DRD Tactical U556 Take-Down Upper Kit Shipping Soon

The DRD Tactical U556 Take-Down Upper Kit will be shipping soon from Brownells.com. The U556 system allows the barrel/rail assembly to be quickly detached from the rifles upper receiver. It also allows quick barrel changes.

The  DRD Tactical U556 Kit includes a forged upper receiver and Quick Detach rail assembly. A barrel, of any AR-15 compatible caliber, and other upper parts (bolt, stock etc.) must be supplied by user.

The MSRP is $630, which is less than I expected. I know that the manufacturer has already shipped a batch of them to Brownells, so I expect they will be on sale very soon.


Steve Johnson

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  • Samuel Suggs

    UM, YAY

  • Mystick

    I hate being the curmudgeon here, but I would still rather have separate uppers. They require a slightly longer case, but not THAT much longer. Plus, QD barrels always have accuracy problems, especially as the firearm gets used and abused… although they are getting better.

    Since it’s a kit only(you still have to buy all the other components separately), that $630 could go a long way for a decent upper or two.

    But kudos on the innovation.

    • They say it’s not a match rifle but that’s not what they are shooting for. They want this to appeal to the average shooter that’s good with 1 MOA.
      We’ll be reviewing this shortly so we’ll have accuracy figures for you guys.
      I don’t know about others but I’d rather purchase other barrels in various calibers than buy a new rifle for more money.

      • Mystick

        I’m looking forward to the results.

        The problem I see with a product like this as far as different calibers(besides 5.56) is that they will need different upper receiver parts(not necessarily lower receiver parts)… there are a few exceptions like the oddball 17/223.

        “Any AR-15 compatible caliber” is a VERY broad statement. The beauty of the platform is it’s modularity. You don’t need to buy an entirely new rifle for different setups.

        It would be useful if it could offer a simple barrel swap for going between 5.56 to 7.62×39 to 9mm to .22LR(a kit I don’t like either because .22LR likes twist x and 5.56 likes twist y, or even twist z depending on the weight of the bullet)…. but all of those require different bolt modifications – at minimum. So it’s almost required to have an upper specifically tailored for each cartridge of such differing dimensions. And disassembling the upper internals with every swap-out for differing bolts… seems “not so quick”… fifteen seconds is all it takes to swap out an upper with QD pins. And you get the bonus of having sights that are setup for the cartridge you are shooting, and not just 5.56NATO – and (hopefully) zeroed due to the lack of a potentially wobbly barrel mating.

        I don’t see it being worth it just to shoot differing flavors of 5.56(or .223) through a single rifle… or even .30 if they made an AR-10/7.62 version.

        I *DO* see this being useful for having a variety of barrels in a single caliber… like a nice match bull barrel(which you are not going to get your money’s worth out of with this setup), or barrels of varying lengths, twists, and styles… or even an SBR setup… which could bring up some regulatory issues, but nothing unknown to the AR-15 platform.

        I guess I’m picky, that’s all. It seems more of a storage and transport solution than something that would improve upon the function of the rifle.

  • 032125

    I know what you mean Mystic. If space constraints were a prime requirement, I’d seriously consider this. This isn’t a first, but earlier attempts like the Tac-2 have skipped over some obvious features like a decent hand guard.

    I do wish they had put out more detailed photos and a couple of YouTube videos detailing accuracy tests over time. There’s no excuse for not doing these things when it’s so easy and common now.

  • Ben 10

    quick detach barrels should become common, would be easier to clean, just like in handguns. and easier to replace barrels too, no need for a gunsmith.

  • tnelson

    I have a Tac2 and it maintains zero, even with irons. (I use a railed front gas block, non functional.) You are correct you cannot index the front float tube, but you can still mount rails for lights, bipod an sljng studs.

    Total cost today would be 200 + stripped upper.