There Would Be A Rifle Behind Every Blade Of Grass

The guys behind my favorite gun video of all time have produced another video with footage they collected over the past three years of training. I recommend watching it in either 720p or 1080p HD.

From the video description …

A group of like-minded shooters from various backgrounds (Civilian, Law Enforcement, Military) that share a passion for shooting.

What we’re using:
Aimpoint, Arc’teryx, ATS, Badger Ordnance, Battle Arms Development, Battle Comp, BCM, Benelli, Beretta, Blue Force Gear, Bobro, Centurion Arms, Colt, Crye Precision, Daniel Defense, Diamondback Tactical, Eagle Industries, EGL, Emdom, EOTech, ESS, ESSTAC, First Spear, Fortis, G-Code, Geissele, Glock, Haley Strategic, HK, HSGI, Insight Tech, ITS Tactical, IWC, Knights Armament, Lancer Systems, LaRue, Laser Devices, Leupold, LMT, Lowa, Magpul, Manners, Marz Tactcal, Mayflower, MSA, Nacre, Norotos, Noveske, Oakley, OffTheGrid, Ops-Core, Outdoor Research, Paraclete, Peltor, Phase 5, Premier Reticles, Princeton Tec, PWS, Remington, S&S Precision, S&W, Safariland, Samson, SKDTac, Smith Optics, SOTech, SureFire, Swarovski, Tactical Tailor, TAD Gear, TangoDown, Team Wendy, TAG, Trijicon, Troy, Tyr Tactical, Unity Tactical, Velocity Systems, Vertx, Viking Tactics, Vltor, Wilcox, Zulu Nylon

Why the video?:
To entertain, and hopefully motivate others to get out to the range. Owning firearms is our right as Americans, but that alone does you no good if you’re not competent.

Why the title?:
The complete quote (often mis-attributed to Admiral Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy) goes, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Regardless of its origins; there is plenty of truth in the words.

Filmed on:
Canon 5DMKII and various Canon + Zeiss lenses

The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die
I do not own this song


Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Matt

    The male version of synchronized swimming.

  • Anonymoose

    Actually, what Yamamoto said was “I would never invade Britain. There would be a penis behind every skirt.”

  • Joe Schmoe

    What’s the idea behind that super fast firing?

    • Ripley

      I’ve run out of ammo once during sim-training and that was a pretty scary naked feeling. I couldn’t defend myself or my group (which were also very low on ammo since this was a surprise last run of the day). Wouldn’t want that to happen in combat.

    • matt

      To look cool

    • MOG

      Shoot fast, miss faster. I suspect it is for visual effect only, could be wrong. (This video is complicated on so many levels………….jeeeeze).

      • Aaron E

        MOG a lot of shooters shooting that fast would be “spraying and praying”, but I saw and heard a lot of steel being hit, even under rapid fire situations.

        • MOG

          Never got used to being shot at, fast or slow. Would not want to be down range, in any case.

      • YOu can’t miss fast enough to win.

    • Man pippy


      • Joe Schmoe

        You don’t suppress with an AR-15 by firing fast, unless you want to be out of ammo in a second. You do suppression by firing slow and constant but accurate shots towards the enemy position; which has the same effect.

  • nougabol

    Well, I like guns, very much so… like to shoot them to… But I cannot figure out the purpose of this video. It seems more an MTV clip then a video concerning shooting at targets…

    Why so much gear also ?

    It just seems so overly narcistic up to the point of being ridiculous…

    • matt

      Indeed, glad someone else agrees.

    • vereceleritas

      Did you read the description? It’s stated that some of these guys are military and law enforcement. If you’re going to be wearing all that gear on the job, why wouldn’t you wear it during practice? It also says the video is meant to entertain so in that sense, it is like an MTV clip.

      Why all the cynicism over a fun little video that actually shows safe firearms manipulation? Better than the usual youtube content involving guns.

      • nougabol

        Sure I read the description, not being cynical, not at all… Still think it’s overly attention-grabbing,
        I don’t get the connection with all that gear, and the quick firing…

        I don’t get the whole link about looking “this and that way”, with “that piece of gear or accessory” automatically gives you an air of professionalism…
        Maybe because there isn’t a link or connection…

        • MOG

          You pick nits, don’t you? It is a video, ok? Nothing ,more, nothing less.

        • They teach looking left and right checking for other threats.

          • nougabol

            No, I didn’t mean “looking” as in “seeing”, the drill parts I understand, but the full gear to act out those drills is ridicilous… plasticuffs on a range… really ?

      • tomaso

        Train “heavy” then everything seems light….want a good work out and find out just were your skill level is at? train with all your “GO” gear on. even if one is never planing to carry all this shite, it still makes for a great training. Dont need 2k in gear then just get a good weight vest and start with 20lbs and work up.

