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  • Edgar Castelo

    Fschhiiiiing… Fuuuuuiiiiit! Priceless!

    It’s Holywood, the Lie Factory… Where EVERY Civilian that tries to face off a Criminal ends up dead, and right away! Don’t you know Serfs cannot fend for themselves?

    • Samuel Suggs

      Like in Dirty Harry? Yeah I see your point. /:

    • True enough—-

    • Maxcoseti

      Yep, because a film in which a random dude catches the bad guy thus ending the plot would be an instant hit, people would go out of the theatre like “Man, I’m so glad I’ve payed that 30 dollar ticket (or whatever they cost nowadays) to watch that plot resolve in a way that wasn’t related whatsoever to the narrative that was built up for over 90 minutes! that was satisfying for sure!”

  • Samuel Suggs

    From a historical and realism standpoint the level of “respect” or care given to the matter is equal with the two weapons. However their is little hate or contempt for swords in their minds guns are a different story. Also their isn’t nearly as many details to disregard with swords and a simply implying that your carecter is inexspeareanced or unknowegeble eliminates most of the issue guns on the other hand actually do certain things in response to human input including fire all the round in their ammunition storage device something you rarely see accurately portrayed bye those prissy little narcissists who care nothing for what they hope to depict

  • anton

    The whole point about a movie is overdoing it so the audience knows what is going on.

    • Samuel Suggs

      its no longer cool when the audience understands the plot turns into the audience understands my views on weapons ownership

    • apackofwankers

      the whole point of hollywood is to tell stories that distort reality. A freind of mine is a fireman, and he comments that people have seen so many cars explode in movies, that they assume that any car crash can result in an explosion, so they run the hell away as fast as they can. In his experience, cars almost never explode, even if gasoline is spilled all over the place.

    • Mike Knox

      It’s not overdoing it as you say. It’s called ‘foley’ or sound editing. Sounds are added to catch the audience’s attention to an action on screen..

      • Tony Williams

        I am always amused by the fact that in traditional (i.e. not too serious) British mystery TV/films, night scenes in the countryside are always accompanied by owl hoots and fox calls. In fact, I suspect they keep reusing the same recordings!

        • Mike Knox

          They have sound libraries for that, like skywalker ranch. Strange thing is, they often use the wrong sounds for certain locales. Like North-american loons in African Jungles or South-American Toucans in Asian Rain forests..

        • Suburban

          They do reuse the same sound recordings. The sounds of rolling hubcaps, collisions, skids and acceleration chirps, slaps and punches, and yes, crashing swords and swords being drawn, sound sooo alike from movie to movie.

    • Karina

      …That single-handedly explains the Desert Eagle’s purpose, though.

  • Ben 10

    boycott hollywood, and all liberal lunatics

  • sianmink

    Been quite aware of this: as a fan of western medieval and reneissance martial arts, it’s clear Hollywood is not very interested in moving past the crude edge-on-edge bashing they call ‘swordfighting’, despite all the progress made in the past 20 years in reconstructing the actual western fighting arts.

  • 2wheels

    If you worry about how Hollywood portrays firearms or swords you’ll give yourself a never ending migraine.

    Better to simply try and enjoy the crap.

    His comment about Katana fanboys made me laugh, I’m not into swords at all but I have noticed it is true to a degree. Some Katana fans can be incredibly annoying… I’d call them the Glock fanboys of the sword world 😉

    • Samuel Suggs


      • Samuel Suggs


  • AD

    Bear in mind that in film and tv it is important to communicate what’s happening to the user so there’s no confusion and it’s easy to follow events. In real life when someone draws a knife it’s probably possible to not notice right away even if you’re looking at them, but when it’s done on-screen it’s important that the audience are made aware of it. The combination of audio and visual elements helps to do that, so if the actual sound of a blade being drawn is not recognizable enough it’s understandable why the director would pick a sound that the majority of the audience would recognize even if it’s not authentic.

    Just playing the devil’s advocate here, I hate when guns make strange clicking sounds every time the wielder points it in a movie.

