Syrian Rebels Launching Grenades From Semi-Automatic Shotguns

The Syrian rebels continue to use strange and dangerous (to themselves) weapons and tactics. In the video below at about 00:41 you can see two Syrian rebels shooting DIY grenades with a lit fuse from a semi-automatic shotgun. The shotgun is likely to be a Turkish sporting shotgun.

Many thanks to Niles for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • bbmg

    *tons of high explosive fired into a densely built city destroy buildings shock*

    Not a new insurgency idea, from the rebel idol himself: “Guevara also mentions an improvised weapon developed by guerrillas consisting of a sawed-off 16 gauge shotgun
    provided with a bipod to hold the barrel at a 45 degree angle. Called the “M-16″, this was loaded with a blank cartridge formed by removing the shot from a standard shotshell. A wooden rod was then placed in the barrel, with a Molotov cocktail attached to the front. This formed an improvised mortar capable of firing the incendiary device accurately out to a range of 100 meters”

    • porker

      I would go with a spigot system. There is a good reason that rod grenades went out of use (except in places like India) after WWI ended.

    • porker

      they are using cup launchers, which are still in use everywhere.

  • GhostalkerS

    This just in, all shotguns are now considered grenade launchers.

    • gunslinger

      with the shoulder thingie that goes up?

  • Me

    Out with SWAT and in with SDWAT (Strange and Dangerous Weapons and Tactics)

  • Bubba

    They seem to imply that the leaning minaret mosque was destroyed by loyalist artillery. But I’m like 90% sure I saw a video on Liveleak of the opposition forces (FSA) packing the minaret with ANFO and blowing it to hell in order to claim it was destroyed by the loyalists.

  • Richard Paauwe

    Is that a Breda 35 the guy is shooting off of the truck?

  • Tom W.

    I wonder what they did with that warehouse full of Sturmgewehr 44s they found!

  • Lance

    You forget Islamist and other rebels have no regard for life. In the Angolan civil war Yugo SKS with GL where given to Communist rebels they reported to load Grenades with live ammo and blow themselves up. These people are even lass smart and have low regards for life not surprised to see many blow themselves up.

  • annoyed

    Videos that play automatically are OBNOXIOUS

  • bbmg
  • Rick Randall

    Shotgun as an improvised grenade launcher is pretty old school, US Army had it in the 1960’s Improvised Munitions Handbook field manual back in the 1960s.
    The scary part is getting the fuse length right. Too many have a tendancy to cut them WAY too short. . .