AK-47 Shaped Ice Tray

My sister just returned from a vacation in Spain where she found this awesome AK-47 ice tray. It makes five AK-47 ice cubes, each of which is around 4″ in length. They look fragile but they are pretty solid and the silicone tray makes it easy to extract them.

Ice AK-1-3


Ice AK-1-7

Ice AK-1-10

Now you can enjoy your Vodka the way General Kalashnikov intended, with an AK-47 ice cube. If you want a tray for yourself, either get your sister to vacation in Spain, or search Amazon and eBay for an equivalent tray.

All I need now is a bottle of Kalashnikov-branded Vodka …

Steve Johnson

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  • SnJohnson

    Finding anything gun related in Europe really surprises me at times. Watching shows/movies where British civilians have guns makes me laugh for reasons few people understand.

    • Samuel Suggs

      we all get why thats not realistic but we dont think its funny

      • Samuel Suggs


    • Lolinski

      Dont forget that people panic at gun-related things. A girl in my class once panicked because I drew a nice stock in my book. It wasnt even scary(olympic style)

      • Samuel Suggs

        been there

    • Giolli Joker

      British citizens CAN own guns… just not reasonably sized handguns and any type of semiauto… yet they can still shoot .50 BMG rifles.

      • Samuel Suggs

        he almost definatly knows that however hes genrerlizeing for effect

  • floppyscience

    You put ice in your vodka? For shame…

    Also judging by the squared dust cover they modeled this after some whacky AK with a shitty dustcover-mounted rail.

    • Anonymoose

      And it’s got an AKM muzzle brake.

      • floppyscience

        Well that was a given. Most every time someone says “AK-47” they actually mean AKM.

        • Samuel Suggs

          THEN THEY ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Samuel Suggs


    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      To be honest I am not a vodka guy. I much prefer my bourbons, gins and scotch. Photographing a AK-47 ice cube in Makers Mark did not seem appropriate.

      • Samuel Suggs

        You are a champion then

  • Vince Hawkins

    Keep your vodka in the freezer, pour it into a pre-chilled shot glass, then take in a single slug. It should get about half way down afore it hits you !

    • Samuel Suggs

      or drink somthing that contains flavor

  • Anonymoose

    I prefer my vodka neat.

  • tincankilla

    I bought a 7.62×39 tray for a buddy of mine for xmas http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e7b4/?srp=5

  • Samuel Suggs


    • burningshinobi

      Mikhail Kalashnikov is not dead, as this leads you to believe

      • Samuel Suggs

        I don’t see how it suggest’s that he is dead

    • Clint Notestine

      nor muslim

      • Samuel Suggs

        I get that “may peace be upon him” is a Muslim term and practice used to praise their
        Prophets. I was using it to humurously express exstream reverance.

  • Nicholas Mew

    I should bring this to my school and see what happens.

    • Samuel Suggs

      Please don’t do that