Sphinx SDP Kryptonight Edition

Sphinx’s latest addition to their SDP compact line is the Sphinx SDP Kryptonight Edition which features a Flat Dark Earth / Black finish and Defiance H.A.L.O Tactical night sights. The name is a pun on Superman’s Kryptonite.

The new Sphinx® SDP Compact is a in Double-Action/Single-Action pistol with an ambidextrous decocking lever and magazine catch featuring six safeties.

An integrated recoil buffer improves the weapon’s accuracy. The full-length guide rails are not inserts like many other pistols, but machined in, providing additional strength and increasing accuracy levels. The integrated Picatinny rail is made from MIL-STD 1913 aluminum with 4-notches to hold a variety of accessories including lights and lasers.

The lower part of the frame or grip is made from a proprietary polymer that will not break down in either extreme hot or cold environments. The ergonomic, 3-component grip is made from soft and hard material for a comfortable, confident hold. Three interchangeable grip sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) are available.


Steve Johnson

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  • Brandon

    What? No zombie theme? :trollface

  • Samuel Suggs

    I really like the color scheme if I wasn’t saving up for another gun I would be saving up for this damn you limited capital

  • Gidge

    If it’s as accurate as their IPSC Production gun it’ll be very impressive. The thing shoots incredibly tight groups, magnificent trigger and has very little recoil. But the sheer weight of the thing makes an all steel 1911 feel like a light polymer framed service pistol, which explains why there’s so little recoil.

    • Nielsen

      For this one, 780 grams is not that much compared to, let’s say, a SIG P229 at a whopping 900 grams w/ an empty magazine. I don’t know if the weights listed on the Sphinx site includes an empty magazine, however, since the full size SDP Standard is listed at 900 grams.

      Furthermore, the specifications for the Kryptonight are almost identical to the SDP Compact, except it supposedly fits 17+1 and not 15+1, even though the height measurement does not change between the two. There might be some inaccuracies.

      • floppyscience

        They may have just found a way to fit more cartridges in a flush-fit mag reliably, like SIG’s recent change from a 13rnd mag to a 15rnd mag for the P229. Also they could ship with extended mags, that’s another relatively common thing. Stock mags with factory +2 basepads wouldn’t be unheard of.

      • Gidge

        The 3000 Production can have different materials for the slide, upper frame and lower frame. With the 5″ version they sell in Australia if you take all steel it’s well and truly over a kilogram. Considering they’re built to spec guns they’re not really in the spirit of Production class, then again they’re on the approved list and comply with the rules.

  • floppyscience

    So… are these available in the US yet? I remember reading an article here on TFB two years ago announcing KRISS’ purchase of Sphinx and their intention of importing the pistols into North America. According to Sphinx’s website their only North American dealer is in Canada, and sadly I don’t live in Canada anymore. 🙁

    • They should be. I did the SDP review a while back. At that time they were coming into the country.

      • Aaron E

        Phil, didn’t they say at SHOT that they had a facility/warehouse in Virginia that was going to help with ATF stuff?

  • Stanislao

    It looks like a re-colored CZ P-07. Slightly different, but close enough that I mistook it for one.

    • Nielsen

      Not surprising, since the Sphinx is a direct descendant from the Swiss ITM AT-84, which again was a clone of the CZ 75. It has a quite distinctive look since the slide rides on the inside of the frame, instead of on the outside. I actually don’t know of any other pistol designs in current production that uses this, other than CZs and licensed clones.

      • Marc

        The P210’s slide rides inside the frame, afaik the first to do so. Also the P-07 took some inspiration back from the earlier Sphinx 3000.

        • Stanislao

          The Pistolet automatique modèle 1935A precedes the SIG P210 by over a decade. Indeed the SGG is based on the French pistol. Having the slide ride inside the frame goes back to 1937 at least. I would not be surprised to see something even older.

  • Esh325

    I just wish somebody would make a straight up blued CZ75 pre B copy.

  • Samuel Suggs

    i think a link to their website would have been more useful than a link to the wikipedia article on a fictional radioactive substance but its your article and it certaintly didnt hurt the content. oh here’s the link to their home page http://www.sphinxarms.com/

  • Aaron E

    This pistol feels great in the hand, and this SDP version is the best option for size. Unfortunately the price tag makes this one a dream-only for me.

  • Thomas Chvojka Cruse

    Where were you able to get the SDP Kryptonite?