New Beretta Tx4 Storm Shotgun??? (UPDATE: No)

UPDATE: I got this one wrong. It is the Beretta 1301 Competition. I want! (Thanks Tyler for identifying it).

About 20 minutes ago someone at @Beretta_USA, the official Beretta USA twitter account, tweeted the above photo with the message “Having dinner with the team. Tomorrow we shoot this.”. The shotgun appears to be a Beretta Tx4 Storm with an enlarged tactical-style charging handle and a ribbed barrel with fiber bead sight. It looks to me like this is a prototype of a gun that will sit somewhere between the fully-tactical Beretta Tx4 Storm and a more traditional Beretta A300 and A400.

tactical a300 beretta



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  • Nathan B

    Ooooh, I rather like that, sadly 922(r) prevents us from legally extending the tube past 5 rounds. I’ve always had a soft spot for medium-length vent-rib long-tube shotguns.

  • Pat

    Looks like Beretta is trying to jump into the 3Gun market. Those folks love autos with 22″ – 24″ vent-rib barrels.

  • Tyler

    It’s a 1301, and you can legally add a magazine extension to it, the guns specifically aimed at the 3gun market.

    • gunslinger

      what do you mean a 1301?

      how can you legally add a mag extension if it falls under 922r?

      • Erik

        And if you put US Made components on from Nordic or Briley to add up to the parts count, you can indeed put a Nordic or Briley mag tube extension on it.

        • gunslinger

          so you still need to add additional us made components before adding the mag tube

          • Erik

            Legally speaking? Yes.

          • Samuel Suggs

            yes but how likely is it that that will get checked at any time in your life I mean most cop’s dont even know that piece of legislation well enough to know that a shotgun with an exstended magazine even might be illegal

    • FourString

      Did they revise the TX4 action to be able to take magazine extensions? Cuz the old TX4 with its specific gas system can’t 🙁

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Oops, thanks for identifying it. I have updated the blog post.

  • Samuel Suggs

    the barrel may just be somthing they threw on the prototype becuase thats what they had lying around it may or may not be an actual feature of the gun to be produced. as you could easily test variety of factors without putting on the proper intended barrel.

  • Samuel Suggs

    woo sense I slowed down the comment section has just really gotten so much better *sarcasm*

  • samuel suggs

    I’m a useless cunt!

  • David Sharpe

    Has the Tx4 been released yet? I think I’ve found my next shotgun, or one of my next shotguns.