Kahr Firearms Looking To Relocate From New York to Pennsylvania

Kahr plan on relocating their corporate offices from Rockland County, NY to Pike County, PA. The press release is below …

Pearl River, NY – Kahr Firearms Group is engaged in discussions with a development group representing Blooming Grove Township of Pike County Pennsylvania, to open a new manufacturing site and relocate the Kahr corporate office from New York to Pennsylvania. Kahr’s corporate offices are currently located in Rockland County in Pearl River, New York.

Kahr’s plans include the purchase of 620 acres of commercial real estate from the Pike County Industrial Park Development Group/Business Development Corporation. The first step in the multi-phased plan will begin with site preparation and office construction as early as late this year. This will be followed by the relocation of company corporate offices and the research and development department. In the second phase, manufacturing operations will be expanded to the Pike County location to meet the increasing demand for its Kahr Arms, Thompson, Auto-Ordnance, and Magnum Research product lines.

The Kahr Group of manufacturing plants, operating at full capacity, will continue production in their current locations in Worcester, MA and Pillager, MN.

“We are grateful for the warm welcome and the business opportunity extended by the Pike County Industrial Park Development Group/Business Development Corporation to expand our company and relocate its headquarters office,” stated VP of Sales and Marketing, Frank Harris. “The Pennsylvania group has demonstrated tremendous support of our operations and Kahr looks to move forward with the project without delay. It’s good for our business and also for other businesses in the area as we build a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with the community. We anticipate generating significant numbers of revenue and jobs for the local Northeastern Pennsylvania economy with the construction of facilities, expansion of manufacturing, and need for local vendors.”

Steve Johnson

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  • Samuel Suggs

    Seems like a kind of moderate move. I understand that it gets them away from the labour and gun regulation’s but theirs allways a risk that Pennsylvania could go the same way in the future I would have gone either Maine or just strait Texas

    • Ben 10

      maine? maine is just as liberal, humanist and democrat as massachusetts or new york, they should to more conservative states like Mississippi or Utah, and they should move out their manufacturing from worcester massachusetts completely. all gun companies should leave liberal democrat states.

      • Ben 10

        i mean, they move to more conservative states. forgot to type move.

      • Samuel Suggs

        Maine is more conservative than massachusetts they have no major gun bills currrently in effect and they have a massive rural conservative base granted the citys are filled with liberal mass but its the same in pensyvania

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Out of the frying pan, into the fire? Perhaps, the big city Democrats are pulling PA down. Geoff Who left Ohio and the big city Democrats who pulled the Greater Cleveland Area down!

    • Anonymoose

      Cleveland’s alright. The State has made sure they don’t screw with CCW laws anymore at least.

  • JT

    The ironic thing is that most of NY is rural and filled with sportsmen and women. Unfortunately upstate really really really needs to separate from NYC and probably Westchester and Rockland Counties. They need to formally separate and form a new state. But they won’t

    • Duray

      What does Kahr have to do with “sportsmen and women?”

      • Anonymoose

        They own Magnum Research and Auto-Ordnance.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Congratulations to Kahr! After escaping I’ll buy one of your products.

  • Aaron

    Kahr has really produced some nice firearms and made their claim in the industry. I’m glad to see them taking their business to safer ground, however Pennsylvania is only a few steps up on that scale. There are plenty of states that would offer greater protections, and likely incentive too! It’s probably an easier move for the Kahr employees.

  • ForTehNguyen

    New York: DUDE wheres my Kahr?

  • jks

    WELCOME TO PA we like guns here unlike NY