Exclusive: H&K Semi-Automatic HK SP5k (MP5K) and HK SC5SD (MP5SD)

Heckler and Koch fans rejoice! H&K company has been listening to you. A Document received by TFB, dated a week ago, show that Heckler & Koch GmbH (Germany) applied to Germany’s  Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) to sell a semi-automatic version of the famous H&K MP5K and H&K MP5SD on the civilian market. The application was approved by the Police with some caveats. The new guns are called the HK SP5k and HK SC5SD.


HK SC5SD 9mm Carbine


HK SP5SD Close Up

German law distinguishes between pistols and rifles by barrel length (barrel and bolt less/more than than 30cm when closed) and by overall length (length less/longer than 60cm when stock closed/folded). Both these guns were approved to be classified as semi-automatic pistols. What is interesting is that the HK SC5SD, with its fixed stock, is 78cm in length and is 64.2cm from the end of the receiver to the front of the suppressor. According to the documents, the HK SC5SD may also be fitted with a sliding stock (like for example the MP5A3). The barrel of the HK SC5SD is 15.5 cm (6.1″, this is actually slightly longer than the original HK MP5SD) with an overall bolt/barrel length of 23 cm. Given that suppressors are difficult to own in Germany, we believe that the suppressor is a faux suppressor that is there for looks only and does not suppress sound. This may be why H&K applied to have the pistol classified as a pistol not a rifle. If the suppressor was removed and the fixed stock is replaced by a sliding stock, it would legally be a pistol in Germany.

HK SP5k 9mm Pistol

HK SP5k 9mm Pistol


HK SP5K 9mm Pistol

The HK SP5K has a 11.8cm (4.6″, roughly the same length as the HK MP5K) long barrel, slightly longer than the HK SC5SD. The overall length of the gun is 34cm with the handguard installed and 30.6cm without the handguard. Like the SC5SD, it will be supplied with standard H&K iron sights.

Both the HK SP5K and HK SC5SD are said to be supplied with 30 round magazines, although they will plan on making magazines with different capacities in the future.

Unfortunately for our German friends, these guns were not approved for sport (target) shooting. This is because it is a semi-automatic gun with a military appearance, has a barrel less than 16.5″ and uses cartridges less than 4cm in length (a 5.56x45mm semi-automatic AK is legal, for example, but not one chambered in 7.62x39mm or .22 LR). These guns could be purchased by collectors or by hunters (to use as a gun to finish off game, it would not be legal to actually use for hunting game).

A potential future class of users would be armed security guards on ships. There is a law being drafted in Germany to regulate armed security guards on maritime vessels. The law would prevent “weapons of war” or fully-automatic guns from being used to guard ships. These types of semi-automatic guns would be perfect for them as an alternative to real submachine guns.

Now many of our readers will want to know if H&K (Germany) will be exporting these guns to the USA and elsewhere. Decades ago H&K exported the HK94 Carbine, a semi-automatic 16″ barreled version of the MP5, and the HK SP89, a semi-automatic version of the MP5K, to the USA. Today these are highly sought after guns and worth $3,000 to $6,000+ (depending on condition). Gun owners without that kind of money have had to make do with guns built from part kits or clones imported from Turkey.

The good news is that Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) have declared that the HK SC5SD and HK SP5K are not “weapons of war”. This makes them easier to export. The HK SC5SD in its current form is unlikely to be imported into the USA because the BATFE would not classify it as a “sporting gun”. There is no reason why the HK SP5K could not be imported into the USA as a pistol. We fully expect HK-USA will be importing these in the future. There is a huge demand for them.


Many thanks to our friends who provided the documents and our friends who translated them for us.



Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Andrew Tuohy

    Would buy along with ’90s tactical clothing to pretend I was in Team Rainbow.

    • Zapp Branigan

      A true Team Rainbow warrior I believe would carry a Beretta .40S&W Cougar and the HK MP5/10 in 10mm. Both guns are uber-tactical and all the cool kids used them!

      • Gunhead

        If you wanna go real oldschool, you’d clamp a Maglite to the top.

        • Yojimbo556

          and the giant laser with a run time of 2 minutes with 8 AA batteries.

