MasterPiece Arms Purchases Spencer Rifle Barrels

Spencer Rifle Barrels, Virginia has been purchased by MasterPiece Arms, who are best known for making MAC-10-style pistols and suppressors. Spencer Rifle Barrels specialize in high-end precision rifle barrels and long-range custom rifles. It sounds like Masterpiece may be moving into the high-end rifle business.

From the press release …

MasterPiece Arms, manufacturers of the MPA MAC Line of pistols, carbines, suppressors and MPAR Rifles, is proud to announce their new acquisition of

Spencer Rifle Barrels, Inc. of Scottsville, Virginia. The recent purchase will expand MasterPiece Arm’s capabilities and product line to include precision built and quality crafted rifle barrels and rifles.  As a result of the new acquisition, future MasterPiece Arms products will incorporate high quality precision produced barrels using Clay Spencer’s methods and practices into their full line of products.  MasterPiece Arms will also announce new products specifically built utilizing Spencer Rifle Barrels.

Spencer Rifle Barrels, Inc. in business since 1979 has a nationwide reputation as one of the foremost and award winning custom barrel and rifle builders.  Spencer Rifle Barrels produces target, sporting, benchrest, 1000-yrd, light varmint, hunting, tactical barrels and rifles and silhouette and benchrest pistols; all featuring their precision stainless steel, match-grade target barrels.

“Bringing Spencer Rifle Barrels under MasterPiece Arms will greatly enhance our capabilities,” Phil Cashin, CEO of MasterPiece Arms commented. “Our business focus at MPA has always been driven by offering customers the highest quality USA-made products. Spencer Rifle Barrels is well known within the industry and by customers that demand the highest level of performance whether for competition, hunting or for high-risk vocations.”

Steve Johnson

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  • floppyscience

    Does this mean we’ll be seeing match-grade MAC-10s sometime soon?

    • Paul Epstein

      Not impossible, the closed bolt, fixed barrel nature of the semi-auto MAC-10s should make them relatively accurate but it’s hard to realize any such potential without a good trigger, stiff receiver, and a proper stock and optics mount, which aren’t really standard equipment.

      Maybe masterpiece arms wants to leverage parts they already make or are at least familiar with and start competing more on an accuracy basis- stranger things have happened.

    • Bruce

      I keep looking at a 9mm SBR setup. LAR-9 from RRA or a MP pistol plus stock and tax stamp. Or in a perfect world, and old PC9 by Ruger.

      • Ben 10

        the m&p pistol can take a shoulder stock? if true, that is good news, i thought only glocks and buls can have detachable shoulder stocks.

        • Cymond

          Bruce is referring to MasterPiece Arms, the only current maker of MAC-10 style pistols.
          Bruce, if you happen to see this, I’m also contemplating a 9mm SBR. I’m considering an AR, an Uzi, and a Glock/KPOS. The KPOS/Glock is probably the smallest & lightest option.

    • Camp Perry Gangsta

      I use MAC-10s in match competition all the time. I bust caps exclusively with Extreme Shock Fang Face match grade ammo, they are aerodynamically enhanced for advanced, modified-horizontal-turn style match shooting. Dropping 10 rings at 1000 yards, G.