3HGR Rifle Tree-Attachment Sling System For Hunters

The 3HGR (pronounced three-hhhgggrrr as in Tree Hugger) is a rifle sling/hardness that can be used to  securely mount a rifle onto the side of a tree. It was developed by a former Finnish Defense Force sniper instructor who for the past eight years has worked as a border guard in North Karelia region of Eastern Finland, guarding the Russia/Finland border. He has put a lot of thought into the design which allows the fast attachment to a tree trunk of modest diameter (not for use on a Californian Redwood) and can also be used as a sling or harness.





The 3HGR is not be sold retail in USA yet, but can be purchased online for 79€ ($103) and worldwide shipping is free.



Steve Johnson

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  • David Sharpe

    I’m sure it would be stable, but I don’t think I would like my rifle attached to the tree.

  • Samuel Suggs

    the name is weird and new agey but this is great idea however there is no easy or quick way to de hug therefore I believe this is better suited to the hunting of those beautiful moose deer and apparently badgers? They have mincing around over there. It seem like the Finns get a lot of coverage hear do they have an unusually large firearms community
    and industry relative to their neighbors. the ski hunting piciture is awesome isnt it I wonder if thats even possible with a bow like that

  • Axel

    98€ for a sling? Really? No typo? If I really believed in the idea I would rather make a copy of it for myself than spend 100€ on a sling concept.

  • Lauri/3HGR

    Axel: There actually is a typo, but that’s our own fault. There was/is a bug in the (english version) web shop software because of the local/EU VAT-settings. The real price is 79€ – the price includes shipping & handling world wide.

  • Andrzej Ł

    What type of camouflage in the last photo ?? Military/Civilian

    • Lauri/3HGR

      The camouflage is called (Gore) Optifade. The one in the picture is a “civilian model”, but as far as I know it is also used by some military troops.

  • Cornelius Carroll

    Cool concept. I like it.

  • milo

    i hope this item wont advertise on print or we’ll have to deal with an armed tree revolution sometime soon.

  • KM

    What rifle is he using??

    • Lauri/3HGR

      That’s a Tikka T3 tactical (.308 win).

      • JT

        thanks : )

  • tacticaltshirts.com

    In my opinion: No. The only reason I could some up with a justification for such a setup would a long-term static position at a VERY specific and limited mobility target. The real world application is something we call the “tree-squeeze” (others may have a different name). A technique the shooter uses to brace a rifle, even a heavy tactical model, against a tree, wall, building corner, etc. Certianily my opinion isn’t the final say. And if you can make this work for you, proceed. But if you are asking me to spec out your gear, this won’t be on the list. I reserve the right to change my mind if some new data point arise I am not seeing. –Marky

    • Lauri/3HGR

      This probably isn’t the right forum to argue about the concept, but… One of the primary reasons why I developed the pruduct is the ability shoot at a moving target and the abilty to switch targets fast without lifting your firearm (and adjusting the bipod lenght again) – you can just slightly adjust your own position. The support belt has an 8 inch flexing component which allows you to move the rifle to any direction you want (horizontally and vertically). With trees/poles less than ten inch diameters you have a “360” firing direction because of the low friction.

      One of the first things I tested was 3HGR against the “tree-squeeze” – if you get similar accuracy without any extra gear then why should you develop a useless gear? I found the difference quite big myself. You can shoot at a more relaxed position while using the product. You probably know that any extra muscle tension is usually bad for a good shot.

      • tacticaltshirts.com

        Ok. You are making an compelling case. Am I sold on the idea yet? No quite. Am I willing to look at it more closely? Yes, some of your responses raise good points. One thing I would suggest, would be making a quick video of the implementation of this product in the field. I’m not saying spend a ton of money and get all fancy. But a few short, decent video clips showing this product being use, attached and detached would go a long way with a lot of people. I appreciate your response. –Marky

        • Lauri/3HGR

          Hi Marky,

          you are (more than) right. A few video clips would really be quite handy at the moment – it would demonstrate how fast it is to use the gun rest and how to change target/shoot at a moving target. Aside from being a gun rest 3HGR is a pretty damn good gun sling. In Finland we have great suppressor manufacturers (such as Ase Utra) and suppressors are very common in here. Altough modern suppressors are very light they still tend to make carrying a bit harder since the weight is right at the tip of the barrel. 3HGR harness/safety sling design really helps with this issue.

          The thing is that the attention caught us “with our pants down”. The product design was finished less than a month ago after a long period of developing and testing. At the moment we’re concentrating on the finnish/nordic market and demonstrating the product at the local shows is quite simple. Still it is absolutely our own fault that we haven’t produced any video material yet – we’re shooting some material next monday and we’ll let you know when it’s online.