ATI GSG 922 Now CA Compliant

GSG 922

American Tactical Imports (ATI) announced they are now offering a California-compliant version of the GSG 922 pistol.  The 922 is a 1911 pattern handgun chambered in 22 LR.

According to ATI, the California version of the gun does not have a threaded barrel, which would allow the easy addition of a sound suppressor.  The non-threaded barrel is 3.2″ long.  MSRP is $389.99.

Richard Johnson

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  • gunslinger

    so the threaded barrel is what got CA in a tizzy?

    how long did it take ATI to get a non-threaded barrel?

    • BryanS

      And get approval from teh ATF..

      and get a production line changed…

      and get a ordering system item added….

      and a supply chain item added…
      and new targeted marketing….

      Wonder how many millions or even hundreds of thousands it took to remove that simple benign feature that allows the use of a safety device?

      • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

        You underestimate the buying power of Californians. Our laws suck, but we have money and aren’t afraid to spend it.

        I also think you’re over-estimating the amount of money they spent on a simple barrel swap.

        • BryanS

          If it was not a barrel they offered before, then its a new part, part number, another machining step, scheduling… its not as easy as “just lop it off” when you are doing thousands of them. It goes for any product line for any manufacturer.

          • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

            No, I get that. However, you’re talking about them spending MILLIONS to remove that feature. Really? Millions? I sincerely doubt that.

          • BryanS

            A million may be exaggerating, but it wasn’t free. Real time effort and money was wasted because of a public official and their lack of understanding of their limits.

        • BryanS

          I also said nothing about the buying power of the People of CA. There is still a lot of work that goes into a small item that was changed because of bureaucratic control (that the good people of CA also put in place)

      • gunslinger

        a whole production line? does ATI fab their own barrels?

        they need ATF approval to make variant of said handgun? i’m not well versed in the firearms production industry.

        i don’t see it costing 1 million to replace the barrel.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      A threaded barrel on a semi-automatic handgun in CA makes it an assault weapon, and therefore illegal. Threaded barrels on anything else is perfectly legal. Just not semi-auto handguns. And like all the unconstitutional laws in CA, no, it doesn’t make any sense.

  • allannon

    I realize that CA has (in parts of the state, at least) beautiful scenery and glorious weather. But even so, is it worth dealing with the state’s government?

    • FourString

      To dissect the average Californian’s pathology, one must also factor in the economy <|:D'

    • 20ftat20seconds

      It is a love hate/thing for me being a dedicated surfer and gun-owner. The government politics there are atrocious on a state level, but some local governments in CA are actually halfway OK. San Diego is a pretty cool place to live. There is a lot to do. If it were not for the Pacific, great surf, fishing, and beautiful mountains, I wouldn’t ever bother. I would hope that some common sense be wrangled back into CA eventually, but I won’t hold my breath. The economy in CA and the increasing taxes are eventually going to blow up hard. When it comes to that, I will no longer be a CA resident.

      • Steve

        I’m glad someone else sees it the way I do!

  • Flounder

    WHAAAATTTT!!! Micro stamping is required in CA now! No pistol can be added to the Roster without it… That applies to guns not on the roster already. How did they get around that?

    • FourString

      Wha? Micro stamping? What does it look like? An emblem with the motto ‘Thou shalt not haz goonz’? D:

      • Samuel Suggs

        um Fourstrings why did you Anonymize the comment in this thread?

  • Samuel Suggs

    Why would you want a target .22 lr “1911” with a short barrel? I mean its either for plinking with your favorite ergonomics and manipulation or really small game niether of which benfits from a 3.2″ barrel. So why?

    • FourString

      It looks so neutered. Like a bulldog that got fixed. 🙁

      • Samuel Suggs

        yeah your right however they all look like that afterwards even if the changes are minor you still know its not what was intended

  • Samuel Suggs

    why didnt they keep the orginal barrel length and hold the threading? so there was still a barrel “nub” sticking out from the slide? in addition to simplifying the change it would have also allowed the purchaser to thread it themselves. you know when the law “changed” not the minute they got acces to lathe cuz that would be illegal and everyone knows that even talkin about breaking the law is a crime againist the our honerable leaders

  • guest

    As an east-coast transplant to California, I have to say it is WAY easier to buy and own guns here than the other states I’ve lived in.

    In this context, the anti-California bias throughout the firearms community — especially online — is really pathetic, and self-defeating. Honestly, the gun owners I know couldn’t care less about not being able to buy and own automatic weapons or high-capacity magazines etc. Compare that minor hassle with the booming economy, wonderful weather, and dozens of places to go shooting on the weekend… honestly, it’s a gun owner’s paradise out here.

    • the_duck

      I live in CA, all I ever knew and I don’t think it’s a gun owner’s paradise in the least bit, especially after learning about the freedom all the other states have.

      High capacity magazines, I believe you meant standard capacity magazines. I do wish I didn’t have to deal with low capacity mags, especially since I need to use a silly bullet button every time I want to do a mag swap.

      Also, only having a choice of what’s on the roster for handguns is silly. Want a suppressor? Good luck. Even having a threaded barrel will get you in trouble. How about the fact that by the end of this year, any “evil feature” on your semi-automatic rifle (including rimfire) will make it an assault weapon.

      How about the ranges…want to rapid fire? Nope. How about practicing drawing from a holster? Nope, only for LEOs.

      And ammo…can’t get it shipped to LA County, and if things go their way, no mail order ammo at all. Also, banning lead ammo is coming as well. Want a CCW, not a chance.

      OK, too much politics and I apologize for that, but to me a shooters paradise would be one where the 2nd amendment isn’t constantly attacked but rather respected.

  • Marcus D.

    I think they managed to avoid the microstamping mandate because it is a “grandfathered” firearm. For the same reason, Colt is still able to offer new models of its 1911s. On the other hand, I have yet to see a positive review for these guns–more about catastrophic failures requiring returns to the factory. Which is not too encouraging given that these are simple blowback designs.