    • Samuel Suggs

      saying you hate the random clicking isn “playing the devils advocate its the point of the whole disccusion”

      • AD

        My point was that the first paragraph was “playing the devil’s advocate” by arguing in favour of the movie studios, but the truth is that I also get annoyed with very fake weapons sounds.

  • Esh325

    Haha that’s great. It’s a bit like in Hollywood movies how when a gun is aimed is makes a cocking noise even when they didn’t cock it.

  • Mike Knox

    This guy Fails. All his “swords” are just tourists replicas and props. I’m sure of it especially with his “katana”. You can’t get the real ones outside Japan.

    I’ve practiced Hyoho Niten Ich Ryu Kenjutsu in college up to 3rd Kyu (that’s like Staff Sargeant). Real Japanese Katanas or ‘Nihonto’ have a brass lip on the scabbard opening to lock it on the brass collar on the Sword hilt, Almost all Sword Makers put that in as as standard. Drawing the sword or ‘Bato’ has the back of the blade sliding out on the same brass lip making a hissing ring when the blade is fully drawn.

    I’ve watched this dingbat’s videos and I’m not impressed about his facts like other Kendoka. Same can be said about his “facts” or “points” on other weapons..

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I am sure he is biased towards European weaponry, but he is more interested in experimental archeology (testing told designs) than in actually owning ancient swords . He has actually used Katanas made from the 12th century to WWII and has an interesting video on the topic of Katana design. Interesting that modern katanas have this brass lip. What is the point of the lip. To protect the sheath?

      Apparently Ancient and Medieval European swords went to some length not to make annoying noises. The videos below shows the sound effect guy for Game of Thrones making sword drawing noises by scraping pieces of metal together…

      • Mike Knox

        I’ve actually said what the brass lip is for in my first comment. But that’s not the point. I’ve actually had my hands on Real swords like Japanese Shin-Gunto, Scottish Claymores, German Zweihander, and Rapiers. And they all have metal lips on their scabbards, Or as they are called in European Designs ‘Lockets’, which lock into the hild and ride on the blade’s fuller when drawn (that way, the blade’s travel ouwards keeps it in line so the edge doesn’t touch anything). That dingbat however, as he said it himself, only has replicas, from shields to spears. And additionally his insights are based on his incorrect handling of such

        If you actually believe he’s owned Katanas from those eras, let me tell you one absolute fact: Genuine Katanas are not allowed to leave Japanese borders. Even owning one for Japanese Citizens require tougher regulations and restrictions than owning a rifle in England. There are even instances that Ancestral Katanas, handed down through generations, were confiscated by authorities. Looking at that, do you still believe what he owns are real?

        Bottom line is: Sword sheathes have metal components that touch the sword blades that causes the ring when drawn.

        That said, the moron in the video only makes up his facts based on inexperience and gullibility. While on the other hand, I was taught in a Dojo, and hands-on experience and instruction with swords from the other continent. Or let me put it this way: would you rather learn the proper manual of arms for a rifle from a mall ninja or a US Marine..

        • Mike

          It took me all of 5 minutes to find a Japanese sword maker who sells swords in Japan and to foreigners. Being that he is 1) Japanese and 2) a sword maker and 3) makes katana I would hazard to guess he is an “autheticate sword maker making authentic swords in Japan for sale and export.” It may be similar to comparing a Norinco 1911 to a Colt 1911 but they are both handguns, both 1911’s and both effective.

          It took a few more minutes to find out that to export a katana you have to apply for an export license from the Cultural Agency. The wait times for the license vary but people have successfully purchased and exported katana and other bladed weapons from Japan.

          I do sense some fanboyism in your posting. “He’s doing this wrong. He’s using fake/reproduction/cheap/used/untested/substandard/etc weapons. He doesn’t understand!!!!111!!1!!1”

          What I took away was that he showed that weapons were designed for specific purposes, specific movements and specific cultures. What works well with the Scots in the highlands and moors may not work quite as well for Germanic tribes in Central Europe’s forests. What works well for an English dismounted knight in plate armor may not be favorable to a Catalan fighting in Iberia.

