Bullet-Meet-Plexiglass: Deborah Bay’s Beautiful Photos

Photographer Deborah Bay noticed a display at a building supplies retailer showing bullets imbedded in plexiglas. She bought some plexiglass, fired bullets into them, then photographed them in the studio with gelled (colored) lights. The photos are being exhibited

Steve Johnson

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  • Samuel Suggs

    this has been all over the internet for at least two years however I am almost certain its been far longer as I remeber encountering them when I first discovered Gizmodo. I allways assumed that they wherent reposted here because of the nebulus and cliched poltical commentary that follows them everywhere. Have you been holding this in reserve in some way or is this a recent dicovery?

  • Aaron

    Cool pics! Regardless of when they first came out, I’d hang one on the wall.

  • vereceleritas

    I’m actually a little surprised at the lack of fragmentation of the projectiles in these photos. I would’ve thought that striking such a hard material would sheer parts of the jacket off as it expanded.

  • Jenny Matt

    Cool Pics!!

    I am not much aware of this product. Is it bulletproof? becouse it doesn’t seems so in these
    Plexiglass photo. Also is this glass kind can be used for Arts and paintings?