Viking Tactics Endorses Rand CLP

Kyle Lamb Rand CLP

Kyle Lamb and Viking Tactics have officially endorsed Rand CLP as their top choice for cleaning and lubing firearms.

“RAND CLP is head and shoulders above any weapons CLP on the market,” said Lamb. “RAND CLP changes the way your slide and bolt feel. They will be smoother than you ever imagined.”

I have personally tried Rand CLP, and I liked it a lot.  It does not have any chemical smells and is non-toxic.  It goes on a little thicker than other products, but doesn’t require any heating to use it as some other products do.

Rand CLP

Richard Johnson

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  • Bill

    I cant believe that Samuel Suggs hasn’t posted a comment on this thread yet. Gun Troll doesn’t like lube post? Maybe CLP is a natural troll repellant.

    • Samuel Suggs

      I dont get the troll label I can see iritating, overly enthusiastic, overly critical or of topic but trolls piss people off on purpose I just do my thing

    • bob

      He was busy eating M&Ms between airsoft skirmishes. He’s back now.

  • Josh

    Kyle Lamb is a pretty awesome dude. I know he doesn’t hold classes for civilians often. But if you check out any video from Vtac on youtube he is answering questions.

  • David

    Great!! …Or just use Mobile One and save some cash and still get good performance.

    • BlackofWhite

      I have heard this before.. So just Mobile One oil that is used for automobiles? Do you use it as just lube or lube and cleaner?

      • David

        Mobile One in the auto section at Walmart. I use it as a lube and it makes the carbon and fouling wipe away very easily. I just re-apply more oil after I wipe it down with a rag. Heavy fouling might get a shot of brake cleaner or solvent, but that’s it. Was using exclusively in my AR, but now its my primary oil for all my firearms. $7 for a lifetime of gun lube. Hope that helps brother.

      • Oh now you hit a pet peeve. Use gun lube and cleaner not motor oil:-)

        • Suburban

          Sorry, but why?

          I don’t have anything against gun lube, except when they try to sell it for $80/pint.

          I use LSA on long guns during winter, but usually just use multi-purpose grease. I’ve used TW25B a little, but the Pennzoil grease is listed at $12.50/14oz on Amazon, and the TW25B is about the same price for a little 12CC syringe. WTF for? That’s ridiculous!

  • Samuel Suggs

    I posted just to make you unhappy insect