          Katana were designed as a homogenous weapon for fighting a homogenous people nearly fully contained in the Japanese islands and the Korean Penninsula. Becuase of this they did not evolve much in the millenia since their introduction. Western weapons were designed and evolved for fighting varied cultures with their own martial disciplines. As such the European arms race was much more aggressive then in Japan. The need for adapting to new enemies forced Europeans to develop fighting styles like the ones he is trying to reproduce and recapture through study, experimentation and trial and error.

          You spent several years studying Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu Kenjutsu and (annoyingly) state you reached a level equal to a Staff Sergeant. I’m not sure how you compare a pay grade in the military to the level of skill in martial arts but whatever…. The biggest point is that you are a “gifted amateur” in a specific discipline. You may have “played around” with Western European martial arms but you are not an expert. You are a fanboy of a single discipline and single weapon and like all single discipline/single weapon fanboys you rage when someone “just doesn’t get it.” I see it at shooting competitions, I see it on the local ranges firing line and, most importantly, I see it in your posts.

          • Mike Knox

            Heh, talk about mall ninja rage. Did you get all that from some mall ninja copy-paste board or did you go through a few aneurysms for it? I’ll just swing you a bone and tell me the sword smith’s name then. But why stop there? What about his school, lineage, which generation smith is he, or better yet what etch signature does he use then?

            I’ll be making some popcorn to wait while you rage about it..

          • MrPotatoHead

   – Antique Japanese katanas for sale. Full information, including history and what smith made it.

          • Mike Knox

            Sales require credentials restricting to Japanese Customers and thoroughly approved inividuals. The included histories are for Blade Designs, not the actual Items which are current reproductions. Foreign owners are restricted from taking the Items abroad..

        • Britbong

          Getting a rifle in England is incredibly easy, you talk about how he knows so little when you yourself know very little as well, an FAC 1 requires a deposit of 50 £ in some areas and a safe area of storage and transport as well as a legitimate reason to get an FAC 1.

          • Mike Knox

            By rifle, I meant AR-15s and autoloaders, not Hunting rifles..

    • MrPotatoHead

      I’m sorry, but this information is 100% false. The koiguchi – mouth of the saya or scabbard – is generally made from buffalo horn or bone. It is held in place with a thin band of hemp and lacquer. The opening can be reinforced with metal such as copper or iron, but at no point does the blade ever touch the metal reinforcement. A real katana does not make a metal on metal sound when it’s drawn. No swordsmith would allow their blade to be marred or damaged by scraping against metal. Even the Shin Gunto katana of WWII had a wooden saya to protect the blade. The saya was covered in metal, but that metal never touched the blade.

      As for getting real ones outside of Japan. All you need is money. Japanese katana are expensive, but not unobtainable. You don’t need to go to Japan to get one, either. There are plenty of original Japanese katanas available outside of Japan.

      From a defensive (and aesthetic) standpoint, I would take a Howard Clark L6 banite katana over a Japanese katana any day. Original Japanese katanas are works of art, but metallurgically, they don’t hold a candle to modern steels. There are plenty of blade makers out there producing katanas of extremely high quality that far exceed any Japanese original.

      • Mike Knox

        Sadly said from a mere observer’s insight. I’ve personally tried both Nihonto and commercial reproductions. An actual Katana preforms accordingly to It’s form and art, just like the Conceptual Application of an AR-15, AKM, or an HK G3.

        When used in a proper cut, a Nihonto behaves in an Organic Manner, while commercial reproductions only act as a swept sheet with an edge. It’s in the name after all: Kata, as in Form. Katanas are made specifically to a Martial Art, Material, and Philosophy, all others fall too short for the original. Kind of like an HK MP5 and it’s norinco imitation. Put both through 50,000 rounds straight and see which one starts breaking down..

