Colt & Black Hills Team Up to Sell Ammo at Midway USA

Colt Match Ammo

Colt-branded 5.56 NATO ammo is being manufactured by Black Hills Ammunition and sold through Midway USA according to a recent announcement.  Colt Manufacturing issued a press release stating that the new ammo “…is specifically tuned for Colt tactical and competition rifles.”

The new ammo was developed to deliver five-shot, 5″ groups at 500 yards out of Colt rifles.  According to Colt:

This “Triple Nickel” assures the experienced shooter incredible performance right out of the box, with no need for load development or experimentation.

Initial production offers two loads:  a 55 grain Sierra MatchKing BTHP at 3200 fps and a 77 grain Sierra MatchKing BTHP at 2750 fps.  The 55 grain load sells for $19.99/box of 20, while the heavier load sells for $20.99/box of 20.

Richard Johnson

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  • Samuel Suggs

    wow really sad endorsement, “SPECIFCALLY TUNED FOR LOOSE TOLERENCES”

    • Samuel do you mean this? ” specifically tuned for Colt tactical and competition rifles”.
      I’m not sure where that came from—just getting late maybe:-)

      • Samuel Suggs

        No, that was a humorous criticism of colts recent tradition of wallowing in mediocrity I understand that they have recently begun handling the civilian market with something better than silent indignant contempt with a new product line and such in an effort to avoid losing everything if they ever lost their precious military contract but dose that excuse twenty years of pumping out government spec m1911’s with hit or miss sight alignment. I comment at a late hour because you post content between nine and ten PM in my time zone and I like your website. colt deserves criticism for practically abandoning the civilian market during the latter years of the Clinton administration and then expecting us to buy their crap. They only jumped on the product improved AR-15 bandwagon because of the improved carbines completion’s threat to their monopoly on infantry rifles in this country. I am not saying boycott Colt I am saying that they should ignored until they come out with somthing that isnt based on one their old products and critisised for their every wrong doing they need to earn that market share and they havent come close yet their recent forays into covertible AR-15 lowers is a step in the right direction but until they stop leaning on their none exsistent reputation they will not recieve my busisness, I understand that their fans will swoop and say “BUT,BUT,BUT” the colt delt elite and the gold cup and the contribution to the NRA I am aware that they pumped out some only moderately flawed weapons in that period and that they spent money to make money and that benifitted us that changes nothing

      • Samuel Suggs

        I was saying it was a sad endorsement bye colt not you guys. its sad because its black hill match with the colt logo on it not some special load for colt AR’s as is suggested

  • Some Jerk

    If I was Colt/MidwayUSA, I’d be pissed that you guys only ran my paid advertisement AFTER the 77gr was “Out of stock, No backorder.”

    • We don’t post paid ads as articles. Steve posted about that several times.

      • Samuel Suggs

        yeah but they will keep saying it untill the day this website is forcibly taken offline

      • That Same Jerk

        It’s just like my girlfriend, Candy, explained to me the other night while she was dancing for me at the Airport Lounge, “I don’t love you for the money, that’s just a big coincidence.”

  • Lance

    Still prefer my M-193 ammo. Problem is you cannot get ammo any wear period.

    • Esh325

      It might be cheaper and more available, but it isn’t better than this ammo.

  • Timothy G. Yan

    These seem to be just rebranded Blackhills match grade 5.56 ammo. You won’t be disappointed but you wallet is going to be a lot lighter.