Enfield Rifle Company MERC415


The modern Enfield Rifle Company officially launched the MERC415 Type I carbine.  Although the company opened in December 2012, the official announcement was held until now due to recent market volatility.

Based in Clayton, Georgia (USA), the company sees itself as “an Old World name combined with New World technology to the American commercial market for the first time.”  The first rifle the company has brought to the market is the MERC415.  MERC stands for “modern Enfield Rifle Company.”


The MERC415 is and M4-style AR-15 with a 16″ 1:7 barrel.  The bore and chamber are both chrome lined.

The MERC415 uses a variety of off-the-shelf finishing items, including a Magpul MOE stock, a Magpul flip up rear sight, a MOE pistol grip and the YHM Aggressive Phantom flash suppressor.  The rifle comes with a single Magpul 30 round magazine and a hard plastic case.  The total weight of the gun is 6.3 pounds.

MERC415 lower

Enfield Rifle Company developed a new term:  Mil-GRADE.  Mil-GRADE is an effort to describe the features and build quality of the rifle without invoking the frequently mis-used Mil-Spec term.  According to Enfield:

Mil-GRADE stands for Military-Government Requirements And Data Equivalent. It is akin to “Mil-Spec” but without the implications that it is built to the US Government Technical Data Package and that all the associated red tape of lot certifications, testing and Government inspections are taking place. “We don’t think most of what is being called ‘Mil-Spec’ is truly military specification when taking into account what that literally means, so we needed a name to convey what we are doing,” said Nigel Boothe, one of the founding Members and Chairman of the company.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Chase Buchanan

    I love the AR-15, but do we really need another? Why can’t the Enfield Rifle Company make, you know, a Lee-Enfield? In a modern cartridge with a detachable magazine?


    • Ben 10

      yeah, a modern day clone of the lee-enfield, one bolt action version, and one semi-auto version. in a number of different calibers, including .308 and 6.5×55 swedish. I think they should keep the fixed magazine and loaded with stripper clip system, 10 rounds.

      • verymiddleeuropean

        Well, semi-auto SMLE wouldnt be SMLE any more… but just some awkward beast like those mauser and mannlicher experimental selfloaders from the beginning of XX century. I wish they would start produce some nice muzzleloading enfield like those old Parker-Hale replics, though. Nowaday its just overpriced Pedersoli made from slightly remachined leftover Euroarms parts. Ahhh… the original 0,70 cal 1851 Minie Rifle would be nice indeed. Or Martini-Henry….
        Slapping Enfield name on AR is just a silly marketing, bordering on sacrilege. The affordable stamped AR-18 with few updates would make more sense in connection with Enfield L-85…

    • Samuel Suggs

      you sir are the best person ever to grace the interent. I like the idea of modern bolt action rifles that look to the past for their actions can you tell 🙂

    • Samuel Suggs

      also everthing else on Rick’s list especially the mini 1911 in a self defense caliber where they actually shring the gun and not just lob of sections of frame slide and barrel

    • Michael Mabey

      All Lee-Endields had detachable mags but it was cheeper to produce striper clips in 5 rounds for the 10 round detachable box mag

  • Guest


    • sianmink

      Are you ok?

      • Samuel Suggs

        he’s making fun of the silly all over the place acronims like shat-19. it could be better phrased but whatever

  • floppyscience

    Another $1000-ish (street price) AR carbine. Well, I never guess it hurts to play it safe. It isn’t like they aren’t going to make money.

    I do like the company logo.

  • bob

    yep another over priced rifle, Wish Loki started up again at least they had good stuff.

    • floppyscience

      “Wish Loki started up again”

      Why, so they can steal tens of thousands (a hundred?) of dollars and disappear again?

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Another loose collection of parts stamped with a name, for more money than a S&W M&P 15 OR. Geoff Who will pass until the company has a track record, If I’m still around in 20 years.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Shave $300 off the price tag and we’ll talk. In the mean time I’ll be hunting for an un-bubba’ed No. 1 MK III.

  • big daddy

    You might as well buy a Colt LE6920.

  • Gunrunner

    I’ll pay a little extra for the non-production line build. If I want production line gun I probably would buy a Colt. I like their thought process on production and “mil-spec”. I get so tired of hearing mil-spec.

  • Anton

    I think it’s a shame you really can not get an Enfield that isn’t butchered over here anymore. Not a good one anyway. 🙁

  • Lance

    Don’t need a new AR company if they like the Enfeild name make a semi-auto L-85 or HK SA-80 for us pls pls pls.

  • AndyV

    As someone who comes from Enfield, and has lots of friends who actually made rifles at the Royal Small Arms Factory, I fail to see the link, any link, between the history of RSAF and these guys.

    • Suburban

      And the Rock Island Armory (Philippines) manufacturing facility is half a world away from the actual site of the Rock Island Arsenal (illinois). It’s a bit shameless, both of them.

  • popejoe

    I think I’d rather see these guys try to do something with the Milcam rifle from the late 80s’.That was a bot rifle that was way ahead of its’ time.

  • verymiddleeuropean

    MERC? As in Jagged Alliance 2 MERC? Yyyhhh… Bubba happy ! MERC was real reference for tactical perform…, I mean, eerr, it was just nice and cheap. Those over-the-top names and SCAR-y acronyms really add value and collectability.

  • Michael

    Is it available in 303 British???

  • itchyz


  • cmblake6

    Another AR15. Woo hoo.