        • MrPotatoHead

          I don’t believe you’ve ever handled a katana. I have. I’ve been a kenjutsu practitioner for over 25 years. I’ve performed cuts (tameshigiri) with antique katana and with high and low end Chinese reproductions. The high end reproductions function just as well (and in some cases better) than some of the nihonto I’ve had the pleasure of using. When viewed strictly as a tool, there is nothing magical about an original Japanese katana. It is a sword. If it’s made well it can be quite effective in the proper hands. The same can be said about the reproduction swords. The high end Paul Chen swords that Bugei Trading had made for them years ago were on par with a good Japanese blade from a functionality standpoint.

          I’ve seen and used my fair share of crappy original katanas. Not every Japanese blade was a well balanced, work of art.

          • Marcus D.

            If I had the money, I’d buy a Paul Champagne katana. Reproduction or not, he is a master and his are some of the finest ever made. Masters do not all come from one place or one race. And by the way Mike, a lot of katanas made their way to the US as war booty, both manufactured military swords and heirlooms….

          • Mike Knox

            By “heirlooms”, you mean only a generation old. Swords older than that were never allowed into service. The Kempeitai made sure even Shin-Shin-Gunto stayed in the homeland..

          • Mr Silly

            You have no idea what you are talking about. Your appeal to authority is logical fallacy and contradicts knon documented fact.

            IJN officers were allowed to bring whatever as long as it fulfilled IJN regulations. Identically to any other nation.

            High ranking IJN officers routinely wore heirloom weapons on parade. So if they were to serve outside Japan- it would be common practice to take their parade dress with them.

            The reality of heirloom katana is that these would be ruined by the processes required for these to suit regulations.

            The issue of dimensions (there was no single standard katana set of dimensions), the ability to accept IJN hilt, guard, scabbard etc- would ruin most old swords.

            Additionally- one cannot imagine a family parting with a treasured heirloom along with their more treasured child off to a very likely one-way journey to war.

            The issue of Kempetai disallowing swords is undocumented.

            The munitions grade katana was cheap, but it was made of high-quality spring steel that was also in production for vehicles- with known stress limits (well beyond that required of a sword).

            The 400,000 Japanese in Indonesia left hundreds of katana behind- mainly munitions-grade Kempetai and IJN swords behind when they were disarmed post-war.

            Thus- it is entirely possible to buy in Central Java a Kempetai katana.

            There are a few Japanese who come routinely to peruse the antique shops for heirloom katana. Especially in far east provinces such as Irian Jaya and PNG- where there was heavy bombing and some of the bunkers have not yet fully disinterred & repatriated the remains.

          • Mike Knox

            How long did you have to google all that up? And how much longer to make all that sound smart? Pretty hilarious and ironic seeing how far off topic you are..

          • Mr Silly

            Not nearly as long as you think and it was much quicker for you to be shown up as a vacuous charlatan.

            As per “off topic”- it was you claimed and I quote you directly, above my rebuttal:

            “By “heirlooms”, you mean only a generation old. Swords older than that were never allowed into service. The Kempeitai made sure even Shin-Shin-Gunto stayed in the homeland”

            I rebutted your claim with fact. Your claim was baseless and provably erroneous.

            I am sorry you lack the emotional maturity to separate intellectual argument from personal attack, but the other writer’s are correct in pointing out your unsubstantiated nonsensical “fanboy-ism” about a subject you know hardly as much as your personal belief is as an expert.

            I suggest you mature a little more, or otherwise refrain from engaging in arguments you lack the knowledge to convincingly debate in.

          • Mike Knox

            Do you really have to try so hard to sound smart or you keep a thesaurus nearby when you’re on one of your internet arguing sprees?

            Your little twaddle with “facts”,”refutals”, “rebuttals” and what not, there’s no assurance you’re really in the loop about this topic. Even just by reading your reply, there’s no doubt it’s just taken off some webpage found with google.

            Might as well say you’re just butting into this correspondence trying to show off on your internet “5ki112”..

