SIG Tutanchamun, Zeus and Alexander

Here are three more beautiful pistols from SIG Germany’s master engravers. The first is the Tutanchamun, engraved by Jürgen Göser.

Scarab, Royal sceptre and scourge and the famous death mask of the child king Tutankh-Amun made of 24 carats gold are decorating the top of the slide of this pistol. In addition to that there are images of Echnaton, Nofretete and the gods Osiris, Isis, Horuns and Anubis on this masterpiece. The grip plates were made of ivory, showing the “Eye of Horus“.

















The SIG Zeus was engraved by Peter Ewald.

Integrated in ornaments of the old Greece the godfather Zeus sitting on his throne is decorating this pistol. The sides of the frame show the popular fist of the godfather with gold plated flashes. The walnut root grip plates show original coins from the ancient Greece with the face of Zeus, around 2300 years old.





SIG forgot to give me a description of the SIG Alexander so I do not know who engraved it. Given its similarity to the SIG Zeus, I think it was probably also engraved by Peter Ewald.





Look out for more beautiful  SIG pistols next week.


Steve Johnson

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  • Dylan Ray

    Aaaaaaand I’m hard.

  • Greg

    I am really, really disappointed. The Sig Prestige page doesn’t have a “buy it now” button. Of course, if it did, it would also need to include a link to home equity loan rates.

    • Anonymoose

      Payment options include your body parts, soul, or firstborn son.

      • Moses

        The “firstborn son” bit works better if the Egyptian one had been Ramses II.

    • Harald Wagner

      If you are interested in these guns, just call SIG in Exeter / NH. These guns are of course unique and the delivery time is pretty long due to the engravings, but SIG can make it happen.

  • Xavier Ramos Santoni

    Thanks God im a Dentist! 😀

  • Nathaniel

    The ancient coins are a really nice touch.

  • Vermin.308Winchester

    Yes it’s done to the greatest exstream but you have to understand that these where probly not designed to fit any perception of Buety other than that of the designer I get that 90 percent of SIG buyers like their simple almost Art Deco lines and I do to but this is art bye metal artists for metal art enthusiests

  • Graham 1

    I don’t normally like engraved guns, but the Greek one is out of control. So cool looking.


      yeah same here, but that one just looks sick!

  • “gunner”

    pagan pistols, gotta love them, can i get one dedicated to mithras?

  • RoCr

    These are much better than the fish head one. Their choices on which elements to use gold highlighting on for the Zeus and Tutanchamun pistols seems to be a bit random, though. The Alexander is definitely the best of the bunch.

    • RoCr

      Hmm, I’m going to dial back on my criticism of the Zeus one just a bit. My only problem with it is the hand gripping the lightening bolts; it’s almost completely lost due to too much contrast between it and the gold lightening bolts on the one hand (pun intended), and not enough contrast between it and the frame on the other. This results in the lightening bolts looking like they’ve been cut in half. Perhaps they should have done a gold outline on the hand.

      Other than that, it’s pretty nice.

      • RoCr

        The Tut one could have been improved by gilding entire elements, like they did with the sarcophagus, rather than going for just highlights of larger elements.

        Again, the gold makes the highlights look disembodied.

        If cost were a concern, they could have just done the smaller elements, like the hieroglyphs.

  • Edgar Castelo

    Now THESE are fun! 🙂

  • Mr.E

    The level of detail work on the Alexander pistol is phenomenal, definitely my favourite of the the three – but I also adore the sarcophagus that the Tutenkhamen one presumably rests in…

    Wonder if it’s got its own mini-curse for anyone breaking in?

  • 77

    Holy hell, that craftsmanship!!!

    just awesome.

  • Tim Pearce

    See, this is what I’m wanting to see in engraved guns. Not the boring, excessively overdone leaf scrollwork. DO SOMETHING ELSE! Both of these are really nice looking, even if one does have some scrollwork.

  • tincankilla

    the Alexander is awesome. although the thumb safety would be pretty awesome as the head of an eagle

  • Zius Patagus

    Must have had a group buy on the gold gun parts, Or, I’m thinking they were all given the same model gun with gold parts to engrave. I like them better than that fish gun.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Remember the guns in Baz Luhrman’s modern Romeo + Juliet?