      • floppyscience

        I’d do terrible, terrible things for an MP5/10.

        • Eric S

          I’ve never understood the fascination with 10mm. Wouldn’t you lose a lot of that extra powder on a 6in barrel? But as long as we’re dreaming, I want a MP5 in .50AE, cause why not.

          • John

            MP5/10 has a 9 inch barrel.
            I’ve been hearing the common phrase “10mm is a great caliber for a subgun” a lot too. Apparently it’s powerful and recoil is manageable making it desirable.

          • Derek Huffman

            It’s a breakage prone POS. The rollers are TINY to accomodate the dogleg ejector, and if you don’t have the right locking piece the gun either 1. doesn’t work right 2. leave dents inside the receiver from intertia on the bolt. Owned a 40 and a 10…I don’t anymore.

          • ConvoyScout

            9mm is reliable, NASA ran testing on a MP5 9mm and the results are astonishing.

          • Anonymoose

            10mm was designed to be shot from 5″ barrels. Out of a 9″ barrel it’s of course going to perform better than from a pistol (9×19 performs like a .357 Magnum from similar-length barrel), but it’s still not a rifle/carbine cartridge like 5.56 (which may as well be a .22 Magnum or a 5.7 if you’re shooting it from a 7″ AR pistol). If you’re shooting it from a G29 or similar pocket gun you could probably get away with using .40S&W because a lot of the powder in the 10mm case is just going to be wasted as flash and bang.

            The main problem with standardizing 10mm is that no government agency wants to issue a service pistol in it because there’s not a large selection of guns chambered in it and it recoils a lot in a pistol- they all go for the neutered .40S&W, which is drastically less powerful and loses cartridge commonality with 10mm SMGs (there are none of those in production anymore, afaik). Also, more and more Western militaries and police forces are issuing 5.56 carbines and subcarbines instead of SMGs these days, and there’s still the issue with a greater variety of troops’ physiques and creating a new standard to get rid of the 9×19.

          • Derek Huffman

            Except the 9mm is coming back as more PDs dump the .40. Ask any retailer, 9s outsell 40s about 7 to 1. Of course a real man carries a .45, cause they don’t make a .46.

          • ConvoyScout

            The FBI had 10mm ones

      • M. Verbeek

        Isn’t Rainbow’s signature pistol a USP in .40S&W?

        • FourString

          I was really fond of the Mk23 .45 ACP, at least in ‘Rainbow Six: Covert Operations.’ It had the juiciest report of all the pistols, at least in that game.

      • Andrew R.

        The book mentioned a Beretta .45, with an eight-round magazine, as the team’s sidearm. So, probably the 8045.

        • FourString

          Yup, that’s right, the 90’s computer games are different from the book itself. I was so sad to not see the USP in Clancy’s novel. Still a generational pistol.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Also you will need a heartbeat sensor if you want to really be a Rainbow Sixer.

      The MP5 is a genre defining classic. I want one.

      • DV

        Tango down

    • FourString

      So much love for this comment. Thanks for this

  • James Kitchings

    Question: Could Clinton’s 1993 EO banning the importation of the HK SP89 affect the US seeing the SP5k since they are basically the same gun? I was not able to find an original copy so I dont know if the EO can be circumvented by just changing the name… or am i missing something?

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I don’t think it is just a name change.

      • James Kitchings

        Well, in any case, I really want to see this happen. I have always wanted an authentic weapon system from HK based on the MP5 platform… I am sure these will not be cheap, but i think they will not be as expensive as trying to find an SP89 in the wild now. ha ha

      • Mr Mxyzptlk

        It looks like in the case of the SP5K it actually is exactly just a name change. If you compare to this (http://www.imfdb.org/images/0/00/H%26KSP89.jpg) image of an SP89 you can see that it is totally identical. Same handguard, same metal un-pinned trigger pack, same semi auto shelf at the rear of the mag well, same markings, hell it even has the same sized mag in that photo. I don’t know why they would go for the metal trigger pack as this hasn’t been used since the days of the US import guns like the HK 91/93/94 has it? And it isn’t like this really prevents you from adding on a full auto style pack as they can just be clipped and pinned to get around the semi auto shelf.