          • Mr Silly

            As I said- learn to separate intellectual debate from personal attack, Just accept you have more knowledge than others on certain subjects, and equally, that others may have more knowledge than you on other subjects.

          • Mike Knox

            Took you that long to come up with that? Sad. That just proves my point how Personally Learned Facts through Experience trumps those found on google. What I know is from instruction and teachings from my Sensei in a Dojo, that’s something you can’t find on the internet.

            Give up your little “smart” sounding facade, you’re not fooling anyone. You sound no different that some twelve year old call of duty player..

          • Mr Silly

            In other words , in your personal opinion- “street smarts” are better than “book smarts”-.
            Nothing more than your emotional reaction Mr Knox, I am sorry your education is lacking, but only one person can improve that- yourself and rejecting self-indulgent negative narcissistic beliefs.
            If you feel your idolized Sensei who most likely has minimal Japanese training and or language ability- and your one tiny Dojo which you believe is an island of authoritative knowledge- well no amount of fact, logic or evidence will change you semi-religious beliefs. Good Day Mr Knox.

          • Mike Knox

            How many times did you have to use a thesaurus for your sentence that says “I hate you because my big sounding words aren’t working”?. Sad isn’t it? Playing ‘pretend intellectual’ by using big words doesn’t really make you any smart at all.

            If you really were what you pretend to be, you would have stayed on topic well after your first reply.

            I’m sure you’re just doing this to try and fool anyone into thinking you actually know anything on topic..

          • Mr Silly

            Mr Knox- I am sorry if big words fail you. I am sorry you don’t value higher education. I’m sorry for the fact your education system allowwed someone like you to graduate.

            I stayed exactly on topic- showing your outrageous claim that Kempetai stopped heirloom blades leaving Japan was a lie.

            Let me use little words for you:
            You were indignant ()not happy) you were proven wrong.
            Your claims, lies etc were proven 100% wrong.
            You then engaged in a personal attack.
            I responded.

            You have major issues.
            You are not very intelligent
            You are not very knowledgeable.
            You make up facts as you go along
            You present yourself as an expert on topics you know nothing about.
            You claim knowledge and authority due to you being in some Dojo
            You claim knowledge and authority as your hero Sensei is claimed by you to be a treasure chest of knoweldge
            You claim to know more about swords than someon who has not (as far as you know) held one- despite you making false claims about swords.
            I’ve held a scalpel- in your child-like logic- so I should then be a surgeon?

            No dumb-fuck. You’re a proven bullshitter and a fuckwit.
            Now go away, take your meds and leave. Does that message get through your thick fucking skull?

          • Mike Knox

            Wow, you’re losing it already. “Higher education” but you’re no better at English Diction and Composition than a third grader.

            Better give up fooling yourself with unnecessarily extended replies. If you actually knew anything on topic, you would have shared anything other than your erroneous Kempetai “fact”.

            You’re welcome to try again, I could always use a good chuckle. It’s like watching a hillbilly trying to use silverware at an English Breakfast..

          • Mr Silly

            Well, Mr Knox, from my own Personally Learned Facts through Experience, an English Breakfast is unless you’re the Queen, a one course meal that can be eaten with a knife and fork.
            Considering I am English, born in England and lived there, studied there and eaten at multiple breakfast dojos my entire life- I’ll consider myself a Breakfast Sensei Roshi-fu status.

            Having researched your pseranlity type extensively [source:, I think I found your sensei []

            and I found a reddit group that caters for your social group:[]

            So, I think I have an answer tailored for you.

            Unless you’re thinking of English tea or “high tea” or as we call it “afternoon tea” (high means late in the day)- which served simultaneously as plates of miniature foods- generally finger foods, or at the most pastries and cakes (eaten with one item- a pastry fork), or a more modern mezze or tapas- where only an olive-fork, oyster fork, or plain old entree fork is required.

