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The great ammo shortage of 2013 isn’t news to many of you, gone are the days where you could walk into your local gun shop and pick up a few bricks of .22lr for a weekend of plinking. Our sister blog AOD recently discussed the ammo shortage of 2013 and the grim reality that we may not see things get back to normal for quite some time. While ammo may be coming back into stock in some parts of the country, calibers such as .22lr, 9mm and .223/5.56 are still almost impossible to find as manufacturers work 24/7 to pump out more ammo. Many of us are hitting the range less and less these days, sometimes not at all. Shooting is a perishable skill, it takes regular practice and that takes ammo. How can you get any trigger time when the shelves are bare of almost all calibers? Here’s a few methods I’ve been using to find ammo.

You can try using the Wal-Mart smartphone app to check your local store’s stock every so often, and hope they still have it by the time you get there. This has been hit or miss for me. There’s also which shows the ammo inventory of Wal-Marts nationwide, also hit or miss last time I used it, but still worth a shot. The best method for snagging ammo at your local Wal-Mart or gun shop is to get there early and hope there’s anything left by time you’re at the front of the line.

Your best bet to finding ammo is searching for it online, but that’s also quite difficult these days. Before you could have gone to your favorite online retailer and ordered a case of ammo no problemo, and it was actually pretty cheap too. These days you have to be on top of your game and quick with your credit card in hopes to find anything online. A while back I put together this list of online ammo sources during the midst of the great panic buying spree of 2013.

These days the best way to find ammo online is by using one of the various online ammo search engines like or They scour all the various online ammo retailers and display their ammo inventories and prices in real-time. It’s tough, but with a little work you’ll be able to find ammo and still be able to hit the range. Got any ammo hunting tips of your own? Let us know below!

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  • AussieRogue

    you can also try they have walmart ammo info

  • Josh is a waste. I’ve never found it to anywhere near accurate.

    • Agitator

      Completely agree. Wasted a fair amount of my time.

  • Mike isn’t huge, but will send you a text message when your ammo hits whatever price level you set. And they have PMAG searches.

  • Jack is the best one out there. Most calibers, best search options.

  • Lance

    You can say .308 and 3006 are also impossible to find.

    • Mr. Fahrenheit

      Much .308’s in San Antonio this afternoon. And many 223’s. Still holding on to my .357’s ’cause. I’ve only been able to buy 100 rounds locally since March(?). It’s tough being a revolver fan.

      • skinnyscott

        I got 500 rounds for you

  • upjump

    Forget these retailers:

    • Samuel Suggs

      why did you imply their was more than one

  • Samuel Suggs

    an interesting side effect of this has been an enoumouse increse in the ammount of online data availible on the subject of fabricating variouse amuntion components I mean in the past one could find information on how to fabricate entire shotshells from everthing up to and including fiberglass and copper tubing from multible sources no less however now you can find information how to make tool steel rifle cartriges with just a lathe. stamping primers and everything its out their now

  • unclezip

    Pay cash. Always.

    • Why so? I’m just curious why you would need to pay cash?

      • Cymond

        Probably to prevent a paper trail.
        Personally, I have so many little digital footprints online that it’s no secret I own guns, although the exact details are still obscured. For me, the horse is so far out of the barn that I can barely see it anymore. Foot prints, like, you know … this comment.

  • Blake updates their listings almost in real-time. I also appreciate the in-stock page on

  • Cobalt-60

    I’ve always enjoyed

  • Anonymoose

    My local Walmart has never carried ammo as far back as I remember. There’s a Dick’s that’s twice as far away, but they only ever have things like .243 and .270 in stock.

  • smith price list updated regularly.

  • Aaron

    Just search for your ammo on It’s easy to use and the prices are lower than what you’ll find at 95% of the online ammo stores.

    • RickH

      Really? The times before this current hoarding spree, I’ve never seen ammo on gunbroker that I haven’t been able to find cheaper elsewhere.

    • Dan

      $80 for 3 boxes of 9mm?….get that at the local gun shop for under $60. And most things you actually do find a little cheaper, you tack on shipping and it’s not so cheap anymore. No thanks.

  • avconsumer2

    Nice. Bookmarking this page.

  • Simon

    The magazine scare seems over. I was in academy there were mags everywhere, normal prices too.

    • Samuel Suggs

      Its easier to up magazine production , becuase of they can be made from four diffent matrials

  • hawkins455054

    I pretty much solved the ammo problem, I make my own, cast my own bullets, from .380, 9mm, 45, 44, 7.62×54, 45/70, slugs, 00 buck, 54 muzzle loader, sold my guns that I needed to buy jacketed bullets for, yesterday I shot about 35 reduced loads for my 45/70 at the range, and .22’s (2 boxes, 35 left) I started buying them as soon as it looked like the muuuuuslum was going to be reelected. my “assault rifle” is a 44 mag lever action rifle, which I have been shooting at least 2 times a week, only thing is now I have to reload this week, don’t need to buy bullets, I just cast about 175 4 days ago, mainly 44’s and 45/70, I have only (1) gun left that I buy bullets for, that’s a 270, but I’m selling that to buy another 45/70, a marlin, get away from shooting rifles you can’t make your own, with cast bullets there is not a game animal you can’t hunt in this world, I have shot deer (many) in northern Wisconsin with jacketed bullets and cast bullets, and let me tell you, cast bullets just perform way better, you can’t push them as fast but then again, a fast bullet misses faster then a slower bullet, and a cast bullet really mushrooms way better, I have been casting since the 70’s, and I will never go back to buying 100 bullets for 30 bucks, at 65 cents a pound for lead, 7000 grains in pound, divided by 250 grs (44 mag) that’s 28 bullets at 2.3 cent per bullet, figure out the rest yourself

    • Agitator

      I’ll be sure to give you a call when I need to go to war with the indians. Until then…

  • Jethro Bean

    Working the online sites alot more – find it more luck of timing than anything else. I have written off Cheaper than Dirt as seeing the outrages prices they began to charge – along with the idiots buying it further impacting all the rest of us. Luckily though – locally at the shops has been pretty good and getting better of late – in the sonoran state of AZ. Keep the faith and keep up the range time! Only prob i have with online is factoring in shipping costs too so very small margin to find decently priced and quality ammo.

  • Ben 10

    Now if only ammo makers will start using steel cases or plastic cases en mass for rimfire cartridges and low pressure pistol cartridges and bolt action rifles, instead of brass cases. And use nylon jackets or plastic jackets for pistol bullets instead of copper jackets, there would be more brass for the cartridges that really need them.

  • Vic

    I have 30,000 rounds of 22 lr, most of it target, reloading equipment, bullet ends, primers, 55 gal barrels of wadding, 20 gal containers if shot.

  • Tim

    pawn shops have seem to always have ammo

  • Jotham Whitler

    I agree on that shooting thing. If you dont practice often, your skill will diminish eventually. That is the reason why the police or the military have firing sessions so that they will not loose their skills in shooting. Also, these department doesnt run out of ammos too. Thanks!

  • Joe

    There’s an iOS app named AmmoBuddy for when you’re on the go. You can set alerts to be notified when certain calibers/brands/prices come in stock.