  • gallannd

    Sure the pistols look great, but the problem with pistol engraving is that the engravings have to be personal, not some random greek/ancient egypt design.

    These probably serve as advertisements for the custom work they do.

  • Chase Buchanan

    I’m a Pagan and I love these pistols. WANT.

    The image of Horus is definitely inspired by Stargate SG-1.

  • Vermin.308Winchester

    yes they are flashy but they a likely made to suit the tastes of the aritst more than the tases of the avrage sig lover. like i said before my orginal comment was deleated for no apperant reason “this is metal art for metal art enthusiasts”

  • sianmink

    That’s totally a Horus guard from Stargate on the tut gun. In fact, it matches the original concept art.

  • verymiddleuropean

    Well , also the “Presidential Model” would be nice. With big ass “No, we can`t” or “I`m so ronery” engraved on the slide in mandarin chinese using gothic lettering, and some Care Bear panoplia with crossed Hammers of Thor. And the frontsight should be in the form of mercedes benz star ( for fast acquisition in cqb). Rear sights could be shaped like twin chimneys of the Potemkin Cruiser with little svarovski crystals for dots.

    • Samuel Suggs

      lost me their for a second I take it your refernceing a eroupean president?

    • Sig_Sauer

      If you want the “Presidential Model” you couldn’t afford it. It would need to be half white half black. It would be engraved with “Alla Akbar” – our god is great. It could only have 7 rounds and it would cost 100K. Also, it wouldn’t shoot very well, because all rounds would only hit way left.

  • Samuel Suggs

    i prefer simple pleasures:)

  • Samuel Suggs

    the underside of the tigger guard on the Alexander apears to say “for this glory of ……….” i cant make it out any ideas?

    • Harald Wagner

      …for the glory of Greece…

      • Samuel Suggs

        Good eye did you get another image or just get a closer look on those Availible

        • Harald Wagner

          Well, to be honest I created the design and advised the engraver. I am the pistol manager of SIG Sauer Germany. Any more questions / photos ?

          • Samuel Suggs

            Wow that must be great, are you guys given
            assignments bye SIG such as “do a series of pistols o the following civilizations” or do you come up with the ideas and then hand them off to SIG? This is probably far too much to ask but do you happen to have any in progress photos lying around that you could post I mean don’t go out of your way if its too much trouble but that would be greatly appreciated bye all.

          • Harald Wagner

            We create the ideas by our own. Is to mean that the ideas come from SIG itsself. Sometimes, we get influenced by clients. So you could also mentionne a good idea….Sometimes clients order a specific engraving, We are pretty flexible in this case. The “Samurai” for example was the idea of a colleague of mine from our warehouse. He is doing martial arts and came up with this idea. “Barracuda” was the idea of our sales manager and so on…What would YOU like to see at the next Shot Show?

  • Samuel Suggs

    im suprised no one has complained about the stock adjustable sights granted when they tried to stylise them last time it got more than a little ridicolous

    • Samuel Suggs

      i mean why would you take a protional picture of that?

  • CJS3

    Nice work, but I can’t look at any King Tut stuff without thinking of the Steve Martin song on SNL.

  • Mystick

    Very pretty.

  • Sig_Sauer

    I would like to see “The American” Sig P226. Engraved with our Second Amendment, wrapped in the American Flag. With “God We Trust” on top of the slide.

    • Harald Wagner

      …thank you for the inspiration. We will make it happen. Next Shot Show…..

  • Anon

    That standardized floral scrollwork on the Egyptian one looks really gratingly out of place, especially when Egyptian visual culture is so well-attested. Should’ve been stylized papyrus reed if anything.

    It looks very out of place as well on the “Zeus “, they should’ve just stuck with the Mycenean theme they had going there.

    This is my big gripe with engraved guns: the scrollwork is generally only produced in a few monotonous patterns with no creativity or regard to the lines of the gun. The worst examples of this are the “premium” models from big makers that just have a little panel of etching on either side.

  • mostafa

    how can i buy the zues gun