            But- beware of the many fake cheap unscrupulous breakfast McDojo’s which serve McMuffins, McHasbrowns and Mc-knock-offs. Being a breakfast Roshi-fu and having served as pointman for the breakfast strategic palatable arsenal and tactics or as you civvies know us BreakSPAT white beret, I con promise you this fact. McDojo McMuffins are not real. Only a tenth brevette white beret like myself with 18 aguilettes for outstanding culinary and marksmanfast what’s a real English Breakfast.

            Now in my “kitchen” or more accurately, as we say in English- “Breakafastu dojo-san”- at the moment of the rising sun, I complete my zen meditiations as I rake my English futon, or “bed-oru” and put on my traditional footware- the English slipper. Now- as I’m sure you unenlightened civilians are not aware- I’l let you in on classified information- by tradition, the slippers are pointed toe towards the bed so you can enter the English futon, without sitting first. But trust me, if some McBreakfast Roshi-fu puts there slippers toe out, they are no way the real deal. That’s the German knock-off.

            I’m a stickler for Breakafast-ero tradition, so I use “kinfe-edge” of hand welding knife to slice. This ancestral technique was taught by my sensei before me, and his Roshi before him etc. I also don my English Breakfastu Gi or “robe”.

            Through repeated blows of my miniature katana, or “Breakfastu Dojo-ru knifero” (tameshigiri) I can dispatch two tomatoes, two onions, two rashes of bacon, black pudding (which Americans cannot stomach as they have some weird issue with blood and offal) Cumberland pudding and a couple of field mushrooms- flying from my Knifero to the wok, or as we say Breakfastu Roshi-fi term it: a “pan”.

            All fried over a flame of sacred willow and reeds from the Lakes District cut by the Master Bodger (an ancient chair-craving craftsman) with his bodger’s bill-hook, in a pan made of artisan Sheffield dasmascus/damascene steel fired by Cornish coal, mined by Cornwellians using Cornwellian traditional coal-mining picks.

            Or when no willows about I show my students how to accomplish Brekafastu-makey-zo with North Sea gas- in case they’re attacked by a gang of hungry people- they can fend them off using Modern Close Quarters Ultimate Combative Breakfast Arts, soon to be aired on Fox as “MCQUCBA Max”.

            If I’m feeling extravagant- I may have one English muffin- made from English hand-milled flour, hand-flailed and hand-husked from Dorsetshire wheat- where I teach my apprentice breakfast how to slice it in-one-a-go, a master stroke of muffin knive weilding.

            Now- bear in mind that English muffin bokken, or “knives” are ancestral heirlooms that Her Majesty The Queen’s Own British Provost General Muffin Man-at-Arms Beefeater personally keeps a hand-written account of in a notebook sewn by the Guild of Needlework’s Ladies-In-Waiting, kept in the Tower of London amongst the Royal Armoury collection and handed down from one Muffin Man-At-Armsman to the to next since King Henry Plantaganet decreed by Royal Warrant henceforth all muffin-knives be stored at home in England under pain of death by overconsumption of Scottish porridge.

            In my EDC bag I have a plastic muffin bokken and English trident or “fork”. These evade metal detectors and I can even sneak onto aircraft with them to be a responsible citizen-breakfast solider if, sorry when, terrorists demand a sliced English muffin. Because you just never know when the FSHTF. Amiright?

            PSi I am quite certain you are Ghecko45 []

            And btw- here is a link to man selling a real Japanese swords from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As fully-informed mall ninjas like you probably know, the Sultan of Yogya’s own guards carry functional Arisaka.

            Dated 22 June 2013


            It is “Katana 1817 Reg.320051 from Central Java, Blitar Regency found in Mount Kilud area due to surrender of Japanese to the Allied forces.

            The price, I believe, is 500 million Rupiah (USD $48000) not 500 million USD.

          • Mike Knox

            You really know your own alley well don’t you. Wouldn’t be a mistake to be certain that’s where you’re from after all. A rabble of internet idiots.

            In fact I might as well point out the principle of the moronic strife of denial. Quite simply: No matter how much you banter, rant, or blabber, You’re only reassuring everyone even yourself how ignorant you are of the topic concerned. That last reply of yours definitely serves more than a platter.

