More SIG Prestige Pistol Photos: Samurai, Tomahawk, Siegfried, Tyr, Scorpion & Arctic

These are the last photos we have for you of the SIG Sauer Germany Prestige pistols. Enjoy.

The Samurai (above and below) was engraved by Ralph Salzmann …

Formed like the armour of an ancient Samurai warrior, this pistol keeps up the spirit of the old, famous warrior’s caste. The hand-crafted dragonhead of massive silver on the top of the slide mediates an impression of the artificial handcraft of the old japanese swordsmiths.




The Tomahawk was engraved by Jürgen Göser …

An Indian Tomahawk and the image of an Indian warrior on the top of the slide and numerous symbols and weapons decorate this beautiful X-Five. Grip plates of north American maple wood with original flintstone arrowheads complete this unique piece of art.







The Siegfried was engraved by Peter Ewald …

In support of the Nibelungs fairytale this pistol was engraved with ornaments of the Burgundy epoch, dragon images and the most important acts from the story of Siegfried. The grip plates were made of nordic beech wood with handcrafted silver brooches, showing a dragon image.







The Tyr was engraved by Wolfgang Woizekowski …

Another example of SIG Sauers series of nordic gods: Tyr, the god of fight and victory, who lost a hand when he was trying to strip the power of the wolf god Fenryr with a trick. Viking images, nordic ornaments and birch wood grip plates with a handcrafted silver coin with German ornaments are decorating this wonderful collector’s item.






The Scorpion was engraved by Helmut Schink …

Small but dangerous: The X-Five Scorpion shows various images oft the toxic desert scorpion.







And lastly we have the Arctic (SIG did not tell us who engraved it) …





Steve Johnson

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  • Anonymous

    Anyone have any clue what these wound up selling for? I’m ballparking in the $20-30k range apiece, but curious to know if that’s even remotely close. Or are they being kept by Sig for display?

    • FourString

      Man, I just only aspire to a STOCK Sig X5 x’D

      • Samuel Suggs

        do you have a carbon fiber violin thats a Luis and Clark in your avatar I think if so than more power to you

        • Guest


          • Samuel Suggs

            thats great

    • Just a guess but I’d think a very very fancy display. Not saying that maybe select customers might not get one but I don’t see that happening.

  • Samuel Suggs

    ok whata lay down the content steve you kinda gave me information overload and culture shock at the same time

  • Samuel Suggs

    The photography is not nearly as straightforward as it was last time but its much more detail oriented so I suppose that’s all right. The samurai is probably the one that warrants the greatest discussion as most of the others are engraving oriented whereas the samurai is carved significantly. To start things off let me ask what you think the dragon front “sight” is made off and how it was manufactured.

    • Giolli Joker

      Silver, cast and then finished.
      (just my bet)

      • Samuel Suggs

        you are probly right the eyes are either actaul rubys or semi preciouse stones possibly glass

    • Mobious

      More curious on how one actually aims with those “sights”, or if they can even function as them to begin with

      • Guest

        the weight of the sight might cause relibility problems and you are not supposed to aim or shoot period

      • Samuel Suggs

        your not supposed to shoot or aim would you use these to cut down a tree. your right the sight is nonfuntional and that its weight might cause relibility problems but none of that matters

    • ralph salzmann

      thank you very much……

      • Samuel Suggs

        Your welcome I suppose, thanks for coming bye and commenting.

  • Vermin.308Winchester

    this is metal art for metal art enthusiastist not your average sig lover

  • Samuel Suggs

    why do they all have Knurling on the front strop and trigger guard and slide serrations for that matter

    • Giolli Joker

      Just because that’s the way SIG sends them to the engravers. 🙂

      • Samuel Suggs

        wait this inst done in house? becuase you would think they would order clean frames?

        • Giolli Joker

          It’s post-processing an almost final product.

          SIG quite likely has a mass production approach, I believe that for them it’s much easier to take give the engravers (wheter in house or, most likely, out in their workshops) (almost) finished products than taking them halfway in the line…

  • Kyle Sarver

    Very beautiful.

  • JT

    I wonder how many orders they get by the pair

  • hami

    Amazing. Stunning guns, the engravers at SIG should be very proud. If only i could get a pair of those grips…

    • Samuel Suggs

      which ones?

  • Anonymoose

    What’s the Arctic’s grip made of?

    • Samuel Suggs

      I think it’s a better executed version of this sort of perlite.

  • mechamaster

    beautiful gun, yet deadly.

  • johngalts_brother

    I’ve looked at all of these series that Steve has posted and I’ve never seen works of gun art so beautiful. Talk about gun lust…I have it now! WOW!!

    Thank you Steve.

  • Walid Wido

    we need flowers not guns

    • Samuel Suggs

      so trolling right I mean thats not even a statement it a meaningless plaitude dont try to start flame wars

  • gallannd

    This is the type of pistol a dictator should have.

  • Guest

    Alas! I have to get by on these…