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  • Samuel Suggs

    and the hundered dollar bill is being used as a pellet rest because?

    • Giolli Joker

      Gangsta style! 🙂

    • vtmobius

      size reference…and yes old school buccaneer gangster.

  • SilentBob AtPulse


    • vtmobius

      Thank you.

  • SD

    Can you get back to posting real articles, please? No one cares about the cannon rings.

    • Samuel Suggs

      we actually do car about creativity and craftmenship that relates to guns this guys lathe work is great if you dont care then just read the articles they cant do them every day

      • vtmobius

        Thank you for your response. I know they are not for everyone and the firearms blog has been more than gracious to post them for us. We just want everyone to see the craziness. I appreciate you understanding what goes into them and it takes some work to lathe them out and design a ring that holds them in. We will have more and different cannon rings to come. feel free to check the youtube channel out. Thank you!

        • Samuel Suggs

          sounds great, have you considered making a mult barreled ring cannnon possibly drawing influence form the lieand pistol but insted of revovong just one peice of brass the channels connecting the barrels allowing it to quickly shoot multible projectile in quick succesion like this cannon

          • vtmobius

            awesome taking notes! gonna be playing with this idea

          • Samuel Suggs

            sounds great heres some more mult barrelled cannons. drilling and primeing the ignition channels will be the greatest tecknical challenge to a mult barrled cannon like this

          • Samuel Suggs

            the cannons I showed you before with the ring of small caliber barrels around one big barrel are called automan organ guns or automan volley cannons whereas the two three barrled cannon in the second set of images are french Nepoleanic era you see Nepolean liked multi bareld cannon despite the fact that they offer no advantges over just produceing 3 identical cannon while still complicating the manufactureing process and creating a much heavier less acurate artillery peice

  • Leigh Rich

    I want one

  • Jeff

    for the record: I dig this and want one!