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DSC_0544 ue42 6mmBR (left) and .223 WSSM (right) cartridges above the remains of Browning A-Bolt rifle. 1 3d-printed-rifle

First Fully 3D Printed Rifle

We got a look at the 3D printed “Liberator” pistol earlier this year, well it looks like the first fully 3D printed rifle has finally been created. And it broke, which was no surprise. The guy in the video below under the username “ThreeD [Read More…]

IMG_1096 Author with a Cei-Rigotti rifle, courtesy UK MoD

Semiauto Rifles of WWI and Before

Semiauto rifles are taken for granted today – every military in the world uses them, they are the mainstay of many types of competition, most police forces, and a great many hunters. And yet, the self-loading rifle in a full size military cartridge only became [Read More…]

HSP Thorntail Offset Fake No.5