Fake PMAG 10s Hitting The Market

It looks like the new Magpul PMAG 10 counterfeits are already hitting the market. GunMartBlog spotted these knock offs on eBay going for $25 a pop. Fake Magpul products on eBay and Amazon is nothing new, almost everything in Magpul’s product lineup has been copied by Chinese manufacturers and pawned off as the real deal online and at gun shows. I wonder how these copies were able to hit the market so fast? They actually kind of look like chopped down 30 round PMAGs as opposed to straight copies of the PMAG 10. Whatever they are they’re definitely not legit.

Ray I.

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  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Has anyone handled an authentic Magpul 10 rounder for comparison? I’ve been looking to buy a few once they hit the stores. But from the original article, where the author compares the auction picture to a picture posted on the Magpul Facebook page, I’m thinking “counterfeit” may be a premature call right now. Of course, I may be wrong.

    However, it wouldn’t surprise me if these fell off a truck and found their way onto Ebay (One of the many reason why I don’t buy anything from Ebay).

    • dannyboy

      Real deal has the over insertion tab. All the gen3 do

  • Gregory Markle

    I’m not sure why anybody would pay $25 a pop for questionable mags on eBay when Midway has the real thing in stock for $13.25 right now, but then again I don’t know why people were paying $60+ for genuine 30-rounders a few months ago either. I agree with the author of the post though, the eBay knockoff looks like a shortened 30-round PMAG. The real 10-round mags have a mostly smooth exterior and do not have the external ribbing present on the eBay photo above.

  • John

    Magpul has got to be one of the most counterfeited brands in the firearms world outside of optics. I once bought a 20$ MS3 sling on Amazon hoping it wouldn’t be counterfeit. And of course it turned out to be fake, (got a full return for no charge though, knew what I was getting into).

    Anyone know of any other knockoffs (other than the well known fake Aimpoints/EOTech/ACOGs Optics) circulating that people should know about?

    • Cymond

      I’ve seen clones of the Crye MagClip on dxdotcom (not gonna provide a link). Ironically, the clone isn’t any cheaper than the real thing, except the clone is available as a single, while the genuine MagClips are only available in 3-packs.

  • TangledThorns

    A year ago I got burned with a Magpul MS3 sling knock-off bought through Amazon. I could almost tell right away that it was a fake as the QD was loose and the polymer was soft. I contacted Amazon and they refunded my money right away. From now I on I only buy Magpul products from approved vendors off their site or ARFCOM’s.

  • Limonata

    Is there a document or website that shows the real and fake side beside and discusses how to determine one is fake? I would expect that Magpul would have such a document but the website does not.

    • Check Magpuls website—they used to have a guide for spotting fakes.

      BOULDER, Colorado — July 25, 2013

      Magpul Industries Corp announced today that it has filed patent infringement lawsuits against four companies for offering for sale, selling, and distributing magazines for AR15/M16 compatible weapons in violation of Magpul’s patents. The company’s lawsuits allege infringement of Utility Pat. No. 8,069,601 for a novel ammunition magazine, in addition to numerous Magpul design patents.

      The lawsuits, filed in United States District Court, Colorado, provide another example of Magpul’s dedication to protecting its valuable brand while sending a warning to others attempting to infringe on our innovations. “These patents exemplify the industrial design-focused spirit at Magpul, which drives us to create novel solutions that enhance user experience with our products,” said Duane Liptak, Director of Product Management and Marketing for Magpul Industries. “People who use Magpul products have high expectations and a great deal of trust regarding the value, quality, and amount of thought put into every design we release. As such, we cannot allow others to misappropriate the patented technology that helps us generate that consumer confidence and trust.”

      The lawsuits are the largest and most significant to date brought by Magpul, and are part of the company’s ongoing proactive efforts to combat the unlawful production, distribution, and sale of products that infringe on its valuable intellectual property rights.

      • Laserbait

        Man, I hope they get those bastards for every cent they’re worth. Unfortunately, counterfeiters are as worthless scum.

  • Lance

    I dont care if they work who cares if there a fake as long as they work.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Oh congrats. YOU are the problem.

      • gunslinger

        hey, as long as it works… right?


  • AldanFerrox

    For 19.99 Dollar I could buy a H&K 30 rounder….

  • Brandon

    Buy a couple and torture test them for us.
    For science.

  • some cynic

    Odd that this piece ran just a day or two before magpul filed a bunch of patent infringement suits. How much did the piece cost them, or did you do it for free in exchange for some swag donations?

    Part of me is sad that all the gun blogs so quickly pimp themselves out into advertorials and placed reviews in exchange for a couple hundred bucks worth of gear.