Bowjax AR-15 Barrel Dampener

AR-15 Barrel Dampener

A new barrel dampener is now on the market from Bowjax.  Designed for the AR-15, the company claims it “…reduces barrel whip and increases accuracy.”  The barrel dampener is a slip-on device that can be used on gun barrels with an inside diameter of 0.75 inches or greater.

The devices come in packs of three and sell for $9.99.  They can be had in red or black.

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  • Samuel Suggs

    can you actually critisize these things for what they are a (superfically effective shams) I mean come on just say it.

    • I never used one so I have no idea if they make enough difference to bother.

      • Samuel Suggs

        I know, however it douse what it say on the tin to the most minute degree possible making it a scientifically supported sham, it’s the equivalent of a statistician saying that if current trends continue the world will end in five minutes its supported by evidence but the resulting variation is so minute and dependent on what rifle and barrel its being used on that it’s not worth it by a long shot pun intended. Particularly for hunting level precision. you guys have covered these before mixed and unscientific test here

        • Samuel Suggs

          you would literally be better of with a “duct tape bull barrel” ala the duct tape cannon. no seriousely it would be signicantly better with a pencil barrel than this thing I am not kidding just rednecked

          • Samuel Suggs

            who the hell down votes this stuff how was that offensive or irritateing to you?

  • Michael Pham


  • Blake

    I thought the solution to “barrel whip” with AR15s was to use a 16″ bbl (along with portability/practicality, isn’t this the reason that everyone wants shorter-barreled ARs?)

    Not sure how much good this is going to do vs. a tuneable compensator, & the plastic looks like it might melt.

    On mini-14/mini-30 (which do have crappy factory bbls), these work great:

    • Ian

      The vast majority of what’s considered barrel whip comes from the muzzle device being asymmetric. A bare crown (or even a symmetric device) under very high speed video shows next to no vibration.

    • sianmink

      If it’s high-temp silicone it aught to be able to handle it fine.

    • Samuel Suggs

      or an actuall real bull/ match barrel or just accept the fact that you cant get a qarter inch group with your millspec profile its pretty basic

  • dp

    Talking o snake-oil salesmen…. actually, it could do something IF it induced vibration of same frequency and opposite amplitude at any given instant of time, which is highly doubtful. But, the base idea is not that bad.

  • bbmg

    Looks like a cock ring for your gun.

    There certainly is merit to tuning your barrel:

    These don’t seem the way to do it though. How about some with/without groupings?

    • Samuel Suggs

      really 21 people liked the Cock ring joke but if you post an image you get called a troll?

  • Will

    Most of my AR barrels have an inside diameter of .224. This device must not be meant for me.

  • Esh325

    Just imagine how much of an idiot you would look like with one of these at the range.

  • dansquad

    And what´s the point of those doughnuts? You´ll get barely the same results simply attaching a bayonet to your barrel ( and I think it has never been a good idea when dealing with long range precision…) Whip is not bad, unless it is restrained. That´s the idea behind free floating barrels accuracy, isn´t it?

    • Raven

      Regarding bayonets and long-range shooting, I’ve heard reports that Russian marksmen often mounted bayonets on their SVDs to improve barrel harmonics. Whether or not it worked is up for debate, it could just as easily be one of those rumours that go around in some circles.

      • Kyle

        Apparently mosin nagants were meant to have their bayonet mounted and not taken off until they were supposed to be stored. They were also meant to be zeroed with the bayonet on.

      • Samuel Suggs

        the svd’s piston system isnt exactly conducive to accuracy because of its negative influence on barrel harmonics

  • jabrauwnie


  • Mad Mantis

    This product announcement should have been a review. Instead of a single picture and a four line product announcement you could have had an interesting article of decent length. The thing costs next to nothing and makes a verifiable claim. It would have been a better idea to purchase a pack and test whether or not those barrel dampeners actually have an effect on the accuracy of your rifles.

  • Lance

    Darn when I first saw it I thought they made a new doughnut holder on a AR-15 darn. LOL

  • steveday72

    What a Croc O’Shite!

    This is as plausible as those magnets that wrap around your water pipe to remove limescale… or similar magnets which claim to improve fuel mileage when clamped around your gas line.

    There’s a sucker born every minute!

  • Bandito762

    If they are referring to the act of damping vibration then it should be called a damper not a dampener. A dampener would just get your gun all wet.

  • Splodge

    I’ve seen similar devices for sale. The science is sound, and they work if you place them right – though that can be a matter of trial and error. (Note I can’t speak as to this particular design, having never used it)

    The way they work is pretty simple – the rubber absorbs and damps out harmonics in the barrel.

    Whether they’re worth it in the long run or not… YMMV. They’re bulky and they look daft, and if you place them wrong they’ll actually make your accuracy worse.

    • Samuel Suggs

      the science is sound but it dosent make enough of a difference to make it worthwhile. it dosent turn your super ultra pencil into anything that other than I slightly less inacurate rifle it dosent help you as it dosent get you close enough to an actual non crappy group to win in any sort of competion or improve the shot plement on that deer