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  • Vermin.308Winchester

    Kinda dry but overall great overview overview of the history of the AR-15 doesn’t really begin well just kinda leaps in but not picking their are a thousand versions of this from the insanely detailed seen here to the totally idiotic even anti gun propagandist looking to demonize the very dust that collects on its baby killin super bullets have gotten in on the action any way that’s my take on part 1

  • Esh325

    Nothing really that hasn’t been said before.

  • Vermin.308Winchester

    I’m not going into part “3” that way lies angry responses and requests to leave. I found apologetic and lacking in solid arguments.

    • Jim

      Thanks for the feedback. What was apologetic and lacking in solid arguments?

  • Zius Patagus

    Point of clarification. The A2 introduced the 1/9 twist not the 1/7 which came later with the M4.

    • Jim

      Zius, thanks for reading, and for the clarification. I do my best to present correct, fact based information, but obviously make mistakes like everyone else. I’ll see what I can do to fix it.