App Alert’s You When You Are Nearing Gun Free Zone

Carry Alerts is a new iPhone app that runs in the background and will alert you when you are near a local, state or federal gun free zone as well as reminding you to do what you need to do when you get close to an international border. The app is designed with conceal carry holders in mind who want to avoid inadvertently breaking the law.

Most of us are on Android so we could not test this app, nor was the TFB party yacht available to see if it could alert us when we reached international waters. The app is selling for $2.99, which I think is reasonable. I would actually rather it was a subscription based service, maybe $2 / year, so that the author had an ongoing incentive to keep the database up to date.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • floppyscience

    “Border alert! Be sure that Canada recognizes your permit!”

    It’s safe to say they don’t.

    How does this work for states like MI where gun-free zones differ depending on whether or not you have a CPL? Does it distinguish?

    • Ben

      The alert types are configurable so you can tweak it to match your situation.

  • DevilsAdvocate

    This can be imho a dangerous app…Why?
    Because that is the app for someone looking for a place with little to no capabilities for defense…

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Its easy to find gun free zones but its hard to know when you might accidentally walk past one. This is why the app is useful.

    • Cymond

      I want to avoid “a place with little to no capabilities for defense”. Hence, the app alerts you when you get dangerously close to a defense-free zone.

  • Ben

    Thanks Steve!

    Just wanted to mention the map info is from mapquest and they have a pretty good track record of maintaining their database.

    The next update will contain custom alerts to address any data issues as well.

  • 2wheels

    Some people need this app, especially idiots who travel to places like New York and assume their home state carry permits are recognized, people like Meredith Graves for example.

  • Marc

    Could be expanded to locate Prius drivers and Whole Foods locations since they are also “NO GUN ZONES”…

  • Gary Clark

    I am a retired peace officer. I don’t think gun free zones apply to active off duty or retired peace officers. If they are carrying lawfully under HR218. But even as a retired peace officer I don’t know for sure. Thats why I threw this out there.

    • No we’re exempt from gun free zones. Of course as you and I both know you may run into an officer with no clue about HR218.
      We might have a hassle until a supervisor who knows the law shows up. I always carry my state firearms certification along with my ID.I also keep a copy of HR218 in my car. Hopefully that would help.

  • SFC Morgan

    Your app may work in the proper places throughout the US, however, every gun owner already knows which areas are friendly and which are not.

    By making this app for states along the Mexico Border allowing the people to know when the Illegal Mexicans have crossed the border would be more sensible

    Back to the drawing board

    • Samuel Suggs

      not funny dood

  • Samuel Suggs

    um this implys that I care about wheather or not I am violateing a store or government policy

    • Samuel Suggs

      Stereotypical activism aside, it’s good to know when you need to mind your cover garment lest you upset anyone’s delicate sensibilities bye reavealing your barbarism

  • Aaron E

    I guess this is better than the Apple App that allows users to plug in information on neighbors who own firearms!