        • Christoph Bücker

          It is NOT just a Name change. 😉

          • Mr Mxyzptlk

            How is it different then, as externally everything is identical to the SP89.

          • Christoph Bücker

            According to German Laws a gun like this needs some technical changes: It must be constructed in a way that makes it impossible to change the semi-auto-triggergroup with a full-auto-trigger-group. And so on and so on.

          • Mr Mxyzptlk

            I thought the original SP89 was built to this spec, what with it having the different metal trigger pack and the semi auto shelf on the receiver to prevent installation of a FA pack. Granted it is possible to get around this by modifying the trigger pack somewhat, but a lot of stuff can be modified to allow it to take FA components so I don’t know where they would draw the line.

          • Christoph Bücker

            The line is the tools you use. If the gun can´t be changed to FA with common household tools and can´t take a FA Trigger (without Grip, receiver etc), the line won´t be crossed.
            If the gun can be changed with normal tools or another Trigger, you will never sell a gun in Germany 😉

          • ConvoyScout

            Hence the MR556 having different barrel than the 416.

  • Jay Brosius

    So how long till this hits US market?

    • avconsumer2

      Wouldn’t hold my breath. Since the SP89 is banned, seems no commenters have outlined any difference between that & the sp5k. (yet)

      • Thomas M

        They don’t have to be exported, HK own manufacturing facilities here and could build them here.

        • avconsumer2

          So it’s just the “import” of them that’s banned?

          • Tim U

            Correct. There are no laws preventing domestic manufacture of firearms of any sort (NFA restrictions being the sole exception). So HK USA could churn these out right here in the US and sell them without any worry about the old import ban.

          • avconsumer2

            Ah! Always learning. Thanks much! Such a fun, stupid maze gun laws. Well… most laws. Stupid legal system.

  • Christoph Bücker

    The Barrel including Chamber (without Flashhider/Muzzlebrake) has to be 42cm long.
    Length of the complete Weapon: 60cm, when the Stock is folded etc.

  • Yojimbo556

    I had a vector arms SBR in .40 God that thing was so much fun. Give me a semi-auto A3 in SBR and i will take back most of the bad things ive said about H&K.

    • ZaXtOr

      Now the psychopath believes in god, No wonder why you bully and troll people.
      You have no friends except your fictional god.

      • Yojimbo556

        So what are you doing then? Still do me one favor, get out of your moms basement and go back to school.

        • ZaXtOr

          You are proving the fact right wing hicks are emotionally unstable and if someone criticize a site without insulting the person they get insulted by losers drug addict like you.

          go die of cancer,

          • Yojimbo556

            Tells me to die of cancer, calls me emotionally unstable. I feel sorry for you, kid and your other account. Good day.

          • ZaXtOr

            You bullied me first.
            I never bugged you racist hick.
            I wish all bad guys like you to die of cancer.
            and I have one account.
            You right wing Nazi hicks are full of hatred.

            I hope cancer sits in the same seat as you and torment you until you die.

          • Yojimbo556

            Nazi=National SOCIALIST Workers Party. Notice the key word. SOCIALIST.

          • ZaXtOr

            I know it is National socialism.
            Is different from Socialism.

            Just as dictator can have 2 meaning.
            Dictator of (far right)
            Dictator of (far left)
            They are both called dictators they have no different names.

            Socialism is left, National socialism (Nazi) is FAR-RIGHT.
            Far-left is communism, something the Nazi hates.
            They hate socialism too.

  • Andrew

    And all the people who paid $5,000 for an SP89 feel like idiots now…

    • Tim U

      Wait until you see the price tag. They may not be that far ahead of these price wise.

      • Frank

        Isn’t the LE price of an MP5 around a grand a pop? I could see these streeting for maybe 50% over that.

        • Tim U

          It’ll be over 50% markup, for sure. You are forgetting this is HK.

          Look at what they try to charge for their MR556 based on their 416. You cannot tell me that they charge that to governments, because they don’t. Maybe closer to 1500 for .gov and 3k for us “lowly civilians”.

          HK: Because you suck and we hate you

          • FourString

            I wish they’ll start pricing them more aggressively, so people can stop saying that tagline lol.

