Snake Hound Machine’s Loudener Muzzle Brake


No you didn’t read that title wrong, the folks over at Snake Hound Machine actually have a muzzle brake in the works that makes your rifle (or AR pistol) even louder than it already is. Their “Loudener” muzzle brake is touted as the most “obnoxious, ear-shattering, explosive muzzle device you can put on a gun”. It has a single chamber that allows the burning gases to expand before it hits the baffle which lets everyone at the range two counties over that you mean business. What’s the practical purpose of this device? There is none, but boy do I want to shoot at AR with one of these! There’s no definite release date on them as of yet, but Snake Hound Machine did say they’ll be available in both 5.56 and .308.

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  • John
    • insertjjs

      1st thing that popped in to my head was that scene. Now if only they would make an attachment for shooting down police helicopters. Not that I need that… yet.

  • john

    Serious psychological effect to it.

  • Darryl

    Some moron will buy one to take to his indoor range.

    • Burst

      Correction: EVERY moron will buy one to take to his indoor range.

  • Derping

    My god
    A gun loudener has become an actual THING

  • Andrey Martim

    This remind me a lot of the Patriot AR Pistol from Metal Gear…

    • JT

      Did they name their company [Solid]Snake [Fox]Hound Machine before they produced this?

    • mechamaster

      But without infinite ammo and Snake Eater BGM included. LoL

      • Andrey Martim

        We can fix the BGM thing… But that tumbling and spinning bullet things.

    • KC

      I remember the guy from SHM posting about it when it was first built, what he designed it around.

  • Nicholas Mew

    Does a M44 Mosin carbine count?

    • Sid

      Was at an outdoor range a few weeks ago. Just down the bench, I watched a gentlemen uncase a Mosin carbine. I quickly warned my friends to leave their earmuffs on for the rest of the day.
      He began launching artillery rounds, detonating mines, or flying supersonic planes over the range. I could not tell which but I know a sonic boom when I hear it.

    • J.T.

      Someone needs to buy a beater Type 53 and put one of these on it.

  • Shane

    This not an original idea. There was a short-live comedy show about 20 years ago (I think on ABC) called “Sledgehammer”. The main character mounted a muzzled device to his gun that he called a “Loudener”.

  • Lance

    Reminds me of those Bushmaster Mini Y-comps ten years ago. Please the ban is dead BUY A FLASH HIDER!!!

    • Nathan B

      Why? I’d much rather have a comp or brake than a flash hider. Provides much more actual benefit to a regular joe shooter, imo.

      • smurf

        Anyone that spends time and money to reduce the physical performance of a gun, is an a$$hole.

        I have a muzzle brake pinned and welded on a 14.5″ middy. It’s a bit louder, but I shoot outdoors and it makes a function improvement in reducing muzzle rise.

  • zem

    Ill tell you whats loud me and my friends are pretty fond of the pws FSC 556 because of its muzzle flips supression well long story short i put it on a 7.2″ ar pistol and shot some 5.56 out of it with one layer of hearing protection and as soon as i pulled the trigger my whole head felt like i got punched by mike tyson and my ears were ringing like the bell.

  • John184

    Tactical operator application: use it for indoor room clearing.

    • Anonymoose

      Use it to tactically deafen yourself and family.

      • Rick Randall

        And blow divots out of your wallboards, should you use it to defend your house. LOL

  • Ripley

    Didn’t the early Vietnam SOF unscrew the muzzle brake on the XM177 for just this intimidating effect during ambush/assaults? Or is that just an old myth based on how annoying the guns were by default?

    • Mergeri

      That litle trick was also used by the Portuguese army in Africa.

    • Rick Randall

      I suspect that was a myth, given that part of the purpose of the muzzle device on the XM177 was to increase gas pressure dwell time available to run the system, since the gas port was practically right at the muzzle. The reason those things are classed as “silencers” by ATF is that, in increasing dwell time, they do actually reduce the measured report slightly. (Of course, the INCREASE in report from having a short barrel more than compensates, so an XM177 is louder than a full length M16 even with the “silencer”. But the NFA doesn’t work that way — the device makes the gun it mounted on detectably quieter, so it’s a “silencer”.)

