Arsenal “GAME CHANGER” Teased

Arsenal have announced they they will be unveiling a game changing firearm on August 7, 2013. The firearm will be a member of thier SAM series of guns (Bulgarian made, 7.62x39mm, milled receiver, black polymer furniture).

After two years of collaboration, hard work, and fine-tuning, the next and the most advanced member of the new SAM family of firearms, a real GAME CHANGER, is almost here. Mark the date and be the first to know the results of the big secret project on August 7, 2013.

Anyone want to hazard a guess of what they will announce?
Arsenal SAM7R

Arsenal SAM7R

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt

    AN94. Pretty much anything else has been beat to death already. Maybe a bullpup?

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Bullpup …hmm…. could be.

      • Masoo2

        Bullpup you say? My hopes of a A-91/Korobov/SVU have increaded

    • wetcorps

      Isn’t the main point of the AN94 its ability to fire two shots almost instantly? A legal semi auto version would be pretty much pointless ^^’

    • Matt

      Full autos are legal, for some. Its the only thing I can think of besides a bullpup that is actually a game changer

  • kosherbacon

    Will they finally release an old school milled receiver ay-kay-forty-seven with wood furniture?

    • Doom

      they already import and sell those…

  • Doom


    • Anonymoose

      They already have those.

      • Doom

        Let me clarify, an RPK47/74 in numbers large enough and for a price low enough I can afford one

  • Edgar Castelo

    A working Rail-gun! Mwhahahaha!

  • Masoo2

    RPK-74m? PP-19? AN-94? AS Val? SR-3? Ots Tiss? Korobov? Anything? ;_;

    • Yojimbo556

      One of those Vityaz 9mm would be sweet.

  • Well guys ask me no questions I’ll tell you no lies. I can say we’ll be reviewing this new one shortly after it’s release. Stay tuned:-)

    • Over it

      Side folding stock…..

    • Blendingnoise

      SLR107FR and 107CR

    • avconsumer2


  • Mike W

    Hopefully a break down AK like US Palm (I think it was Palm) promised at SHOT like two years ago.

  • FHK96

    AR-M9F flavor is my guess.

  • Marcus

    Proper AK-12? AEK? Something chambered in 9×39? Eh, we can dream, right?

    • Suburban

      I’m guessing something along the lines of a “modernized” AK like the AK-12 or Polish Archer rifle. Beryl-type Picatinny rail and adjustable side-folding stock. I guess the question is, how bad will the sticker shock be?

  • Bull

    nevva been dun before! 😛

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Wait for it! A direct impingement operating system! Bah dah BING!
    Who wants a solid top and an optic. Makes the AR the mid price solution.

  • Nick

    I sure hope this doesn’t turn out to be a collaboration with red jacket……

  • Blake

    6.5 Grendel AK?

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    An American made SVD? Or SVD bullpup?

    • Suburban

      “The firearm will be a member of thier SAM series of guns (Bulgarian made, 7.62x39mm, milled receiver, black polymer furniture).”

      • Frosty_The_White_Man

        Your textual evidence is really harming my wishful thinking.

        • Suburban

          Ha. “I reject your reality, and substitute my own.”


  • Esh325

    To me, a real game changer with regards to AK’s would be an AK with a good solid dust cover pictatinny rail out of the box, and railed handguards.

  • Zak

    double barrel AK to match the double barrel 1911.

    • average_redblooded_american

      Wrong Arsensal….

  • jamezb

    It’s that AR/AK hybrid we were discussing the other day…

  • dan citizen

    A semi auto Bizon would be great

  • Kyle

    AK-12!!! (Fingers crossed)

  • Luis

    Caseless AK platform that is also a bullpup design with AR parts interchangeability?

    • Cornelius Carroll

      How would a caseless bull-pup rifle still be an AK?

      • Anonymoose

        Same operating system.

  • S.T.A.L.K.I.N.G.

    If its a member of their SAM series, it seems likely they will be showing a proper copy of the AEK-973 or another Kalashnikov that utilizes the BARS system in 7.62x39mm. The only other AK they DONT have would be a OTs-14 in 7.62×39, and to be quite honest the OTs-14s 7.62x39mm variant leaves much to be desired in handling characteristics.

    • Ryan

      That would be awesome!

  • Clint Notestine

    6.5 Grendel version

  • Tomas Brewer

    I emailed Arsenal Inc a while back about Bulgarian made SVDs (Arsenal BG at one time had them on their website) Doubt it would be such a rifle though.

  • Rob

    SOmething I can have cheaply in NJ? That’s be a good fantasy

  • Victor

    It better be a caseless ammo chambered rifle, nothing short of that can be considered a game changer.

