D-TR AR-15 Dual Trigger

Here’s something different for the AR-15, D-TR came up with a dual trigger system modeled after similar systems used on paintball guns. The D-TR kit features a 2.25lb pull weight on the lower trigger (no specific number on the top trigger) and is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and hardened steel. It’s made here in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee from D-TR. Why would someone want a dual trigger setup? Well on paintball guns it’s used to give shooters the ability to rapid fire and throw a lot of paintballs down range, is the same concept achieved on the AR-15? You be the judge, check it out in action below. They retail for $239 and are currently available in black but should be available blue, red, brown and green soon. Check them out at FireDTR.com.

Ray I.

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  • Alex

    I suppose it’s legal, or they got approval. 1 press 1 bullet. Kinda fugly though

  • Ryan

    I’m embarrassed for visiting their website… “enhances the profile of your AR-15”? I wouldn’t use the word “enhances”.

    • Samuel Suggs

      also the part of the video where the NRA rgeistered range master super oprator say everyones rilfe should be eqipped with one of these things I LOLED

  • Ryan

    I’m holding out for the pinky-trigger version.

  • The Other Ryan

    Simple physics! I wonder if something like this would fix the trigger pull on bullpups?

    • Cymond

      You mean the heavy, rough trigger pull on bullpups? Because the goal here is to create a rapid-fire trigger, not a light or smooth pull. You could get a top-model Geissele for less than one of these.

      However, yes, a longer trigger pivot does provide more leverage which decreases the pull weight. However, it increases the pull length. If you applied a longer trigger pivot to a bullpup, yes, the trigger would be lighter but it would be even longer, with a very long reset also. A longer trigger pull and trigger reset mean slower rate of fire. It would be fine for precision shooting but most bullpups are intended to be used at short to medium range. The bullpup’s only 2 advantages are short length and balanced weight. There’s no real advantage to a bullpup if you’re shooting at distant targets from a rested position.

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Looks like an invitation to an Accidental Discharge on the range, not that some folks I’ve seen lately would notice.
    Who has seen some rapid fire that missed the target completely at less than 100 meters.

  • politicsbyothermeans

    Ridiculous. Paintball trades accuracy for the number of paintballs on the way. Paintball != combat. In fact, teams of Soldiers from Bragg used to come to our speedball field and get owned by 13 year old teams because the tactics are completely different.

    • BryanS

      2 things that differ in paintball. Cover, and flight characteristics of the projectile.

      • Lew

        Also, bullets hurt more.

        • Spencedaddy

          prove it.

      • dan citizen

        don’t forget the part about not dying.

      • Chrome Dragon

        I don’t think I’ve ever dodged a bullet before (if I have, don’t tell me about it, I don’t want the gray hair!), but I know I’ve pulled an Agent Smith on the speedball field once – paintballs fly at 300 FPS and when someone’s almost 200 feet away, you’ve actually got enough time to dodge – if you see it coming.

    • Samuel Suggs

      what dose “Paintball != combat” meen?

      • Garrett

        I think he meant to type Paintball =/= Combat. (paintball does not equal combat).

        • Samuel Suggs

          I assumed he ment didnt equal form the context so your probobly right

        • Spaceraser

          both != and =/= are correct ways to say “does not equal”

      • Jesse Welling

        I thought you knew all about operators…

        • Samuel Suggs

          lol good one

      • Formynder

        != is the logical operator for not equal to.

        • Samuel Suggs

          ok I think your the only one that got that it must have been funny for you though

  • Nadnerbus

    So… longer lever means you can pull it slightly faster? Or with greater applied force anyway? I don’t get the appeal. I like to hit what I’m aiming at.

  • Leigh Rich

    LOL..paint ball…

  • jamezb

    The main issue I have with this is, assuming you leave both booger-pickers off both bang-switches, you are only left with two fingers,,,the weakest two…holding your weapon. I don’t know….

  • Zak

    I used to wonder why nobody had rigged up one of these before. I’d like to see a head to head vs a slidefire and see which is more accurate. I think it’s greatest advantage is that it’s compatible with a bipod. That’s one ridiculous price point though.

  • JT

    I like how all the videos on their website have sh*tty generic rock and roll music so you can’t hear the guns firing. It’s like they couldn’t decide whether they were selling total gyms or firearms accessories. I know it’s standard, but I don’t think it sells their product. I actually am very much interested in this. You can get rapid fire on a pistol AR where a slide fire would create an SBR

    • Samuel Suggs

      I would just create the SBR and call it a day the atf dosent have cameras everywhere

  • Pete Sheppard

    Here’s the solution; where’s the problem?

  • 2wheels

    Seems like these guys don’t actually understand paintball markers…

    The reason for double triggers on high end paintball markers is because they use electronic triggers with ridiculously short+light pulls, so with a double trigger you can “walk” your fingers and achieve very high rates of fire on semi-auto.

    On cheaper markers with mechanical triggers… Double triggers don’t serve much of a purpose, kinda like spoilers on economy cars.

    So on a firearm like this, it won’t really give you any real advantage.


