Brazilian Federal Police Special Forces (C.O.T) Adopt H&K416

A reader from Brazil sent us these photos of the 10.5″ barreled H&K416 used by the Brazilian Federal Police Special Forces (C.O.T). It looks like they are using EO Tech holographic sights and a laser/light designator (which I can’t identify).



Thanks for Eduardo for the photos.

Steve Johnson

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  • norm

    the laser unit looks very much like a Laser device’s DBAL variant.

    • Murdock

      Possibly the i2

  • Lance

    Like many SWAT and Spec Ops may not be a adopt or more of adding them to there arsenal.

  • Montrala

    Looks A5’ish (w/o ambi lower) to me. There is A5 trigger guard and I think I see gas block adjustment knob in front of handguard. If it is A5, the barrel is 11.5″.

  • Mr Silly


  • Victor Cordeiro da Paixão

    I knew it I had seen it before!

    I’m brazilian and the news on 8th this month had shown an operation to arrest a group of hired killers. It caught my atention when I saw their rifles, “Is that a HK 416?” I wondered.

    Now I kmow 🙂

    You can see it here (look at 01:10):

    By the way, have a look at how our Federal Police deals with single-engine airplanes full of drugs (the hardcore way):