Kahr Arms Wants Wikipedia Changed

Justin Moon on the cover of CEO Magazine. May 2010.

Kahr Arms, founded by Justin Moon, have for years denied claims that the company is owned by the Unification Church of Korea which was founded by Mr. Justin Moon’s father. The company has gone to the extreme lengths of issuing a press release asking the general public to alter the Kahr Arms Wikipedia page. From the press release dated July 23, 2013 …

Pearl River, NY – Kahr Firearms Group has changed their Wikipedia information to correct misinformation used to describe the corporation.

Currently, Wikipedia lists inaccurate information with regard to the history and ownership of Kahr Firearms Group. The corporation would like to go on record that the Kahr Firearms Group was founded in 1994 by Justin Moon. Mr. Moon is the sole owner of the firearms group which includes Kahr Arms, Magnum Research and Auto Ordnance. Kahr Firearms Group is a $75-$100 million corporation which employs 250 employees between its Pearl River, NY corporation office, Worcester, MA and Pillager, MN manufacturing plants along with several captive CNC machine shops also owned by the corporation.

I researched the ownership of Kahr back in 2011. The confusion arose partly from a NY York Times article that said the Unification Church owned Kahr Arms. The article is also published on Tongil Group’s website (the Tongil Group is the Church’s commercial holding company which Justin Moon was CEO at the time of publication and is now the Chairman).

In 2001 Massad Ayoob interviewed Mr. Moon and asked him about the ownership of the company. Justin said he was the majority shareholder. In the past decade Mr. Moon must have taken ownership of the minority stake of the company if he is now the sole owner.


Steve Johnson

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  • Ben 10

    now if only their guns were cheaper, and they should start making ak type rifles and ar type rifles too.

  • Frank Martin

    Personally.. I could CARE less who owns its.. I love my CW45…and I plan on getting a CM9 in the future..

    • James Thomas

      You could care less? So you do care then? I love my mom, so I could care less about her. If I didn’t care at all, then I couldn’t care less. Tough to wrap your head around I know.

      • dan citizen

        I was going to reply that I “couldn’t care less” about your mom, but then I realized that isn’t true. The odds are that she is a good and decent person and I wish her nothing but the best. My mom on the other hand is kinda aggravating.

        • James Thomas

          Actually, she died in 2007 when I was only 27. I still care a lot about her though. I guess I should thank you for resisting the urge to stoop to making insults about my dead mother. Although clearly that was your first instinct. That kind of says something in and of itself.

          • Samuel Suggs

            its a mildly garbled exspression dude, that that big of a deal.

          • Beaumont

            Dude, there’s no way he could have known anything about your mother. Try switching to decaf.

          • James Thomas

            DUDE, of course he couldn’t have known. The point was that it is incredibly immature to bring up someone’s mother in an argument. I mean, who does that? Children do, but I expect more from an adult. Similarly, you have no way of knowing, but I can’t “switch to decaf” because I don’t even drink coffee!

          • FourString

            o.o well that escalated quickly

      • Frak Martin

        My only question is.. I was never talking about my mother or yours.. so why bring it up..

        I do not care who owns the company.. I like the product. if you have to nitpick about One persons opinion about an article.. and use your mother as an example.. Then you need help 😉

        • James Thomas

          Why are you asking me? I didn’t bring up mothers. Why do I need help? I think you need help understanding the flow of the conversation. Then again, you didn’t understand what “could care less means,” so I guess I can’t expect too much.

  • Anonymoose

    Sounds like he’s trying to keep his gun business separate from his cult.

    • Samuel Suggs

      the two are not connected bye anything other than him so the desire for seperation is understandable.

      • Anonymoose

        Except he created Kahr using his father’s money, which came from the Unification Church.

        • El Duderino

          The past isn’t the issue. If that was the case I’d have a tough time buying a Walther since their guns killed a lot of good GIs. But if he gives of his fortune back to the Unification Church in any way, shape or form, a lot of people will have a problem buying their products.

