DIY M4-style Suppressed .45 Submachine Gun

Filipino new show News5E reported on a raid on a crew of guns-for-hire by the National Bureau of Investigation. The cops found a nifty-looking suppressed .45 ACP submachine gun modeled after a M4 Carbine.

45 DIY SMG 2

Can anyone identify the magazine?


The gun designer looks like he was also party inspired by H&K. The sight rail on the top looks similar to a H&K G36 and the foregrip placement resembles the famous H&K MP5K.

45 DIY SMG 1


Thanks to Chester for the tip.

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  • ZF

    Probably adapted from whatever they could find to make work.

  • Devon

    More proof that firearms innovation is still alive and well in the Phillipines whereas it is stagnant in the U.S…yay beauracracy…

    • Samuel Suggs

      this is not innovative its ingeniues and very usefull but the concept of a pistol cailber AR-10 derivitive dates back a ways probly late 60’s

    • Samuel Suggs

      yeah i agree with you on the limited access to ffl’s resulting in a slight stunting in gun innovaton but it is not the end all and be all of the issue

      • Guest

        also 3d printed prototpes pretty much eliminate that issue

    • Samuel Suggs

      this issue is mostly eliminated bye 3d printed protoypes anyway as evidenced bye this kriss vector mockup says kriss super V on the side and everything . yes I like me some pictures bye the way!

  • Devon

    Aesthetics? Form doesn’t ALWAYS follow function. A curved magazine shortens the overall height of the weapon making it a smaller profile. This is obviously a CQB weapon.

  • jamezb

    I want to print THIS gun….YO INTERNET!!!

    • Samuel Suggs


  • Samuel Suggs

    its definiatly not gas operated i am thinking they used the buffer tube assembly and the lower as the basis for a basic open bolt improvised sub gun. its handy definetly the work of a gunsmith who knows what his clientel wants. please post more improvised firearm content.

    for those interested in the subject theirs this virus free blogspot blog they cover the australian luty derivatives quite a bit

    • Vermin.308Winchester

      thats not a luty

    • somebody really did a good job on that one

      • Samuel Suggs

        did you check out the link 🙂 ?

  • Anonymous

    That’s not the work of some dude in a basement. There’s some serious machining capabilities required to be able to design and fabricate an entirely new design of stamped steel magazines, particularly curved ones. And even more skill to build the rest of the weapon. I wonder how many of them were built?

    • Samuel Suggs

      the mags are not stamped their welded and proboly based on this UMP’s magazine. you are correct however in stating that this reqires skill and eqiment although that skill and eqiment is often found in “some dudes basement” in that part of the world.

      • Vermin.308Winchester

        stop posting pictures jerk taking up space

        • Pictures are fine as long as they are relevant to the articles content.
          As far as space it’s minimal and not a concern for us.

      • Anonymoose

        The UMP45 uses straight mags though. In fact, I’m pretty sure every .45ACP SMG uses straight mags (some are angled for use in a pistol grip but they’re still straight boxes).

  • Samuel Suggs

    The popularity of a weapon among criminals and other uneducated users is often based on the weapons cultural significance or “myth” as well as its physical appearance. This effect is often on display in home made or improvised firearms as they often spring from a single factory produced influence and then artists creativity takes care of the rest. this leads to a guns like this Chinese proto high point am I the only one who looks at this and thinks of the QBZ-95 its is asian in more than orgin but soul

    • mikewest007

      What is this thing? It’s the third time I see this image on the net and I still don’t know where it came from…

      • Samuel Suggs

        its a chinese strait blowback pistol like a High Point but impressive becuase it was made with files and a drill press brobobly anyway I found it here be sure to read the comments their almost as informative as the article

  • Archie

    these are made from Cebu Gun cottage industry, based from Intratec (tec-9/Kg-9) design. made in different calibers (45acp,9mm,32acp,25acp). they also make Ingram clones in different caliber including a minature mac a size of a pack of marlboro (25cal). they use homemade plastic AR stocks and grips made from car batteries. they have machineries from lathe, drills, press, and some cooperatives even have a cnc machines.

    here are some links.

    • Samuel Suggs

      so like these Ingram clones?

      • Samuel Suggs

        anything like these impressive Intratec clones?

    • Samuel Suggs

      mini weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • milo

        you mind not spamming this around? it makes reading the discussions harder when you have 2 pages to scroll through of this.

    • bbmg

      Nice link! another fine illustration of the triumph of human ingenuity 🙂

  • Samuel Suggs

    best posting ever steve I asssume everyone with the exception of vermin is OK with my posting of pictures, its how I exspress enthusiam in case you havent noticed

    • Sure nobody minds if you post pics. I’m glad you found another pic of the same type of gun we featured.

      • Samuel Suggs


  • Samuel Suggs

    I found a viturally identical gun same mags

    • Samuel Suggs

      look at the cute little dog (:

  • Zius Patagus

    Wonder what it would take to import some of those Filipino guys to make me some guns?

  • Rick

    they must’ve had one of those eeevil 3D printers…or drank too much soda during late night design and manufacture sessions. Ban it! that’ll stop everything…kumbayaaaaa

    • Samuel Suggs


  • MTM

    Watched a video about the gun makers in Pakistan. They make almost EXACT copies of Makarovs and other handguns. All out of workshops and garages. Check it out. It’s a good watch, but the market starts at around 4:00.

    • ProfG

      Yeah I saw that a few years ago. I had heard the stories about that place and the fact that it’s off limits to Westerners. Absolutely fascinating.

    • Samuel Suggs

      Oh god not this douche bag ok so here’s the thing don’t watch this video unless you think 30 seconds max of actual gun manufacture out of nine minutes of liberal rambling and whining is worth it I am not kidding he knows nothing and dresses up in a ridiculous culturally accurate costume no one around him is wearing I honestly believe he spent 8 hours in a tanning bed for this.

  • Mike Knox

    What Language is this? Sounds like something you’d say when possessed by a daemon..

  • Baby Armalite

    Here it is

  • Baby Armalite