Breaking News: Armalite Sold To SAC (Strategic Armory Corps)

Strategic Armory Corps (SAC) have purchased ArmaLite, makers of the AR-10 semi-automatic rifle and .50 cal. AR-50 bolt action, from Mark Westrom. Strategic Armory Corps are better known by thier brand name Surgeon Rifles and AWC Silencers. Mark Westrom will remain an investor in SAC and will serve on its board.

The full press release …

Phoenix, AZ July 23, 2013 – Strategic Armory Corps (“SAC”) announced today that it has acquired ArmaLite, Inc.  ArmaLite  is a leading manufacturer of a complete line of semiautomatic rifles, including the M15 and AR-10 lines, and an expanding line of advanced bolt action rifles in a wide range of calibers from .308 Winchester through .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua, and .416 Barrett to the massive AR-50A1 .50 caliber rifle.   Mark Westrom, the seller of ArmaLite,  will remain as an investor in SAC and will serve on its board of managers.

The ArmaLite Division of the Fairchild Engine and Aircraft Company was the original developer of what has become known simply as the “AR”.  In fact, “AR” actually stands for ArmaLite. There have been many variations of the original rifle, and today’s ArmaLite produces some of the highest quality firearms in the market. ArmaLIte will continue to operate out of its facility in Geneseo, Illinois which houses approximately 90 personnel.

Strategic Armory Corps manufactures precision bolt action rifles under the name Surgeon Rifles, high quality firearm suppressors under the name AWC Silencers, and match grade ammunition.

“ArmaLite is a tremendous addition to our group of outstanding companies and broadens our product line so we can better meet the needs of our customers”, said Mark Johnson, SAC President and CEO. “The history of Mark Westrom over his 19 years of leading ArmaLite will provide a wealth of industry knowledge to our leadership team and allow us to further expand our ability to meet the ever increasing demands for the highest quality products by our customers and the marketplace.”

For additional information regarding Strategic Armory Corps, ArmaLite, Surgeon Rifles, or AWC Silencers, contact John Piscione 623-780-1050,

Steve Johnson

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  • john

    Hopefully they start making the AR-180 again.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I would LLLOOOVVEEEE to get an AR-180s. Especially a new one that was slightly modernized (new forend), but retaining the original action and receiver design.

      Of course, you can get many guns that are basically modern AR-180s, such as the ACR.

      I suspect we won’t see an AR-18 from Armalite. Any patents on the gun will be long expired. If anyone in recent decades wanted the original TDP (Technical Documentation Package), they could have licensed it from Armalite (Many companies did way back in the day).

      • Leoon

        I don’t see how patent expiration encumbers their ability to
        use their golden goose (marketing on their name and attached reputation) to sell an AR-18 but many company’s make guns based on it mechanically so I don’t really get the attraction. I will continue to pat my SCAR lovingly have fun with the west’s AK. I suppose anything that’s not an AR-10 derivative (no the AR-18 is not an AR-10 derivative and I use that term as if saying that an M-14 is a derivative of gas trap Garand’s) is good for American civilian weapon development as the more diversity there is in the market place the more creative little tweaks will come onto the market for those designs.

        • cmblake6

          That AR180 was one of those things I wish I had bought “back in the day”. If they renew it, I will. American AK, basically.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        They already had their chance. When the SCAR and ACR were just coming out and hot news, they could have started shipping AR-15/AR-18 hybrids taking the better features of both, updated the receiver and given it plastic and modular accessories. With the shitty launch of the ACR, they could have come in and swept people away with a design they already had and knew worked.

        … Instead… They worked on a monolithic style AR that I’ve never seen anyone even talk about. They came out with some terrible looking bolt guns, they basically “Armited” all their chances. Add it to the list of missed-oppurtunities for them.

    • The 180 is one fine rifle. Why in the world I traded mine:-(

      • Leoon

        what did you trade it for? sorry to throw salt in the wound, but what kind of ar-180 are we talkin?

      • Spade

        Love my AR-180B. First black rifle I ever bought.

  • warriorway3080

    I bet the prices of Armalite products will go up now.

    • Leoon

      its possible, but if they dont add to the product line I am not giving them a second glance so it wont affect me or anyone else as they dont produce anything that interesting that isnt allready availible from another source. if they made a cock on closing bolt gun I woud take notice and thats not even that hard I mean just copy the einfield and seel it as sutch

  • Brandon

    Everyone seems to love the AR-180, but few seem to be willing to pay what it’s actually worth.
    My dad’s Howa never gets shot, because parts are apparently impossible to find and we’re afraid of breaking it. So we just look at it occasionally.

    • kalashnikev

      I just bought one. Paid a lot, but that’s what they’re going for these days. I intend to shoot the living crap out of it.

  • Lou

    Dear Gun Gods,
    Super duper pretty please with sexy strippers on top; please make them see that a true modernized AR-180 design that runs off AR-15 STANAG Magazines is produced and sold for the pricely sum of $1000. If so I promise that I will stop doing the horrid things that I do at the range when I miss the target such as swearing that your very souls will be fed to Dianne Feinstein or that I will stop thinking insulting the evilness that is H&K (Because you suck and we hate you [tm]).

    So due the shock and awe, thunder and lighting, super stripper shows at Vegas, and have them make AR-180s again!


    PS – H&K still sucks ;-D

  • MIKE


  • Cymond

    This could be a good thing. Armalite’s carbine offerings don’t seem very noteworthy. Want to impress me?
    First, make the individual models distinguishable. My mother has an Armalite M-15, and I have no idea which model it is. I couldn’t tell from comparing it to the website. I’m not even sure of the twist rate.
    Second, offer a wider variety of configurations. You don’t have to be the next BCM/KAC/whatever, but at least take a look at DPMS or RRA. It’s really not much more effort to offer carbines with different trimmings.
    Third, offer a lightweight barrel profile. They’re slowly becoming more popular as people realize they don’t need a HBAR or even M-4 profile for most of a carbine’s duties.