          • Samuel Suggs

            guns havent killed anyone ever

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    The problem with Wikipedia is a hidden cabal of “editors” who post and/or allow only their approved propaganda on Wikipedia. Ask Jerry Pournelle, he tried for years to correct errors and propaganda on his Wikipedia page. It got reedited every time. Geoff Who figures the person named should have some input!

    • Ian

      I don’t see any difference between your spooks and many companies who send in their advertising team to spruce up their own pages.

  • gunslinger

    Doesn’t Wikipedia put pages on “lock” or “review” if the content is under question. This then allows the page to be edited only after confirming the information.

  • UnderPo

    FYI, English Wikipedia articles about Korea, ethnic Korean-owned businesses and South Korean politics are well-known to be tainted by sketchy “Korean” or “Korean-American” users. And let us never forget that South Koreans and a significant minority of Korean-Americans do favor active censorship in the society and the internet.

  • Cannelure

    I don’t care if Justin Moon is a space alien so long as more companies make reproductions of classic American firearms like the M1 Carbine.

  • James Thomas

    “The confusion arose partly from a NY York Times article that said the Unification Church owned Kahr Arms.”

    What’s the NY York Times? Sounds kind of shady. If it were in the New York Times or the Washington Post I’d be more inclined to believe it. Ha

  • Zius Patagus

    Justin Moon is the CEO of the Unification Church’s (Moonies cult) holding company and sole owner of Kahr Ams. That makes them connected despite what Moon says. If Moon denounces the Moonies as a cult I might think differently.

  • Mazryonh

    Anyone who wants to read about the Unification Church’s shady dealings can go here:


    I personally am interested in what might happen if the lid were blown off of the Moonies and, if their main megachurch is stormed, whether South Korean Government forces would be confronting zealots with Kahr firearms stashed in the church somewhere.

    In any case, religious zealotry combined with 21st century weaponry is not a good combination.

    • Samuel Suggs

      wooo Consortuim News great source


      • Mazryonh

        Well, it’s by no means the only one that has been talking about the Moonies being less-than-above-board.

        Wasn’t it L. Ron Hubbard, the creator of Scientology, who said: “If you want to get rich, start a religion”?

    • Samuel Suggs

      I think you and the brave boys at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives would get along they have an ilustriouse history of raiding relgious institutions and then making up exscuses for why they set that institution on fire up later on

      • Mazryonh

        What’s South Korea got to do with the American ATF? If it comes to that, the South Koreans will almost certainly get to do it themselves.

        • Samuel Suggs

          I was refencing the ATF’s raid on the branch dividian church in Waco Texas I assume based on your reaction that you are ignorant of what happended their?

          • Mazryonh

            I know what happened there. But in the situation I hypothesized, the ATF would have no jurisdiction if it became necessary to storm the South Korean HQ of the Moonies. And besides, Janet Reno gave the go-ahead for the Waco Siege, if you have to blame someone.

          • Samuel Suggs

            I was inferring that your proposed scenario meant that you would agree with the ATF’s “law enforcement” practices not that they might conduct a raid in korea, I dont see how that idea came into the coversation

  • Justin McCarty

    Hey guys, I’ve been a fan of this site for a while now. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, have deployed to Iraq, attended West Point directly out of High School, and am a member of the Unificationist Church. Some of the things you guys are talking about and the manner in which you automatically are demeaning to someone of a different faith that you obviously don’t understand are kind of astonishing and frankly embarrassing. Please, respect each other’s God given rights to practice the religion we personally see fit.
    Justin McCarty