            Though you deny it, you’re nowhere close to the original notion that whatever the moron in the video has aren’t genuine Katanas at all.

            It really notates how ignorant you are about Martial Arts that your only personal knowledge about it are from ‘mall ninjas’ and internet self-defense classes. That’s more pathetic than that star wars lummox with a broomstick, really close to truth saying you might as well be that same person.

            I might as well point out that attempting to find someone through the internet without consent Violates the Privacy Policy on this site. That certainly shows how sadly depraved you are when you try to get personal on someone for telling you that you’re wrong..

          • Mr Silly

            You made wrongful claims
            You had a hissy-fit when proven wrong.
            You then engaged in personal attack.
            You initiated personal attack, I did not.
            I reciprocated.
            You claimed katana could not be exported from Japan (Nippon) under Kempetai regulation.
            I said you were flat-out wrong.
            I have provided a link of a genuine WW2 Katana- which according to your claim should not exist.
            I never engaged in the argument of “bad katana in video”.
            I only engaged your ridiculous argument- that you cannot even admit to being wrong about.

            My claim that you are Ghecko45 is hardly an assault on your Privacy. It simply shows two internet users share common traits- idiocy and mall-ninja-woo.
            In the same way you cannot track me, I cannot track you.
            I have no idea who or where you are nor what your IP address is. and I cannot be bothered creating some program that detects the same level of idiocy as you use in your comments- if it were even possible.

            You probably have no idea that blade quality in Japan fluctuated and had several centuries of rubbish sword-smithing, and a few pinnacles of sword-smithing- one of which was WW2.

            Please don’t flatter yourself that you’re that important to trace. You’re just another immature idiot who throws hissy-fits when proven wrong.

          • Mike Knox

            You’ve lost your top over this for a while now and still you blabber about it? For an “internet tough guy” you whine like a big baby.

            Nihonto Cannot be taken outside Japan without approval from the highest authority. And that’s it.Even if the Presidents or Prime Ministers ask for one, they are more often than not turned down. No matter what you google up or look around into mall-ninja forums, you can’t find the absolute truth outside a Dojo under an affirmed Ryu.

            This drivel about being right doesn’t help your flimsy case. Pacific War Era swords were not Katanas but only Dress Swords. Well, of course you can’t know that, all you read are just mall-ninja websites and brochures for internet self-defense classes.

            That bit about geko45 you brought up really just tells how sad it gets on how desperate you are about your ignorance in this topic. You’re even denying you made a mistake assuming I’m the geko guy, How much more on knowing the reality about Nihontos..

          • Mr Silly

            Mike. We have to talk.
            I’m afraid I’m going to have to break up with you. It’s you not me.
            Your McDojo-woo, mall ninja-woo, obfuscation and claims without citing evidence that can be cross-checked- just can’t change our incompatibility.
            I am currently moving on with life. Perhaps you should do the same. I wish you the very best of health, prosperity and longevity. Bye Mike, take care.

          • Mike Knox

            Can’t take any more of your own boomerang shit, eh? You were just some sad pretender to start with and still the same in the end. All the while nothing to share than your made-up grease-piled crap.

            I’m sure you’ll never get it through your head that looking up the internet doesn’t show all the answers. By “moving on with your life”, that typically means looking for another comment thread to sully..

          • Mike Knox

            Looks like you ran out of your own crap didn’t you?

          • Mike Knox

            That’s only your belief. But certainly a real Kendoka won’t buy your claim. After 25 years and using antique Niho for tameshigiri? Only 8th to 10th Dan and Swordsmiths are allowed that privilege.

            That was quite a paper-thin claim. My Yaku Sensei was practicing and teaching for 50 years and was never allowed to use Nihonto older than his tenure in the Dojo (which is an long standing rule in all Ryu), then you expect me to believe you 25 years of practice allowed you that? Sad.

            By the looks of it and like other fakers around, sounds more like you’re just trying to sell paul chen imitations like spam..

