New Pachmayr Revolver Grips

Diamond grips

Pachmayr announced the introduction of new grips for Taurus brand revolvers.  The Diamond Pro series grips are made of a rubber blend and have a diamond plate texture.  The backstrap is covered and there are finger grooves in the grips.

The Diamond Pro grips will be available in mid-July and carry a MSRP of $25.98.  They will be available for the XL frame revolver (Raging Bull revolvers), Compact Tracker series (Judge, 617, 817, 44C, 991, 17, 590 and 627) and the Public Defender (both metal and polymer frames.)

Richard Johnson

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  • Asdf

    I wonder if these will even sell all that well. On thing going for Taurus is their great stock grips on their revolvers. 10 times better than anything S&W and Ruger have put out. The actual guns…not so much.

    • floppyscience

      Taurus’ stock grips seem to be a love it or hate it deal. I can’t even count how many people I’ve heard complain about “these terrible ribber grips”.

      • Samuel Suggs

        the ribs are pretty much inferior to the comparitive Houge offering as they flex up or down changing how much purchase and support you have on your indidual fingers

  • Samuel Suggs

    these look great houge is now recieveing competion maybe they will improve in order to prevent losing their market share ah capitalism

  • Icchan

    The Raging Bull ones should fit the Raging Judge series, right? Or are there subtle geometry changes in the grip between them?