        • Mouldy Squid

          Hell, the 10 kg of gear I hump around during 3 gun leaves me sore, and I’m only doing it for eight hours or so.

  • Para

    Drive-bys? Tactical pistol-switching? MOE on every AR? Military-style helmets, webbing and packs?

    This can only really be described as prepping.

    • 032125

      Pejorative, or supportive?

      • Para

        There will not be a guerilla battle in the US.

        Two downvotes for questioning the usefulness of practising a drive-by shooting or night-fighting, lol.

        • HSR47

          Yes or no: Would the equipment and tactics you scoff at have been helpful to the Korean shopkeepers in LA during the Rodney King riots?

          What about for a homeowner living along the border with Mexico who has to contend with agents of the drug cartels?

          When (or if) the time comes that you have to fight for your life, I’ll bet that you’d prefer to have all that gear and the training/practice to actually be able to use it.

          • nougabol

            When (or if) the time comes to fight for your life for most civilians… it will have nothing to do with training but almost 99 % will consist of pure survival instinct…

            Persons who attend these classes will have almost the same chances in a life threatening situation as a person who has had no training whatsoever… instinct and luck will dictate almost 100 % of civilian situations and your chance at surviving them.

            More then 99% of these situations happen when you are least prepared for them, getting a cup of coffee, walking your dog, sleeping,… and all your gear will be in the closet or in the back of the pick-up.

            The only time skills and drills matter in a situation is when you train months and years at them until they are muscle memory… and then it takes years to hold them a that level…

            Taking part in a class once or twice a year is fun, but it will not “increase” your chance at surviving a situation that happens or develops in 2 or 3 seconds…

            You do not develop the skills and muscle memory to act against your instincts of fear, freezing and surprise in a few days…

            These skills and drills are only legitimize themselfs when they became part of something that can only be taught in years, and not in two days…
            You can only control the sudden surge of adrenaline, and the resulting force development and enhanced awareness when you lose your primal instincts, and have replaced them with automated responses learned and developed over years… acting away from instinct is one of the hardest things to develop…

            It’s fun but that’s about it, I wish I could say the exact opposite, but it just isn’t.

          • nougabol

            I know that most people will think that their chances are better but honestly they are not…

            I truly wish that they were, because they are all really nice people, concerned with their hobby…doing stuff that they like with people they like…

            But do not say they are “prepared”, because they are not

          • Leoon

            you are wrong on virtually every point but who cares?

          • HSR47

            I think misinterpreted my post. I’ll rephrase:

            Would the type of equipment and tactics shown in the video be useful in the event similar to the LA Riots? What about for a group of people (a neighborhood, a ranch, a family, or otherwise) living along the US/Mexican border who were the targets of cartel agents?

            I posit that the equipment and tactics shown in the video would be extremely helpful to properly trained/practiced individuals.

            Keep in mind, I’m not talking about typical self-defense (which tends to follow the rule of threes: Three shots at three yards in three seconds), but defense against a large group of determined attackers.

          • Para

            I’m not sure how learning how to drive-by, night-fight and advance on a position using fire-and-manoeuvre tactics – or having a camelbak, military-pattern helmet, plate carrier – help a shopkeeper defending his store.

            Learning how to shoot responsibly, of course, will.

            If you happen to live in the border states, there should be no logical reason why the Cartels would launch an all-out assault in your house unless you’ve stolen from them or already shot at one of them. In which case, fire-and-manoeuvre with your buddy isn’t going to save you from twenty guys with rifles and shotguns. Unfortunately, neither are the cops.

          • HSR47

            Stuff is worth protecting, but not at the cost of your life. Depending on the conditions, you might have to leave in a hurry, and under fire. It’s always good to have a plan B. Your escape vehicle may also not be immediately at hand, and you might have to fight your way to it. When defending a fixed position, you also don’t get to choose the time or nature of the attacks you will face; You may be attacked at any time, and it’s important to practice in a wide variety of lighting/weather conditions so that you have the capacity to fight more effectively. Practicing these things isn’t inherently unsafe, so long as you choose an appropriate range (And I see no reason to assume that they haven’t considered this), so I also fail to see why you’d insinuate that they’re being irresponsible.

            Ballistic protection is always a plus, as defending a fixed position pretty much makes you a sitting duck, and moving out of, and between, cover tends to expose you to fire.

            Hydration is also extremely important.

            All of the above could help a shopkeeper in the event of widespread rioting/looting.

            As far as the cartels go, there have been numerous instances of violence against homeowners and businesses by cartel thugs. If you were targeted by cartel thugs, would you rather have the type of equipment shown, and the skill/training to use it, or not?