  • tomassino

    wohohohoho, totally true, my Gladius pompei never did that sound

  • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

    What is the best way to know the way Hollywood treats weaponry than a quote from a movie?

    From the Phone Booth movie, listen to Kiefer Sutherlan saying: (just after coocking his gun): ” … You know like in
    the movies just as the good guy is about to kill the bad guy, he cocks
    his gun. Now why didn’t he have it cocked? Because that sound is scary.
    It’s cool, isn’t it?”

    • Marcus D.

      Too true. My wife is a fan of criminal minds. It never ceases to amaze me to see these guys going into a house to get the BG, guns out and flashlights on. But when they finally do confront the BG and try to arrest him, some one invariably cocks the trigger of a single action hammer fired semi-auto pistol. Say WHAAAT?

      • Marcus D.

        Ooops. meant hammer. Sorry, it’s late.

        • Mr Silly


  • Zius Patagus

    When I was in the French airborne recon team (FART) submarine infantry, fighting terrorists in the antarctic, we we taught sword fighting by a 5th degree Ginsu sword smith, we generally spit on the English and had high disdain for Hollywood. Anybody who hasn’t been there and seen the elephant (seal) doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    • Samuel Suggs

      yeah I partcipated in the covert operation at Ice Station Zebra my m16a1 froze up on me so I was forced to point my katana at the russians bet you didnt see that in the hollywood lies

      • Samuel Suggs

        they showed me the nuclear reactor as I streamed tword the enemy position in a nuclear submarine it cast a yellow glow on my face of course in the movie the same thing happended but I got face cancer shortly after earnest borgnine still haze his pig face my got surgically removed for freedom

    • Mr Silly

      Sorry but your acronym is amusing.

  • Lew

    I’m a sergeant of infantry, a military historian and I fence in my spare time. Hollywood movies about people fighting is pretty much ruined for me.

    That being said, DESPICABLE ME 2 IS OUT!

    • Samuel Suggs

      I KNOW

  • Dackel

    The same for archery. For any traditional hunting or war bow to be effective- it by necessity must have a draw weight beyond most females’ upper body strength (45%+ or lesser than any equal height & mass male).
    These non-realistic depictions serve to perpetuate the Liberal myth of the female warrior and that women can fight as equally capable as men.

    The only exception was the ancient Greek Gastraphetes- which used the firer’s body-weight and was known to be fired by female defenders.

    Or if the character were to use the traditional windlass or goats-foot crossbow- it would be too difficult or tedious to watch the realistic slow process of re-arming a bow (and why pavisses, baskets of soil and enormous anti-cavalry stakes were a necessity for an archer to survive on a battlefield).

    The uncomfortable historically accurate reality is female warriors were so few to be exceptional- thus they were recorded.
    It is often forgotten the West prior to the American scourge of feminism- Europe had very strict culturally imposed gender roles.
    When women did fight- it was due to extremely desperate times- such as in Napoleonic Spain where there were too few men in cities (having become partisans) to man defences.

    And this is of course why gunpowder was so advantageous even as Washington argued the benefits of long-bows over muskets- as even an invalided near-death soldier would remain lethal- and a city waif who’d never held a musket- become a lethal weapon in 30 minutes training.

  • UnderPo

    More reasons to hate Hollywood.

  • Nick

    Walking dead had a revolver somehow eject a bullet and it went ting ting ting on the ground.

    • Mr Silly

      It’s a magical revolver. Senator Feinstein has many.

  • Mr Silly

    If I had some money I’d purchase a piece of metal most likely fabricated in China solely for making a profit, as I’d well understand those purchasing such swords would never be involved in an unsantized medieval battle where they must defend their very life with them in unfettered warfare.
    I’d prefer my piece of polished spring steel to be one that bases its merits on logical fallacy such as appeals to authority through endorsements by some otherwise obscure non-tertiary educated non-metallurgist, engineer or materials scientist.
    But I am a fool, and my money easily parted company with.