Where To Find A Replica Japanese Type 11 Machine Gun?

The director of the Sidecar Museum in Italy emailed me asking if I knew where he could find a replica Japanese Type 11 machine gun to mount on a Japanese World War II military sidecar that he is restoring. Does anyone know where he might obtain one? I could not find any airsoft replicas for this gun. My only suggestion would be to get one of those talented Japanese replica gun makers to build a custom model.

Steve Johnson

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  • Raven

    Don’t think you’ll have much luck with one of these in either airsoft or deactivated form. I’d say your best bet is to get a replica Bren of whatever sort and dress it up as a Type 99.

  • bbmg

    This whole article is the definition of what is so amazing about the internet 🙂

  • shooter1911

    Japanese Toygunmaker CAW has a plan to make Type11 airsoftgun.

    estimate price $3600.


  • jamezb

    I’d bet that fellow in the Philippines who made the beautiful airsoft SKS from scratch could build the museum a beautiful replica for less than a Japanese shop and benefit greatly from the experience, exposure, and of course the money as well…could you contact him?

    • mikewest007

      RC? I believe he’d be able to put it together, with a working airsoft mechanism inside, but he’d need a lot of time as he recently said he’s a bit tired and can’t focus on stuff like this.

      • jamezb

        I was thinking he could probably charge 1-2 thousand for the build, enough to make it worth his time. Not requiring a mechanism would make it a matter of cosmetics only.

  • Samuel Suggs

    there are lots of companies that will manufacture high quality replica resin, metal or blank firing replica weapons such as this company that will produce all of the above three and has a long and decent reputation http://www.maxarmory.com/ or these guys who produce more realistic training aid style resin guns but still have a custom option
    http://www.inertproducts.com/ied_training_aids . end point there are many prop company’s willing and capable of fulfilling this request it’s just a matter of linking up
    this request with one of those willing and capable manufactures not contacting
    some hobbyists in Japan 🙂 also these guys sell resin replicas of three obscure
    Japanese firearms and the type 97 might act as a worthy replacement if the
    author of the request is unwilling to spring for the custom option http://www.lifesize-models.co.uk/product.php?id=1102&cat_id=249

  • John Markus

    You might want to contact K.T.W. http://ktw-co.gonna.jp/ KTW is known to have connections with people who collects Japanese guns, and can manufacture high-quality airsofts.
    One word of caution: KTW usually asks people to perform firewood splitting chore before they accept you as fellow gun maniacs.

    • Raven

      KTW prices are utterly insane, though. I mean, a KTW Mosin-Nagant is priced around what a crate of actual Mosin-Nagants would go for a couple years back.

  • whodywei

    I think it would be much cheaper to buy a movie props gun from China.


    • Samuel Suggs

      thats a great link wonder what their shipping raidus is

  • Samuel Suggs

    that is one weird link

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    You may want to try contacting Teri Bryant at NambuWorld.com. She knows more about Nambus and other Japanese firearms than any other single person I can think of. Just as importantly, she reads, writes and speaks fluent Japanese and is deeply vested in Japanese history. For those of you who may be interested, you can look up “Interview with Teri from NambuWorld.com” on http://www.forgottenweapons.com, where Ian McCollum, FW webmaster ( and sometime contributor to TFB ), has a very informative discussion with her.

    I am guessing that Teri may be able, at the very least, to point the Director of the Sidecar Museum in Italy in the right direction, if not more.

  • Samuel Suggs

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  • kim