            Even if I were facing hopeless odds against a numerically superior foe, I’d feel a lot better if I had the ability to take a whole lot of them with me.

        • Leoon

          there will be a “guerilla” battle in the united states, it is our only hope!

          • nougabol

            Only hope for what ?

          • Para

            Based on fucking what?

    • SD

      Go back to your basement.

      • Para

        Gee, that’s a logical and well thought-out response.

  • Mouldy Squid

    Looks like a combination of my local IPSC and 3 Gun competitions. We don’t have many guys who go full out in mil-surp, but there are a couple; enough for the club to consider creating a “trooper class” which would require competitors to carry all of their entire day’s ammo, food, water and other accessories that they intend to use. This would also include armour plates.

    I call it cosplay for gun-nuts. I do have to admit that mil-surp gear is great for carrying the ammo and mags I use in 3 gun, but I’m not so gear crazy. Besides, I use Soviet mil-surp web gear rather than the vests these boys are sporting so my stuff looks more jury-rigged.

    We have a couple of vets who compete with us, and they seem to not be too terribly offended by the cosplaying weekend warriors. Hell, the vets are the ones pushing for trooper class. I suppose it’s their way of getting we civilians to understand just how hard it is to haul all that shit around.

    At least our targets aren’t shooting back.

    • Sable

      Cosplay for gun nuts, Hell Yes! I’ll have to remember that one.

  • Ryan

    Yay, some FAL love!

  • Lou

    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    I think that there is enough reasoning behind what they do.

    • Rob

      as a non american gun owner you have no idea how good you have it and yet I can’t believe how quick you all are to poke holes in their efforts and yet be up in arms (literally) when anyone suggests restricting your rights to own and bear arms? your founding fathers enshrined the right to keep and bear arms in order to to be an effective fighting militia and it seems whenever someone (civilian) replicates techniques used by your armed forces (SF or not) they are immediatly shunned as “prepping” “gun nut cos play” “male version of synchronized swimming”

      you seem content to mock the very rights you fight so hard to protect and miss the point that “being necessary to the security of a free state” doesn’t mean bench rest shooting or duck hunting but a check against runaway power with a standing army at its disposal…

      I have been seriously looking at moving to america for the very reason that I can practice such skills and training without receiving the ire and mockery of my “fellow” shooters (cough…new zealand…cough) but this kind of reaction from “the firearm blog” readership has me worried that this may not be the case.

      • Nadnerbus

        From at least this American, come on over. You may want to avoid my state though (California).

        • Sable

          California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois… Pretty much any blue state, but admittedly there are some exceptions.

      • Leoon

        thank you rob

  • MOG

    I bet they prep for movies too. Take it as it is, an exhibition video, not to be tried at home.

  • Drapetomanius Grimr

    0:54 I’m seeing hits. These are not unskilled shooters, be they civilian or professional.

    Thanks heavens somebody finally posted “every blade” as a mis-attribution.

  • Aaron E

    I guess I’m like Rob, from New Zealand. I’m surprised to see so much push back from the pro-gun supporters of this site – especially if you’re American. I suppose for a purely civilian shooter this may seem over the top, and look a lot like SF wanna-be’s. However, in 4:42 of video these are the critical skills that I saw portrayed (with skill I might add), that are absolutely essential in a real-life shooting situation:

    Shooting on the move
    Communicating with a partner (thank you!)
    Shooting on steel – smaller and more realistic for assuring critical hits, not just hits
    Maintaining a good shooting platform even on the move – “slow is smooth, smooth is fast”
    Strong side and off side shooting – and the ability to hit with both!
    Shooting in close proximity to a partner
    Reloads – fast, accurate reloads
    Proper use of cover – although sometimes they hunkered in too close
    Displacing – shooting a few and then changing positions (standing, kneeling, prone, etc.)
    Using the hi-lo stack for maximizing firepower with a partner in tight spaces
    Shooting at multiple targets (and training multiple shots to each)
    Utilizing unusual shooting platforms to maximize available odd cover
    Controlled use of ammunition – this was not “spray and pray”, but accurate fire on target
    Familiarization with gear, and the ability to use it
    Transitioning from rifle to pistol
    Night firing – how many have done that? Many violent encounters happen at night!
    Appropriate use of weapon mounted lights/lasers
    Getting off the “X” – or shooting and moving so return fire hopefully misses you.

    And that was just from one viewing of the video. As for the gear – if you had a ballistic plate carrier close by wouldn’t you want the protection before entering a gun fight? And if you said yes, why wouldn’t you have pre-loaded and staged extra magazines, and perhaps a trauma kit ready to use – for yourself! Who wants to down their adversary only to bleed out from an extremity wound?

