ORSIS Factory Tour Photos

A blogger from RU-Guns toured the ORSIS factory in Russia. ORSIS manufacture high-end semi-custom bolt action sporting and tactual rifles. The full set of photos can be seen here. I have embedded a few below …







Yes, I am 99% sure that the above photo is of Steven Seagal. He has been sniffing about in Russia recently looking to become some sort of arms-dealer-slash-diplomat-slash-lobbyist.

Steve Johnson

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  • PlumberofNazareth

    Seagal!? Dear lord.

    • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

      Yeah..srsly. Shouldnt he be on the phone to Stallone right now offering to blow him in exchange for a walk-on in Expendables 3?

  • PK

    Yes, that’s Seagal. “Стивен Сигал” is his name.

    • PK

      I should add that he’s holding the custom ORSIS premium rifle he ended up ordering.

  • Samuel Suggs

    how dose sorta apperantly having wanted to be maybe a lobbyist for russian gun makers mean that hes an “arms dealer” or wanted to be an “arms dealer”

    • Samuel Suggs

      why the buzz phrase

    • 5

      Does and by. Somebody needed to at it.

      • 5


      • Samuel Suggs

        It’s not my philosophy of life, but I will try to improve

  • Lance

    I dont want airguns. I want them to import GSH-18 pistol here!

  • Max

    I watched th video from the link and I am impressed. To translate from Russian the highlight are they use glass bedded actions, free floated barrels and the barrels have cut rifling that are cut microns at a time. The production line was setup with help from Swiss and German expert. One of their tactical rifles in the hands of Russian elite forces won a world shooting championship.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Re:Seagal – Thats not a haircut, thats a helmet. He looks like the thing that ATE Steven Seagal.

  • Studenta ot Sofia

    Very strange the guy has tottaly no idea how lathe works!!! He wonders why the detail rotates, not the drill!?

    • Samuel Suggs

      To whom are you referring? context is more important than puncutaton and spelling!

  • Kai

    Is Seagal wearing two watches?

    • Samuel Suggs

      I think its Surefires wristlight I can see into the LED emmiter

      • FourString

        Whoa. Sharp eye.

      • Kai

        Yea, that does seem like a possibility upon closer inspection. I agree with FourString, good catch.

  • Steve Truffer

    Can confirm Steven Segall- Стивен Сигал