          • kalashnikev

            Pricing what? I’ll bet these never even make it to the US civilian market. HK hates you, it’s a fact.

          • FourString

            Didn’t you hear? H&K kills babies, it’s a fact.

        • Something like that. A bit more like $1400 if memory serves.

  • Mystick

    I didn’t know the MP5K had a suppressed version similar to the MP5SDx… interesting.

    Still sucks for some of us… a lot of places have total bans on “pistols” with magwells outside of the pistol grip… largely in response to the “mean and nasty” TEC-9…

    I need to get out of MD.

    • FourString

      That’s worse than California, right? o.o

  • TangledThorns

    First, I won’t hold my breath that these are coming here to the States. Second, it’s HK so it’ll be too expensive. Last, these are outdated weapon designs.

    • SP mclaughlin

      That stops the SKS and Mosin from being popular, right?
      Sorry, but that last point is kinda moot at least imo.

      • Kyle

        SKS rifles and Mosin’s don’t demand the H&K Premium for having H&K stenciling on them. If the 20 dollar AR magazines are anything to go buy, they might be bringing their prices down.

      • Suburban

        SKS and Mosin rifles are cheap though.

      • TangledThorns

        They’re outdated because they lack a picatinny rail.

        • FourString

          You’re telling me you’ve never seen an MP5 with a fore rail? Wha.

      • Bear @ C&L Armory

        SP mclaughlin is correct. Mosin rifles are really disappearing from store stocks across the country in record numbers. One can hope that these weapons will show up in America. But hey, take a look at the Hellfire AK pistols and the PPS 43 pistols coming from Eastern Europe. Those firearms made it here why not this? But TangledThorns might be right about the price, we just have to hope that HK makes a decent decision on price.

  • Derek Huffman

    Still banned from import by Klinton’s version of the “Executive Order Import Ban” circa: 1993.

    • john

      That only applied to Chinese rifles and handguns.

      • Derek Huffman

        You have no idea what you’re talking about. Clinton banned by Executive Order “Assault Pistols”, including SP89, Steyr SPP, SITES Spectre, and Australian Automatic Arms SAP and “lookalikes or copies”.

        • Dirk Diggler

          Than how did the MKE k get in…and don’t tell me an auto block on the recr

          • Derek Huffman

            The MKEs were not “lookalikes” and it was argued at the time of their submission that because the trigger packs went on different that they were “different enough”…Plus, politics being what it is, we NEEDED Turkey for something so their products were allowed to be imported. Same as the Skorpions from the Czech Republic…How many MKEs are imported now? ZERO, because ATF or Customs decided that they weren’t “different enough”. But I’ve only been in the biz for 18 years. I’ll let you keyboard kommandos who know everything you know from COD tell me the Laws…/rolls eyes.

          • Tim U

            They don’t have to import them at all. HK has a plant in the US now. All they’d have to do is send over the tooling/build the tooling here, and they could start churning them out. Completely work around the import ban by not actually importing them.

          • Dick Puffman

            Derek Huffman of AZEX arms we meet again.

            You’re so full of shit that it’s coming out of your ears. I wouldn’t trust you to work on a Hi-point let alone some of the high dollar builds some people trust you with.

            The ATF and customs didn’t ban the MKE weapons. The owners of MKE had a fallout with the folks at ATI. Hence, no more MKE weapons.

            If you’re going to talk down from that high horse maybe you should educate yourself a bit better before spewing shit everywhere.

            You pompous asshole.

          • Derek Huffman

            Says the coward hiding behind a pseudonym. Yeah.

          • Maxpwr

            No. ATF did ban some MKE firearms from import. The rifles were originally imported because the “conspicuously protruding pistol grip” and the stock were one piece so it wasn’t a banned import feature. However, they later decided/discovered that the stock and pistol grip were not actually formed as one piece, but welded together, so ATF decided to ban any more imports.

        • Curious Dude

          So how were the MKE/ATI MP5 pistols being imported?

