Crowdfunded AR-15 Upper Receivers

Crowdfunding seems to be all the rage these days, especially with AR-15 80% lower receivers. What’s crowdfunding you ask? It’s pretty much a way for companies to build capital to help fund a new product, with regular folks from the internet as backers of these projects. There have already been a number of AR lowers on RocketHub¬†over the past few months, but now it looks like AR-15 uppers are the next thing for gun crowd sourcing projects. Northwest Precision is offering backers¬†stripped 7075 aluminum AR-15 uppers starting at $35 for a non-anodized version and $40 for a black anodized version. According to Northwest Precision you’ll get your upper even if they don’t reach their goal of $20,000. So if you have a new AR-15 build in the works, or if like me you’ve already funded a few 80% lowers, this new crowdsourcing campaign might be worth a shot if you’re looking for a budget priced stripped upper.

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  • Vermin.308Winchester

    We are the are the 80 percent

    Firearm component people hear us roar

    Why the forward assist? Added complexity would seem to be the enemy here. Joking and whining aside go forth and spread unregistered weapon components NorthWest precision I hope you prosper

    • floppyscience

      You’re making it sounds like weapon components are normally registered.

      • Vermin.308Winchester

        Well unserialized and unrecorded weapon components would have been more accurate for this legal jurisdiction but it dose t really have a good ring to it

        • floppyscience

          Last I checked, uppers weren’t typically serialized or “recorded” either. :B

        • Tfb readers

          Would it be unreasonable to ask you to stop leaving comments?

          • Vermin.308Winchester

            Well just a tad, but on another note did you really create that name just to ask me to go away. I am far from the most objectionable person here frosty-the-white-man is a regular granted he’s almost weirdly normal but why me and why this thread for that matter I made a joke then offered a constructive critism then wished the company well.

          • Gary Patterson

            why not spend a little and get a quality product from that are in stock and ready to ship, got mine.

  • BigROb

    Domain registered like a week ago. Fishy as hell.

  • North WestPrecision

    This is NW Precision, And yes as our campaign says this is a new endeavor for us. We are an established machine shop that took is upon ourselves (5 family members) 3 of which are owners of the machine shop that doesn’t do anything with gun parts. We made a website and extablished a new Corp, completely seperate from our other business, for many reasons. A few being the gun industry is widely opposed and being that our shop has funders that didn’t want to be involved we branched off and started our own company. We have the equipment and experience needed to make quality parts. We understand your reserve and crowd funding isn’t for everyone. This is an oppertunity for a few to get involved in something bigger than themselves and by doing so will get a at cost product.

    Thanks Team NW Precision