.
        Source: world (dot) guns (dot) ru (slash) smg (slash) de (slash) mp3 (hypen) mp40 (hyphen)e (dot) html

    • Mr Silly

      There’s is also footage of FSA using German Sturmgewehr 44’s. Either Yugoslavia or Czech’s made these- I believe
      I quote from Uzi talk:
      “Though Uziel Gal’s submachine gun was new, there was nothing innovative in the design. To quickly arm his nation [Uziel] Gal copied the innovative features of two modern Czechoslovakian subguns the ZK476 and the M23/25.”

    • Paddy

      Doesn’t matter what the platform is… Bullets are bullets!
      Look at the french resistance of ww2, they used whatever they could get their hands on…Morality is not an issue! lol

  • Joe Schmoe

    First of all, such add-ons are sold at central bus stations and malls, anyone can buy them if they have the money.

    That’s nothing. I can show you much better pictures, one that is quite humorous. Here are some Palestinian gunmen in the West Bank, notice the guy second from left has a gun strap that belongs to an IDF unit (picture is too small to make out which):

    Here’s some more:

    -Using Meprolight Mepro-21, FAB foregrip and IDF issued Harris bipod:

    Here you see one of them with an IDF vest and most of them with IDF issued gun straps:

    Using a FAB folding grip:

    Check out this tricked out AR-15 in the background with the NCstar sight, foregrip and Harris bipod:

  • Gidge

    Probably weapons and equipment provided to the Palestinian police in accordance with the Oslo accords. The theory was that the PA needed to arm their police “to keep the peace and stop terrorists”.

    Of course shortly after the Israeli’s started equipping them Palestinian terrorists started using these new weapons.

    • snmp

      In fact, the ironie of the storie that’s Hamas (Muslim brotherhood) was help by Israël against Fatah – PLO.

  • Clint Notestine

    maybe these militants use ebay

  • Mr Silly

    Very likely dropped by an IDFsoldier somehwere- and someone picked it up.
    Let’s not forget the documented fact that Netanyahu and his Likudniks loonies founded Hamas to defeat Fatah-PLO. Blowback is certainly unpleasant.

  • aimz

    I saw a documentary about Palestinian militant groups about a decade ago. They claimed a number of their guns actually came from Israeli conscripts in exchange for drugs.

    • Alan

      I dont know how true that is because if you lose your weapon when you are in the army you better have a damn good explanation with evidence to back you up or else you are going to jail. Plus there are mandatory drug tests given periodically throught your service.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Or maybe Hamazebolloh-al-jihad-nusra has a 3D printer? Quick ban them! Cuz turrorists!

  • dan citizen

    Armies re-purposing the weapons of their enemy is extremely common. That being said… While working for a concierge style firearm store I was asked to bring a selection of high quality weapons to a rich client’s house for their perusal. I chose a few popular firearms (this was the 80’s) including an Uzi carbine, a civilian Galil, a desert eagle, etc. They were Iranian and were VERY offended that I would offer them Isreali firearms. I tried explaining that they were very well made and that the other middle eastern nations just didn’t make quality weapons, but it only made it worse.

  • AK1134

    How Palestinians obtain Israeli weapons

    It’s tricky… Before I describe how Palestinians obtains Israeli weapons, you have to view Israel/Palestine as 4 different nations.

    Nation #1Israel- Israel proper exists on one side of the Separation Wall that is home to Israeli Jews who have immigrated from all over the world or existed their in the first place and Israeli Arabs (Muslim & Christian) from pre 1948 who dodged being removed from their land. Everyone in this area holds an Israeli passport. Cities: Tel Aviv, Haifa, Yaffa, East Jerusalem( Wailing wall, Aqsa Mosque, Temple mount )

    Nation #2 Palestine Territory- Also known as the “West Bank”. Its citizens are mostly Palestinian Arabs that are Muslim and Christian. The government is controlled by the Fatah party who Israel backs. These citizens hold a passport that only allows them passage to Jordan for international travel (no border crossing through Syria or Lebanon exists). They can not enter Gaza. They can not enter Israel or the other side of the wall, unless they receive a near impossible leisure travel visa. However Israel gives out 1 day medical visas to see doctors. Jewish Israeli citizens do not travel in this area. Every border is controlled by the Israeli military. Citizens here carry a passport called a Hawea which is managed by Israel. This area has many holy sites. Cities: Ramallah, Bethlehem, Hebron (Khalil arabic), Nablus, Jericho.