          • Derek Huffman

            This is a good question. Probably to curry political favor from the Turkish Government. When W was putting in a missile defense shield in the Czech Republic, suddenly VZ58s and Skorpion pistols were being imported again. Funny thing about “rules”…they aren’t “Laws” and can be modified or massaged to suit political considerations. Until Barry Boo Boo arrived on the scene, who thumbs his nose at Separation of Powers and Due Process all the time…and had made 13 illegal and unconstitutional changes in his “signature” piece of Legistreason, Obammunistkare. The other thing is that the MKE pistols were not “copies” of existing banned pistols. Yes, I know they look identical externally, the buttcap and trigger group were actually welded together and came off the gun as a complete unit, unlike HKs and clones. This may have been “just enough” change to disallow their restriction as “lookalikes or copies” which such Executive Orders typically contain language regarding. Confused? Me too. HK is a SHIT company and always has been. They had their shot 20 years ago to build a plant in the US and build the 9-series guns here. Look at everyone who has done it since. FN and Steyr being the big ones. They could do this, but the Germans are a PITA and no one likes to work with them. That’s why the company has been passed around like a drunken fat girl at a party for decades.

    • ConvoyScout

      HK can make the upper receiver here in the US and ship parts in.

  • Maigo Bob

    We’ve wanted this for 50 years. Just how backed-up is their mail room?

    • ConvoyScout

      They are hurting for money

  • JumpIf NotZero

    The guns won’t make it here without some major effort on HKs part. Like folding and finishing the recievers here.

    However… Parts! Will be another story. Expect much cheaper bolts and small parts which have always been the issue with HK clones make here.

    Also… Look how cool HK wants to be when they are broke! Oh that MP5 design? Yea, we would love to sell you that now that we’re in the precipice of financial ruin!

    • jamezb

      “Look how cool HK wants to be when they are broke! Oh that MP5 design?
      Yea, we would love to sell you that now that we’re in the precipice of
      financial ruin!”

      Excellent observation. Now if they’d realize the other way to boost profit is to sell MORE units for LESS money in MORE markets, we could have an “H&K field day”.

      • FourString

        I’m just wondering if they’ll keep their products marked with a “DE” stamp..

    • They have had financial problems but they also just landed a large government contract. They are far from broke.

  • Jilu Khan Spandiary

    o.o Real H and K ………………….

  • Austin

    Let’s do a little math: We have a fairly simple action in a firearm that is largely sheet metal stampings and polymer. I’m going to hazard a guess that MSRP will be somewhere in the vicinity of…oh, $4000?

    • FourString

      LOL I *hope* H&K is turning a new leaf with dat.

    • Patriot


    • ConvoyScout

      I say 2-3k for the oistol.

  • Alan Aardman

    After 22 years, the MP5k triumphantly returns to U.S. gun shops. Those who have said this day would never come, what are they to say now?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Perhaps you’re getting a little of ahead of yourself…. This is NOT an article saying this will come to the USA… like at all. I’d suspect the best will be Canada where they won’t be importable to the USA but maybe parts like bolts/carriers and trigger groups MIGHT.

  • Marc

    There’s little to no market for these here in Germany, so my guess is that they are for export to the US.

  • Lance

    Doubt they come here the 1980 import ban block these weapons and the fact the HK USA support antigunners and refused to sell HK products in the 90s and 2000s for civi sales only now they made a none PC version of the 416 for us. I doubt they do it again to anger Obama in the days where they make federal air marshal pistols. But they are cool MP-5 weapons wish I could get one.

    • TCBA_Joe

      In the 90s they kept getting their peepee slapped by the US government.

      In the 2000s they were owned by BAE Systems, which is an incredibly goverment focused and risk adverse company.

      And fed contracts don’t keep gun companies from selling to civivilian markets. Cost/benefit analyses do

  • Adelbert Waldron


  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    You’ll get the Obama-issued Skittles-crappin’ rainbow-colored unicorn before you see H&K importing this thing into the US. HK has donkey punched the US ‘civillian’ shooter market so many times that the average HK fanboy has mild Parkinsons Disease. Hk gave up on the US recreational shooting market years ago and probably has no interest in moving anything into the US non-LE/Mil market except officially-licensed HK swag (pocketknives and baseball caps). Given HK’s underwhelming representation in the US recreational shooting market, if it weren’t for Call Of Duty and FPS games, most Americans would say “Heckler and who?”.

