New Magpul iPhone Cases

Magpul’s iPhone cases are now avalible in Red, Light Blue, Clear, Gray, Dark Blue, Teal, and Yellow. The MSRP remains the same at $12.95.

On a related note, I was on Strike Industries Facebook page yesterday, looking at their new muzzle brakes, and saw a post where they said that they plan on making a Samsung Galaxy S4 case. So things are looking up for us Android users!

Steve Johnson

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  • avconsumer2

    Alternative GS4 case, Urban Armor Gear – sporting it for over a month now, fits like a glove, minimal bulk added, 4 drops (yeah, I’m a klutz,) with no perceivable damage. Never liked the way cases looked, my first actually, but it’s pretty schmexy imo.

  • Matt Ware

    Are these Magpul cases also made in America like all of their other stuff?

    • magpulfan


  • Samuel Suggs

    Um ok this wasn’t the expansion of the product line I was hoping for but god knows they have been making our dreams come true with the 40 round P-mags and 25 round P-mag 25’s so keep up the good work magpul

  • Samuel Suggs

    they should make the red one with a little Eagle, Globe and Anchor on the back in yellow like this but in the modern outline style as depicted in the second image