      • HSR47

        Actually, they’re classified as “silencers” because they incorporate baffles, and they do reduce (although not to a significant degree) the sound signature of the firearm.

        Much like with more modern gun mufflers, the baffles increased backpressure, which ensured that the rifles were sufficiently gassed, rather than increasing the cyclic rate.

    • mike

      Dunno about that one, but I have a video where i was shooting my 16″ barrel AR and then a 16″ barrel Kel-Tec rifle. Only difference was the flash suppressor, and the difference in sound was pretty dramatic (not to mention flash).

  • M.M.D.C.

    “Rain of hate is a metaphor, hate will not actually be produced by muzzle device.”

    Best disclaimer, ever!

    • John Altdorf

      I beg to differ on hate not being produced.

  • Paul Yeager

    First off this is crap. Plus my AR pistol it already 3 times loudener than my rifle cause of unburnt podwer already.

  • tincankilla

    in terms of tactical loudening, doesn’t the noveske pig do something similar, but direct the blast away from the shooter and those to his sides?

  • Eric

    “Is that a silencer?”
    “No, it’s not a silencer. This little doodad is my own invention. I call it a loudener.”

    • Jonathan

      yesssssssss i was hoping somebody would reference this.

  • BryanS

    In my paintball playing days, the team I was a part of “Carter’s Commando” was sponsored by Air America products with what they called “The Intimidator” which was a bell chamber of sorts to make the gun report louder. We got their interest by telling them that we wanted to field these on a fleet of Air Power Vectors, which are one of the loudest paintball guns ever made.

    We referred to them as loudeners.

    • Brad

      I remember the AA Intimidators and the Vector…both together would so obnoxious.

      • BryanS

        It was the best way to ensure privacy in a bunker… 🙂

  • Josh

    Call me skeptical, but doesn’t ALL short barrel rifles “allow the gases to burn outside of the barrel?” The only comparison they do is a standard barrel without vs. a short barrel with. Give us the real test, do this on the same size barrel and quit f-in with me!

  • RonaldMcDonald69


  • BKE Evers

    I have a pancake custom break made for my 110 Savage in 30-06 which is very similar in design to the description above. It was not intended to blow ear drums away but it does. Sends hats flying and has even tripped a few hair triggers on the firing line at competitions. The concussion makes others shiver and me smile.

    • Don’t be a Dick Head

      That’s because you are a Dick Head.

  • KC

    expected release date Sept 1st.

  • Jono

    whats with the buttstock? its a pole? wouldnt that cork your shoulder?

    • Travis

      That’s the buffer tube. I’m guessing whoever rigged this up is a Metal Gear Solid fan, because this is basically a modernized version of the Patriot SBR that’s unlockable in a few of the games.

    • Dr1579

      Its not a buttstock, that is an AR-15 pistol so its just a buffer tube with no ability to accept a stock on it.

  • Brandon

    Yeah, because hearing is totally overrated. And it’s totally cool to troll fellow shooters by showing up to the range with a 180db AR pistol with a Beta-C.

  • Sanjuancb

    Never go full retard.

  • toadboy

    Why would any one want something like this, except to be annoying? I imagine the same people who play their car stereo with the volume up and the windows down. I guess we are all supposed to be impressed.

  • me

    Just looking at that muzzle device, with its chambers and baffles, I suspect that, while it may indeed also make more noise (and make things louder for the persons standing to the sides and rear of the shooter, and the shooter himself, than they might otherwise be), it’s also probably a fair muzzle break also. Molecules of hot propellant gases striking baffles and imparting momentum to them = a forward force counteracting recoil. It’s how all brakes work. I wonder if it reduces muzzle climb too.