    Nation #3 Jewish West bank Settlements- This is where it gets weird… The West bank is a place that is viewed as holy to Jewish Israelis especially Orthodox Jews. To live in the west bank, Jewish Citizens set up these huge gated community type neighborhoods that have barbed wires and electrical fences in some cases with citizen guards and sometime active military guards to protect its residents from the neighboring Palestinian towns that whose residents probably owned the land at one point. To live in these neighborhoods conventions are held around the world to jewish Israelis and they offer families from all over the world free travel, free utilities, free health care, and a monthly stipend to just live and be religious with in these neighborhoods. People from Nation number #1 don’t like them because they feel a lot of the violence stems from these settlements and don’t feel that they should subsidize them.

    Nation#4 Gaza Strip- The government here is ran by the Hezbollah party who does not recognize Israel’s right to exist. No citizens from any of the above nations are allowed access to this area through Israel (Erez crosing) except Israeli soldiers. This area is essentially cut of from everywhere except Egypt. To enter Gaza from the west bank, you have to travel to Amman,Jordan to Egypt. From Egypt there is a border that will rarely allow West bank citizens entrance from the Rafah border crossing. In Gaza they have built a tunnel system that allows contraband to be imported in from Egypt. Gaza is cut off from the West bank. So what ever is smuggled in from Egypt, Iran, and where from where ever else in to Gaza is no way making it in to the West Bank. No way. Israel has that border locked tight.

    How Israeli arms are smuggled in to the Westbank.

    So now that we have a lay of the land, its important to know that Israel has the tightest border in the world. It is a model nation for Border patrol. with a nation that has mandatory military service for Jewish citizens ( 2 years males, 1 year females) they have enough people to defend their nation and watch their borders. People traveling in to Israel are THOROUGHLY searched arriving and departing… Particle swabbing with a wand, check points, multiple bag searches, personal screenings and so on. Basically no ones smuggling in a gun part with out getting their ass sent to a holding facility!

    The Settlers in (Nation #3) I mentioned above move to Israel from all over the world, including USA, France, England, Poland, Russia, Chech republic and so on. Each settlement will have a national type vibe. One may have mostly people from LA or New York who are all americans. Another may have people that are French. The ‘deeper” and sketchier the settlement is in the west bank usually the more desperate the nationality will be in a settlement. So It isn’t uncommon to find a Settlement of Russians in the middle of nowhere who escaped the barren winters of their homeland to live in a subsidized community that usually gets paid for by a jewish billionaire.

    When the economy crashed in 2008, Some of these billionaires turned in to millionaires. So the money stopped. Some of the underworld tendencies that these people had back home came to fruition in a time of need. Russian settlements began to make contact with their Arab neighbors and started selling what they had alot of. Guns. An AR-15 on the black market can go for $2-$3,000 dollars on the wholesale market and $5-$6000 on the retail market. Ammo usually goes for $5-$10 a round.

    Guns in the west Bank are a rarity in comparison to other Arab countries. The only legal guns in the west bank are with in possession of the Palestinian authority Police and military that Israel gave them. They are AK-47’s and 1911’s that are all cataloged at all times similar to a local police department’s weapons cache. ALL firearms ballistically tested and recorded incase a palestinian officer ever goes rogue. Essentially those firearms aren’t going anywhere. Both the military and the police were trained under the supervision of US Lt. General Keith Dayton under the United States Security Coordinator.

    The black market in Israel doesn’t stop at firearms. Usually, these same settlers will just turn a car over for free to a west bank citizen for a few hundred dollars and recoup the car from the insurance company. Food is also a big business. A 6 pack of 2 liter water bottles at an Israeli market is 50 shekels. In the west bank the same six pack is 18-20 shekels. So it isn’t uncommon for a palestinian west banker and at jewish settler to have a working black market relationship.

    • 朝花夕拾

      So Jews selling weapons to Palestinians, who in turn kill Jews with it. What a wonderful world.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      An excellent and concise introspection covering the complex inter-relationships and dynamics of the major interest groups involved in the convoluted long-term Palestinian-Israeli relationship — much more enlightening, indeed, than the overly-simplistic viewpoints that seem to emanate from the general media, and from the assorted so-called talk show “experts”.

      Thank you for making the time and effort to share this rare insight with the rest of us!

  • Marsh626

    “Palestinian Militant”…

    Yet more typical politically correct “liberal” BS when it comes to Islam on this blog…

  • a

    I kind of doubt that anyone would be as interested in a photo depicting French resistance fighters with Nazi manufactured firearms or accessories (not making a direct political comparison, just a logistical one). So what’s the big deal? That’s how nonstandard conflicts work. Heck, that’s even how standard conflicts work (think pictures of US GIs holding battlefield pickup Kalashnikov pattern arms, etc.)

  • Mr Silly

    One of the many myths of the IDF and its “pluck” and “innovation in a squeeze”. Uziel Gal openly admitted copying the Czech 476 and M23/25. This is a matter of historical record.