  • Cornelius Carroll

    Probably something with a BARS system. I, for one, am hoping it comes with traditional furniture. If it’s a semi-auto AEK I’ll pay for a fireworks display out of sheer joy…. really wish a 14.5″ barrel with a pinned/welded FH was available from the factory. It’s basically impossible to find someone to do that sort of work on an AK.

  • jamezb

    AKS-74U SBR!

  • Derpington

    Ak-107 reverse-engineered?

  • Bob Z Moose

    A plasma rifle in the 40 Watt range?

    • avconsumer2

      PHASED plasma rifle. Standard plasma munitions/trajectory is sooooo 2023.

  • JoshZ

    I can’t wait. Another super overpriced AK. Arsenal makes the best Ak variant guns. But want way too much for them. My bet is whatever they announce its going to be over 1500 dollars.

  • Daniel Destruye

    Something neva bin dun befoe?

  • BIgSal

    They will be selling a 16″ version of the AR-M8F. The folding mechanism will be welded in place, and the barrel will have an extended cosmetic muzzle “device” which will bring the unit’s barrel to 16″.

    • Ryan

      If so, there goes my gun money…

    • Guest

      “The folding mechanism will be welded in place”

      Why? Don’t NFA length restrictions apply to the rifle at its shortest, ie. stock folded/collapsed?

      • Other Guest

        Overall length of a firearm is measured with the stock fully extended or folded out into locked position. The only reason to permanently lock a folding stock open is to make it compliant with ban state regulations.

    • Anonymous

      You’re probably right…and I still don’t give a damn.

      Arsenal needs to tone down their marketing department, and invest more into making interesting variants at reasonable prices, rather than jacked-up hyper-advertised replicas of the same rifles they made last year, but with a slightly different handguard or flash hider.

      It’s like they caught the disease from SIG…

  • overloadinco

    AK-107 recoil system?

  • mirk

    XBox Kinect fire control package

  • Ryan

    Milled receiver with an side folding polymer stock?

  • dp

    The term used, is it by them or by their western presenter? Superlatives are over-used and BS burdened public is de-sensitized. So, not much to expect, probably. Just usual way how to boost marketing.

  • Kav

    7.62×39, milled receiver, black polymer? Seems doable to me…

    • Masoo2

      Ahh…the Korobov, one of my favorite weapons

      • Giolli Joker

        Is that Russian for “finger removal”?

  • mikenz

    An Ak that takes AR15 mags

  • Zapp Brannigan

    I hate teasers, announcements that there will be an announcement in the future, as it’s not useful information. Either tell me something useful or keep quiet until you can tell me something useful.

  • Timothy Chaffee

    Bet you anything its a 1911!

  • piss poor sailer

    The ak pistol arsenal made was pure fail this looks to be pure fail to. Also aresenal needs to chrome line there shit more to make it milspec.I sent an email to cnc warrior asking them to make an SVD you guys should to if anyone can do it they can

  • JT

    tactical shotglass holder

  • bbmg

    Your thumbnail says “ARSE” 😀

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    A simple 7.62x54R version with a 10-shot magazine. To use the only Ammo available in the US of A today! Geoff Who might pick up a cheap version. Grumble Grumble Grumble.

  • dp

    Looked at their page; it is all about AK variants. Not much more, not much less. Everything depends on two things: engineering dept. capabilities and money supply (if you had money you can purchase even patents and there is plenty of them). I doubt they have either (educated people are running out of there and economically the country is total basket). Even if they had these pre-requisits, I doubt they were able to bring to existence some substantial progress. It took HK 20 years to come up with G11. Do not take me wrong, I have fair bit of respect to them.

  • Laserbait

    I know – it’s a Direct Impingement variant called the AK-15.

  • 032125

    Letting our imaginations run unconstrained for that long will backfire, because whatever they release will be a letdown to people imagining RPKs, Dragunovs, integrally suppressed AKS, .50 Beowulf, etc…

  • SD

    It’s another variant in the SAM family, which probably means it’s exclusive to Arsenal of Bulgaria.

    Why are people hoping for Russian rifles, like the AK-12, AK-9, AEK, AN-94?

  • Roecar


  • jrt 82

    My Guess…
    5.56 AK system with a magwell that takes standard AR mags.

    • Tim U

      Pretty reasonable guess, as they just pulled the SLR-106 from the market.

  • dan

    what good are any of these products…….unless YOU get YOUR state to reform their militia’s……then these products can be properly ‘paraded for their use’….imho

  • Jeffrey Mancini

    AK-107 ahead of Izhmash?

  • Vox Populi

    Semi-Auto Arsenal inc.AK-12.

  • joedeats

    Bullpup or a DMR based on the 7.62×39 round…..I wish it was a Dragunov but they say its 7.62×39. A heavy barrel rifle using AK mags with built in optics mount would certainly open my wallet.

  • y0te

    Please be a real Dragunov.

  • Core

    I’m guessing bullpup based on current issue Russian tech?