IWI Galil ACE rifle in the field

IWI’s Galil ACE rifle, a modern version of the Galil, has been making significant inroads in the South and Central American markets. This video from Vice shows soldiers patrolling with the Galil ACE (00:50 onwards).

The rest of the documentary is also is interesting, although a little contrived (I think they played a sound track of children playing when they were interviewing the artillery officer. We never see children and the artillery in the same scene, something no Vice cameraman would fail to shoot if he could).

Many thanks to Tincankilla for the tip.

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  • Samuel Suggs


  • bbmg
    • Joe Schmoe

      And this has what to do with the article? Or with anything for that matter?

      • bbmg

        Children and artillery 😉

        • Joe Schmoe

          To give some context to that image: It was taken during the 2006 Second Lebanon War. The children are from Kiryat Shemona (right on the northern border) and were trapped in bomb shelters for ages. During a lull in the fighting, the children and their parents came out and went over to a nearby field where an artillery unit was set up to thank the soldiers there. There were also around 6-12 photographers canvasing that area. The Parents decided to write messages against Hezbollah on the rounds with markers, they then gave the markers to their children to draw Israeli flags (as a way of relieving the traumatic stress the children had been under).

          Of course, once the photo hits the internet, the story is all changed and it becomes a false propaganda piece.

          • bbmg

            I certainly didn’t intend the image to be a political statement. Just as an illustration that in modern warzones, that children would be in close proximity to an artillery position is not unheard of, particularly as such weapons are normally sited some distance away from the front line.

          • Mandrake

            “Of course, once the photo hits the internet, the story is all changed and it becomes a false propaganda piece.”

            Of course the story of poor Israeli children just relieving their stress against Hezbollah to sign artillery shells (god knows who they actually hit) can’t be considered propaganda at all.

          • BanditZeroThree

            Shove it, Mandrake!

  • Joe Schmoe

    The scope being used on the Galil’s is the Meprolight MEPRO MOR:


  • Walter E. Kurtz

    Why do they carry those yellow chamber plugs in their rifles?

    The horror.

    • Joe Schmoe

      In Israel we do that to, it must be an Israeli practice they picked up. It allows the rifle to be carried loaded at all times safely with the knowledge that the chamber is clear. If you need to fire, you can fully cock the weapon which will eject it.

  • Studenta ot Sofia

    There is a soviet novel about a child on the front line during WW2 (yea, artillery) : Сын полка http://www.lib.ru/PROZA/KATAEW/synpolka.txt
    Meaning: Son of the regiment
    And a movie based on the novel (one from 1946 and one from 1981): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oYgO3HSc8Q&feature=relover

    Wikipedia about children on the front line: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%A1%D1%8B%D0%BD_%D0%BF%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%BA%D0%B0

    unfortunately links in Enlish and German are wrong, reffering to a Medal ????? Propagand 😛

  • holland

    I wonder how good the heat shielding in the forearm holds up.

  • mechamaster

    I think personally hate Galil ACE left-side reciprocating charging handle design, too prone to snagg and scratching shooter left wrist.

  • crisara772

    well i can send you tons of photos of colombian soliders with galil ace rifles, i see them on a daily basis in several configurations and i hear the rifles firing thousands of rounds per day.

    i have talked with people in the military, who have used the ace i9n the firing range and even in low intensity combat, according to them, the rifle is bastly superior to the clasic galil SAR (wich is still the most common assault rifle in the hands of colombian military personal), the ace is much more comfortable to use, the telescopic stock combined with the refined sigths and the enhanced trigger made the rifle more accurated and as far as they say much more controlable in rapid fire, they all complained about the “kick” of the sar and the way it climbed in rapid semiautomatic or fully automatic fire, wich made dificult for them to provide accurated firepower to specific spots of the jungle, wich is vital in the colombian war.

    About its accuracy, two of them report that the standar rifle (i dont know wich specific model it is but i suggest its the longest one) is capable of hitting a human torso at 600 Mts with ease, wich was much more dificult with the old galil, this condition made the M16 derivated favorite with some special units and even regular police units, but with the ACE the colombian military is getting more and more critic with the AR plataform in general wich was a favorite due to its handle, low recoil and pin point accuracy.

    Nowadays is pretty easy to see a regular policeman armed with an m4 carabine, an m16a4 or even one of those nifty CAR 15 sub carabines, this indicated that those rifles are coming down the scale from the special units wich now use TAR-21 and Galil ACE rifles.

    Any way, i live near one of the most importan air bases of the colombian air force, i get to see a large variety of guns daily, from mp5k to negev LMGs and accurized m16s, i can get good photos of them in the hands of their users… well maybe that would be a good adition to this blog.