    • Samuel Suggs

      Welcome to the Firearms Blog and thank you for providing a voice of reason. Don’t be deterred by these reactions, the conspiracy mill associated with your church is has a wide following in both the “main stream” and underground medias. I feel that the desire to demonize them began with a complimentary desire to leave the one true Korea in the lurch in the event of a war with North “Korea”, this being the same motivation the liberals and some libertarians in this country have for demonizing Israel. My political theory’s aside, I can find no evidence that the unification church has ever committed an act beyond their Rights as a religion. Their rather immaterial connection to Kahr Arms is simply food for their leftist detractors. that particular conspiracy theory’s appearance here stems from the fact that most pro-gun people tend to throw any entity, company or individual they view as philosophically impure, controversial or easily demonized by the media, under the proverbial bus, out of fear that that element of their community might be spun into something that could be used against them in the future. need proof look at what happens on political gun websites when even the most avid second amendment supporting politician gets accused of or caught in any scandal long story short the rather one sided conversation goes something like “if you’re going to leave any baggage here you can hit the f***kin road”. I know its jarring sometimes but this community has certain survival reflexes and other quirks that make it an interesting thing to be a part of. We haven’t gotten by this long by attaching ourselves like a certain well referenced barnacle to anything other than our weapons and our beliefs sometimes this means we lash out against the wrong people it’s nothing that hasn’t happened before and we are very edgy at this poltical juncture please continue to enjoy the firearms blog and never take anything to hard when reading the comment

    • Justin Moss

      That’s cool man, I just got home from Afghanistan. I was in RC West, Shindand AB for most of the time. Congrats on graduating from the most prestigious university in the country, becoming an officer, and laying your life on the line to defend the freedoms Americans tend to take for granted. I really appreciate it. That being said, your religion is a crazy one.

      • Grant

        Oh yeah. It’s WAY crazier than God impregnating a virgin, God’s son taking the form of man on Earth, then dying and returning to life days later. Not to mention a talking bush, a guy that can part the sea, people turning to pillars of salt, etc. That stuff is TOTALLY believable.

        Those crazy, crazy Unification Church members.

        • Justin Moss

          Yeah I guess so, but I think all religion is stupid. Science is where it’s at!

  • RocketScientist

    Man… why all the hate for the ‘Moonies’? I am a Catholic, over the centuries we have been hated on and persectuted by many different religious groups and governments. I live in Clearwater FL, headquarters for the ‘Church’ of Scientology. I think they are all a bunch of raving lunatics and that anyone who buys their load of pseudo-science BS must be a few turnips short of a bushel… but they don’t hurt me, dont effect my life in any way, and so I could care less what they do or believe. My best friend was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and the crazy s**t she went through as a child blows my mind, and I would never want anyone I care about to join that church. In fact MOST religions out there I disagree with from some degree to another. But thats my OPINION. The only fact is that the members of these churches believe, or at the very least find some comfort in these organizations. Maybe its the religious teachings, maybe its the shared culture and history, maybe its just that their whole family are members and this is how they maintian ties with that family. Either way, as long as they are not FORCING you to join their church, why do you care what they do? The constitution that most of us here profess to love and many of us here have put our lives on the line to protect guarantees freedom to practice whatever religion you want. I can think they’re ridiculous or laughable (heck most religions look ridiculous to outsiders: Catholics believe we are drinking the actual blood and flesh of a dude who died 2000 years ago every sunday, it only LOOKS like bread and wine)… but I’m never gonna hate on someone because they practice a different faith than mine, much less suggest/hope they get raided and disbanded by the gov’t.

    And on the subject of Kahr arms… I don’t care who owns them. My CW40 is my EDC gun (on my hip right now). It is dead-nuts reliable, super accurate, slim and light enough that I can carry concealed under any clothes even in a Florida summer, and a pelasure to shoot. So what if a religion that I don’t quite understand owns a holding company that owns a minority share in a company that used to have part ownership of the firm that later went on the make my gun?

    • Samuel Suggs

      also no one hate remington becuase they supplied the Vatican with the rifles for their security forcefor over 120 years. also no one cares that John Moses browing was probobly a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints its just not a problem but today we are wary to accept anything out of fear that it moght be brought against us later

  • BigSal

    Until the CEO denounces the cult his father started, anyone with half a brain can understand why people are hesitant to buy their products. I know I dont want my money going to a cult.

  • ScottieD

    I don’t care much about who owns it or how it came to be in the hands of the owner. My PM9 is my trusted carry firearm. It functions flawlessly and is easy to conceal. No company is perfect, there is always something that a corporation or it’s owners or business partners will do that you don’t approve of.