Philippine National Police Buy 14,000 More Glock 17 Pistols

Last year Philippine National Police made the decision to purchase 60,000 Glock 17 pistols, but because  Glock’s winning bid was a lot lower than their budget, they have decided to purchase an additional 14,000. reports

A total of P1.2 billion was allocated for the purchase of some 60,000 pieces of handguns but the PNP had saved some P200 million after the winning bidder pegged the price at some P998 million.

“The fund used for the purchase of the additional firearms was that savings,” said Collado in a press briefing at Camp Crame in Quezon City.

The Glock 17 Gen4 has a market price of more or less P40,000 but the PNP only bought it at a price of some P16,000 each.

This is the reason why the PNP was able to buy another 14,000 pieces of Glock pistols, according to Collado.

Sounds like Glock bid 20% lower than they could have gotten away with.

Many thanks to Chester for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Vermin.308Winchester

    So the Philippine peso is well roughly 0.023 US dollars just sayin. Yeah they will probly be resold get over it the Philippines serves as a perfect example of the nature of violent crime that being means follows motive regardless of how much control you have over a soceity.

    • cjo

      Nah.. crime here in the Philippines is to a smaller scale than what you have have there in the US… Military and Police here have been carrying their old and heavy revolvers and single stack 1911s since… WW2.. We are due for an upgrade.

      • Vermin.308Winchester

        Drat the media and Internet statisticians lied to me dam you Vice supposedly unbiased news I trusted you I suppose this means that Obama also will not save me from the pits of unemployment my world is falling apart if I can’t believe the good folks in Washington what can I trust

        • Vermin.308Winchester

          Well this is just awkward

      • Ben 10

        eh? i’m from the Philippines too, i wouldn’t say crime is less here than in the U.S., if anything crime is worse here, we don’t have the 2nd amendment, the police don’t have the advance forensic technology to catch criminals, the police and military here are hopelessly corrupt and are puppets of the corrupt govt( sort of like the BATF or IRS in the U.S.), terrorist and bandit groups like the npa, milf , abu sayaf, etc are running wild in the provinces, squatters are literally everywhere(even near dams), and there is little to no respect for private property rights, the only crime that is less here in the Philippines is drug cartels and street gang wars, but that’s only because drugs here flow more freely so instead of a few big cartels , there are hundreds if not thousands of much smaller backyard traffickers and meth labs, and the street gang leaders and members are usually killed ( the term used is salvaged) by the police in secret ( no trial)

        and i guess family breakdown here is not as bad yet as in the U.S.
        ( divorce is still illegal here, as is abortion, and the Catholic Church still has some influence) but the situation is already very bad and getting worse, (especially the homos, they are everywhere, they even control hospitals now), thanks to the media, the govt , bill and melinda gates, hollywood, the U.N.

        • Lance

          But you can still buy full autos once your a gun club memeber.

          • Ben 10

            Used to be , yes, but not anymore, on May 29, 2013, the president signed a new law that bans full auto weapons for civilians and limits these weapons to leo and military. The new law will take effect in 2014 i believe, so those with full auto weapons now will be grandfathered, but we civilians cannot buy full auto in the future.

        • lupang hinirang

          correction Ben 10 MILF is not a terrorists or bandits they are legal revolutionaries Pres. Bush acknowledged them. basa-basa lang pag may time ‘di puro daldal.

      • Dan

        I have not seen a PH police officer that still carries a revolver since the ’90s. Most of them are carrying Beretta 92s (or more likely Taurus clones) that are badly rusted. As for single-stack 1911s, I have seen only a few on LEOs holsters..

        • Lance

          Didnt see any Berettas in the Police there just alot of Rossi .38s. I saw a few M-1911s thats mostly solders who carry them.

          • Pinoy_123

            Saan ka po sa Philippines? Kasi poro 38s ang nakikita mo!

  • SnJohnson

    According to Google, the conversion rate for the Philippine peso to dollars means that they retail for $923 but were bought at about $370. Not a bad deal for them I guess.

    • Allan Gaddi

      Yes. If they are about ~$500, then that translates to P20,000. So, 20% off is P16,000. Sounds about right.

      P40,000 is what we private citizens pay. 🙁

  • Lance

    Just coming back from the Philippines I can say why they went to a sweet deal on Glocks. They are still using .38 spl revolvers. A need to upgrade is needed. M-1911s and M-92s make up the Army’s main pistol. 1911s are still very popular there too. But I do make very good sense of these Police upgrade.

  • enteng

    many gun enthusiasts, many stupid laws about it. other than license, you have to PAY FOR PTC, PTT,… too much fees to own one… these cops will just use these for personal use. they can always report, LOST unit and get issued another. goes to lose FA circulation, then bribe the system to get license for it.

    • xavier

      Ahhh… I don’t know what police force you’re talking about, but these days in the PNP and AFP, when you LOSE a firearm you have to PAY for it with your meager salary… all the more reason not to “lose” it huh?

    • dagul

      teng, HELLOWWWWW!!!!! what nation r u talking about? sangkatutak na kaso ang haharapin mo pgnawala mo isyud firearms mo . .heheheheh

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