    • FourString

      Dawg, the H&K MR556 isn’t even that neutered. No gray thumbhole stock to be found in any of their latest products. H&K is in plenty of SWAT armories (just look up the Santa Monica Police Department, nothing but H&K’s including their standard sidearm, the USP) so I’m sure brand recognition would be fine in the absence of Call of Duty, which is a lot newer than H&K itself, lawlcats.

    • ConvoyScout

      HK 243 is a sporting rifle we will prob see in the USA. HK MR762 and MR556, and new clear polymer 30 rd AR mags for 20 bucks a pop, why cant magpul do this ?

  • Ceiling Cat

    Oh look. HK is deep in debt from those adventures with the alpha male militaries, and now she is crawling back to us slimey civilians.
    Just like a battered 30 years old milf.
    Well they better put up a reasonable price tag this time.

    • FourString

      Meg Ryan was 28 when she starred in When Harry Met Sally (1989), so I’d say “battered milf” does not apply to 30-year-olds, unless you’re a raging sexist.

  • Mark

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ve had my heart broken by HK one too many times to invest any excitement in this announcement.

    They’ll find some way to screw it up. They’ll paint them hot pink or gray with a giant marital aid strapped to the handle that prevents them from accepting anything more than 2rd proprietary magazines that cost $80 a piece.

  • Billy ray bob

    Wow, what a collection of complete tools in the comments section.

  • Anonymoose

    Didn’t they discontinue the USC a little while ago? While I like the idea of the revived SP89, I would have rather had a 9mm conversion for the USC than a semi-auto MP5SD, and they already have the MP5SFA series (which would be an SBR if they sold it to civilians, and might be compatible with auto trigger groups afaik).

    • FourString

      That’d be great if they could produce non-neutered UMP/USC’s. With the proper stocks and magwells. 9mm would be great.

      • kalashnikev

        Except that the UMP was a low budget alternative to the MP5 fielded at at time when everyone was transitioning to SBRs and at what was still not a good price. No one would rather have a UMP over an MP5.

        • FourString

          I think you meant to reply to Anonymoose.

  • Michael

    Can you imagine what the price will be!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zius Patagus

    Back in the day we trained with MP5s and variants. We also trained with pretty good quality metal airsoft versions for force on force, building clearing. They were a lot of fun and a lot cheaper to shoot full auto. I got mine when I retired. It is still a lot of fun to shoot and you don’t have to go through all the BS. When the urge to rock and roll kicks in, I dig mine out of the basement to get my fix.

    • Judson Morrison

      What was the make and model of the airsoft gun?

  • rjackparis

    Keep it.

    I’d rather have a saiga 9. for 600.

  • Over-priced ‘Pea Shooter’ – I’ll stick to Glock 17 w/33rd mag or Yugo M-92 Pistol !!!

  • Patriot

    And I anticipate I won’t see any in the U.S. because HK hates me and I suck, reason why I have to pay $75 for a new G3 magazine.

  • Mr Silly


  • Brosky

    shut up and take my money

  • Chris

    That is not true at all about suppressors being hard to own in Germany, They are sold in hardware stores and their use is encouraged.

  • Hilary Clinton

    What? What? That looks really scary and dangerous! Ban Ban Ban Ban!!! My answer to all the economic problems and social problems is to ban scary looking guns!

  • SNNN

    One can dream….but several comments are probably correct here. Not
    expecting to see these ever at my local gunstore and if they did the price
    tag will be…ridiculous…

  • JSmiff

    Any update on this….as it is a year later and these are still not flying onto and off of the shelves.

  • Anon. E Maus

    It’s been a year now, is there any word on if this is gonna happen or not?

  • HSR47

    The K would likely be importable largely as-is classed as a pistol, while the SD would need to be imported as either a pistol or a rifle (16″ + barrel), and then converted to final suppressed SBR once it was in the ‘States.

    The latter is due to the 1968 GCA, which prohibits the sale of NFA items imported after it’s effective date from being purchased by anyone but a FFL or government agency.

  • ConvoyScout

    Please God Please! I have wanted a MP5 or variant ever since i shot one in the Marine delayed entry program. How about a non suppressed HK 94 style import ?