    Whether you are a civilian, LE, or military shooter, there is a lot to learn from this video. Yes, the fundamentals of shooting are the foundation that must be perfected before moving on, but if you think you’re going to win an actual gun fight without mastering at least a handful of the techniques shown in the video … make sure your last will and testament is up-to-date!

  • Hblu

    We would be the most obnoxious partisans ever

  • Nadnerbus

    This is what being free looks like. I get the people that scoff at the Gucci gear and ubber tactical tactics, but it misses the point. This is a group of Americans exercising their right to use force, a right historically reserved to the state. And not just use it, but to practice it to excellence. That is beautiful. That they are a multi-ethnic group just makes it better. From many, one.

    Keep doing what you do, guys.

    • bloodyspartan

      Finally a man who understands the diff between Violence and FORCE.

  • Brandon

    Part of me thinks this is cool, but another part can’t help but think this is just boys playing with their toys (the dub-step/electronica doesn’t help)

    Imagine if they were using airsoft guns, or even something serious like swords, I think we’d be snickering.

    I guess it’d fine because the description states it’s for entertainment purposes, and it is entertaining. But seems to appeal to the mall-ninja, tier 1 wanna be crowd.

  • Risky

    Marksman > Brand Names

  • JT

    I think there were a lot more civilian marksmen back then

  • Mazryonh

    The quote, I believe, no longer applies to modern America. Hasn’t gun ownership per capita largely decreased, with a smaller proportion of civilian gun owners today than in the WWII era?

    • Leoon

      just enjoy the video and stfu

      • nougabol

        He is just joining the discussion, he is not like you telling somebody to shut the fuck up…

    • Aaron E

      I believe you are correct in your premise Mazryonh. There are an estimated 300+ million firearms in the USA, with a population of around 309 million – almost one firearm per citizen. One statistic I found for 1945 showed about 135 million people had about 50 million firearms. However, we’ve jumped from 200+ million firearms in 1985 to 300+ million today. So I believe per capita would be higher now.

      However, some estimates put actual firearm owners down to about 35-38% of the population in the 1990’s. Meaning owners are owning more guns, not necesarily more owners. Yet, a recent Gallup pole showed that the percentage of firearms owners has never dropped below 40%.
      In fact, the number was on the rise and reached its height at 53% in 1994 hen the Clinton AWB went into effect. Very suspiciously those numbers dropped to the low 40’s% just a couple of years later. I don’t think a bunch of firearms were thrown away, but rather people responding to “surveys” didn’t want gun grabbers to know they had guns.

      That same Gallup pole now shows ownership at 47% since 2009 alone, a jump of 4% in 4 years. Add to that, record demand and manufacturing (Ruger alone made 1.2 million firearms last year alone), and the numbers of owners are likely pushing 50% again in 2013.

  • Squirreltactical

    I see and hear good hits on steel, I see good TTPs being used, and I see intensity from these guys.

    To all the naysayers, I’m sure you all operate at a highly operational operating operation level, and can do “I’m up he sees me I’m smokechecked” for 5000 meters with full rucks on.

    I know people who are supposed to do this stuff for a living and don’t give a flying fish about shooting in their off time. “It’s only for Mil/ LEO types” isn’t an excuse. If you own an AR or AK and semi-auto fighting pistols, then you should know how to use them. If you want to be an armchair commando, feel free, but don’t rag on the gents who actually get off their asses and break a sweat doing good, solid training.


  • David K

    What is the big deal?
    I enjoyed this video, I would love to have the chance to train like that
    if it was close to home. So what if some
    of these guys are “Gear Quers” or “Mall Ninjas”
    who cares? They want to train to
    be good at shooting then do it! I would
    do a video like that in a hear beat!

    Others have said it on here and I agree that its pretty sad
    how other pro-guners just want to crack on guys that do a video like that. Why?
    Do you even have a real reason? We are all in this boat together. I have never been in the Military but have
    partaken in a few fun shooting matches where I had to carried all of my
    equipment, ammo, water, and food on me for the match. It was heavy, it sucked, it was fun…it also
    gave me probably only the slightest idea of what it is like to have to carry
    all that shit all day every day. Yes a
    gave me even more respect for our troops.
    Enough so that I would love to see a USPSA, or Mulit-Gun, or 3-Gun match
    that had a class that required all that gear.
    And I know I’m not the only one out there that thinks this.

    In the end great video, and hope to see more like it.

  • Kour

    Had to wind down the Britishness there for a second. I thought the driver in the tactikewl driveby was firing a rifle…

    • Leoon

      um, welcome to the firearms blog? what are you trying to say?

  • Studenta ot Sofia

    Both videos are not available in Europe due to some copyright …

    • HSR47

      Probably the music.