TrackingPoint Tracking and Corner-Shot Capabilities

TrackingPoint have published this video showing what their rifle/scope system can do at Rifles Only Inc. range in South Texas. They demonstrate using the system to track moving targets and using the rifle to shoot around corners from a concealed position using an external display, much like the Israeli Corner Shot pistol system. Very nifty!


Steve Johnson

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  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    just such a cool system, And from the patents that they have just applied for, their next system will be based around an optical detection of the trigger activation.

  • Lance

    Only downside is there expensive and electronics are heavy and can be damaged too eaily.

    • PatrickPM

      Thats where time and the natural progression of technology come in. I’ve always seen this as perfect for LEO applications. Well any department that will spend 20K+ on a rifle system

  • Joe Schmoe

    While cool, this system has already been done in the military for a while besides the trigger on release which is pointless for the military. Just look at the MESLAS scope.

    It also doesn’t take into account wind downrange, though there are some systems in the military that do (though they are with the spotter and are transmitted).

    • Komrad

      I think it can take wind into account, but the user has to input wind speed and direction.

      • Joe Schmoe

        I’m sorry, I should have made myself more clear.

        The military has systems which can read wind speed and direction all the way downrage to the target. It can then be inputed along with the range which is calculated on the scope; so the new aim point in the scope shows exactly where the round will hit.

  • Carl

    pure awesome

  • Brandon

    Interesting. How much does that system cost?
    Was looking at the courses on their website. Found it a little funny that ‘Rifles Only Inc’ offers a defensive handgun course.