Mexican Federal Police Using IWI Negev Machine Gun

Mexican Federal Police have adopted the IWI’s next-gen lightweight machine gun, the Negev . The gun is not a lot bigger than a rifle and can be configured to fire from a belt, an AR-15 or Galil magazine. The video below (not graphic, safe for work) shows Mexican Federal Police being ambushed in the mountains near Michoacan, Mexico last week. You can see a policeman using the Negev at the start of the video.

Steve Johnson

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  • Joe Schmoe

    Good eye, though for some reason he isn’t using it with the ammo bag.

  • Bert

    00:25 “Rocialo wey”
    Spray him dude
    Priceless :3

  • LRB

    The Negev is truly awesome, and unlike the M249, Minimi, it fires reliably with an M4 magazine and it is select fire. Its 7.62 variant is just as incredible.

    • Joe Schmoe

      You forgot, it also launches grenades. 🙂

    • Ross

      the Negev uses proprietary magazines, same as the 5.56 Galil. it can be adapted to take STANAG magazines though.

    • Gidge

      I know a guy who used one as his duty weapon and loves it. Accurate, reliable, comfortable to shoot and a lot of fun.

      His only complaint is they’re fiddly to clean.

  • Lance

    With police out gunned by criminals with RPGs full auto AKs and M-60, I say going to a LMG is needed.

    • JT

      They do have LMG, i,ve seen them, but they have it mounted on the trucks, which in that case would be an easy target for the hitmans that ambushed them, they also mount on their pick-ups a type of 40mm granade launcher, and in that especific ambush according to an interview with one of the feds, they asked for aerial support because they where running out of ammo, and a blackhawk with a vulcan minigun anda another one with the ammo supplies they needed

      • Griff

        a Vulcan Minigun eh?

  • jamezb

    This gun makes me want to sell everything, get an NFA class III dealers license, and do whatever it takes to get a dealers sample..

    • jamezb

      I know, I know..just let me dream a little…

  • John Daniels

    Wow. When the police have to use light machineguns optimized for use in the most extreme conditions imaginable, you know things in your country have really gone to shit.