    • lucusloc

      ^ What this guy said. Also don’t forget reflex triggers, which bleed off gas and use it to force the trigger forward, so all you have to do is keep constant pressure. Double triggers are useful for those systems because you gain a mechanical advantage over the return piston. However those are typically classified as “full auto markers” by most rules I have seen, and those are generally disallowed in tournys. I am not sure if anything there has changed, Its been over a decade since I was seriously into paintball. . .

      • Spencedaddy

        couldnt something like this be implemented into firearms? i mean…..if it really comes down to it, this is not a whole lot different in usage than a slidefire stock. im sure the ATF would not approve, but man…is that close or what.

        also…..gasses that close to your trigger/trigger finger…..lol

        • dan citizen

          that would merely be full auto by a complicated system. The slidefire is legal because the shooter is providing all of the input. The akins accelerator used a spring and got banned.

          But there is an existing exception… the early MAC guns had absolutely heinous trigger slap

          • Chrome Dragon

            I’m not sure about that – we’re essentially discussing a trigger return spring that becomes stiffer when the slide/bolt is coming into battery and softer once it has. You could do it with a lever and a cam and no gas on firearms, but when you’ve got low-pressure CO2 on tap… there’s a lot of experience making paintball guns with if-then logic implemented in pneumatic systems (see the Autococker for an example).

        • 2wheels

          As dan pointed out, it’d probably be illegal. On something like Tippmanns response trigger (what lucusloc is referring to), it’s too easy to essentially make the gun full auto.

          Also, you’d have to worry about tapping off some of the gas supply and sending it down to the grip somehow to power the piston that forces the trigger forward after each pull. You could do it I guess… But it would just be a complicated waste of money.

  • Evan

    Sooooooo a company manufactures a part to enhance the AR-15’s (Is the AR-15 not under the political microscope?) ability to shoot faster.

    Sounds about as blatantly irresponsible as the manufactures of the Slidefire stock.

    • Samuel Suggs

      why are you here?

    • ST4

      Nice horse.

      By the way, “Firearms, not politics.”

      • Samuel Suggs

        what horse?

        • jamezb

          The dead one Evan is clobbering.

          • Samuel Suggs


    • Criticalthinkingiscritical

      Is your point that any improvement to the AR-15 platform is detrimental to firearms sports in general as it brings even more negative scrutiny to it by people not educated on the subject?

      Or are you saying anything which allows AR-15’s to shoot faster is irresponsible?

  • Ian

    I hear this will be HUGE in the Tactical Leper community.

    • Samuel Suggs

      what is the tacical leper community

      • dan citizen

        the “feared fingerless” militias of Bangladesh

  • Dave C

    Is it just me, or did the sounds of the AR15 not match the trigger pull and ejecting brass? It seemed like they just overlayed the same 3 round burst over every trigger pull, and when people weren’t even pulling the trigger that rapidly the sounds would have the same rate of fire. Some of those people were even pulling both fingers at the same time, which shouldn’t work.

    Even if they didn’t, this product would not work for me. I have a much faster trigger finger with just my trigger finger then alternating it with my middle finger. Plus, I don’t like how you need to give up some control of the weapon by making your middle finger pull a trigger instead of adding grip to your strong hand. Some of those guys looked like they weren’t holding the pistol grip at all and all weapon control was done with their reaction hand and force of the stock against the shoulder.

    • J.T.

      It isn’t just you

  • Aaron

    I agree with the majority here – don’t mix paintball ideas with firearms that shoot real bullets. Reducing the grip of the shooting hand, combined with the epileptic and spastic pulling of both trigger(s) with two different fingers, spells disaster with any kind of accuracy. Like the Slide Fire – sounds cool to shoot, makes the shooter feel like they’re firing full auto, and is worthless except at dangerously close ranges due to a lack of accuracy.

    Some shooters were jerking so badly it was surprising the filming crew could keep their rifles in the picture frame. And if you watch the end of the video more than one round can be seen hitting the dirt well short of the target at a ridiculously close range (25 yards?). I’ll take accurate semi-auto fire of 1-2 rounds per second, over this any day.

    • Samuel Suggs

      I am open to the idea of any influence be it from the airsoft people or the Nazi’s this just dosent work thats it

  • Lance

    Ok I think we saw a record of the most worthless AR add ons we have seen.

    • Samuel Suggs

      yeah no

  • Samuel Suggs

    I am with 2Wheels on this one although if they exspect to get any competitve shooters on their case they need to make a custom pistol grip that allows you to hold the gun properly

  • Dave

    Ok, the videos are incredibly cringe-worthy. I especially enjoyed the guy who talked about, ‘accuracy and control’ with an obscene amount of angular deviation at the muzzle when he shot. I didn’t see any firing I was impressed with in the slightest.

  • RickH

    Could we have a moratorium on articles about ridiculous accessories for the AR-15 platform, for say, 6 months?

  • dan citizen

    This invention is important because there is currently no trend for people to spray bullets…. Said no one ever.

  • Burkeman

    In the video it doesn’t even look like they are “walking” like a paintball marker, it appears as though it is just an extra long trigger.

  • mechamaster

    twice more accidental discharge and accident.

  • Nate

    Good concept for paintball…not a good one for firearms. I don’t want to have to shift my focus from hitting the target to achieve a higher rate of fire.