Winchester Revives The Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle

It’s back, Winchester Repeating Arms has reintroduced the iconic Model 1873 lever action rifle, dubbed “the gun that won the west”. The new Model 73 will be chambered in the popular .357/38 Special calibers and will be offered with a 30-inch barreled “Sporter Case Hardened” model and a “Short Rifle” model with a 20-inch barrel. They’ll retail at a starting price of $1299 for the Short Rifle version and $1579.99 for the Sporter Case Hardened version. Check them out at

The Model 73 is world-renowned as “The Gun that Won the West.” Now you can own the real thing — a genuine Winchester Repeating Arms® Model 73 with an oil-finished walnut stock, classic blued steel crescent buttplate and a 20″ round barrel, just like the original. If you’re the type of collector who won’t settle for second best or a copy of a copy, fill your hands with this magnificent rifle, saddle up and blaze your trail into the sunset.

For its introductory year the 1873 Winchester is available in two models:

Short Rifle (cataloged model)
Sporter Case Hardened (SHOT Show Special model)

The 1873 Short Rifle has this set of features:

– WALNUT STRAIGHT GRIP STOCK with a satin oil finish that’s velvet smooth to the touch
– CLASSIC RIFLE STYLE FOREARM with blued steel cap for the timeless look and feel of the  original Model 73
– BLUED STEEL CRESCENT BUTTPLATE slips into your shoulder for a solid hold
– ROUND 20″ BARREL WITH FULL-LENGTH MAGAZINE TUBE holds 10 rounds of 357  Magnum or 11 rounds of 38 Special ammunition
– STEEL LOADING GATE for smoother loading
– RECEIVER REAR TANG is drilled and tapped for optional tang-mounted rear sight for a more precise sight picture

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  • rbosque

    I always wanted one…

  • El Duderino

    30″ barrel? Will the .38s even make it out? 🙂

    • Mike F Di

      20″ genius…not 30

      • gunslinger

        “The new Model 73 will be chambered in the popular .357/38 Special
        calibers and will be offered with a 30-inch barreled “Sporter Case Hardened” model …”

        looks like they’ll shoot a 38 from a 30″ barrel…

      • Nathan

        The article clearly states there will be a 30″ version AND a 20″.


        • Cameron

          Few things are more enjoyable than watching someone who was a jerk for no good reason get stuffed.

  • john huscio

    1500 bucks? no sale.

  • Marcus D.

    I’d get an Italian clone over this Japanese clone with a Winchester label on it. Better quality and wider caliber selection.

    • Mike F Di

      Actually the Japanese Clones are very well done, by the GUN COMPANYS including
      Howa, Miroku Corp.Sumitomo Heavy Industries

      • Marcus D.

        Go have a gander at Uberti’s site if you want to see some really beautiful rifles. They make the 1873 in 45, 44-40 and 357, have a case hardened receiver, grade A walnut stocks, and multiple barrel lengths. They also build the 1876 in the heavy hitting calibers (45-60 45-70 and 50-75). Plus Henry’s and a Colt Lightning. All (except for the delux sporter rifle) for less money than the Winchester.

  • Ben10

    i’d rather have an open bolt uzi.

    • Blake

      I’d rather have a full-auto Model 1895 🙂

      • Vermin.308Winchester

        The air cooled machine gun that features heavily in A Rifleman Went to war? I think everyone would take that over a purdey replica lever gun chambered for a cartridge that suffers from its excessive barrel length. Or are you making a joke about the elegant Winchester 1895.

        • Ben 10

          Yeah!! the box magazine fed 1895 model would have been a better gun to reproduce, especially chambered in calibers like .25 or.30 remington rimless, or with new materials available they could chamber it in higher pressure calibers like .223 rem or at least .30 carbine or .221 fireball.

          • Blake

            You can buy what is basically a Model 1895 action in many modern calibers & configurations: the Browning BLR is more-or-less the modern evolution of the 1895.

            & for the money I’d rather have a BLR than this 1873 thing…

        • Blake

          I was making a joke about a full-auto levergun 🙂

  • IronBuddha

    I can buy antique lever action rifles in mint condition for that much. They were built with much better quality and better reliability. Why would I spend $1300-$1600 for one that is mass produced with lesser quality?

    • A real 1873 vintage mint condition Winchester for that price! I’ve only seen a mint condition one in a museum.
      I have seen a lot in shops that were rough and non-firing for near this price. This is closer to the going price.

      • IronBuddha

        1. Gunbroker is a terrible…….TERRIBLE source to use.

        2. If your going to compare to an original 1873 in mint condition, yes of course it’s going to cost more. But re-read my post. I said antique lever action rifles, doesn’t necessarily mean the actual 1873 model. You can find many lever action rifles built up to the 1970’s (Not just Winchester) in very good/mint condition at that price point and of much MUCH better quality then this.

      • IronBuddha

        Even without comparison to older ones. It’s still a lousy price point period.

  • Mike F Di

    awesome gun…sucky price point

  • Blake

    No Trapper or .45LC? .357mag works so well in 16″ bbls…

    Ah well, more leverguns is good leverguns. Probably still much better than a Remlin.

  • Zo

    So, first it was the Zombie phase and now it will be the Cowboy phase in 2014? I believe Henry has a repro coming now Winchester. We have seen many SAA pistols coming as well.

    Since I love this stuff, I believe this is great…However, given the price, HOW MUCH better are they over the Italian copies except for name branded on the side? I agree with another poster. You can find the originals in good condition and better made for about the same price.

    They seem to be going for nostalgia but are doing it half you know what. I would rather have seen and 45 Colt or 44-40 versus 357/38.
    Given that almost everything is selling are ridiculous prices, I would not be surprised if these are big sellers.

    • Kyle

      I’m still trying to find a Henry .45-70 out in the wild, After that I think I’m satiated with leverguns.

    • Michel_T

      I guess they went the 38spl route… because once paid for the rifle, you’ll only have $$ left for 38spl…

      Wonder how long it will take before someone calls it a ‘antique assault rifle’

  • Jason Lilly

    That price is a little steep! They would sale a lot more if they would price them where people could actually afford them.

  • Tim U

    I was excited….. until I saw the price tag. Pass.

  • tincankilla

    seriously? the west would not have been won at that price point.

  • Paul

    Maybe if they had it in the original 44-40, and not for that price when it ain’t made in the U.S.A.!

  • John Daniels

    A .38/.357 with a 30″ barrel? Thirty inches? Really?

  • 306_AD

    LOL @ price.

  • Michael

    15 years ago a Winchester 30/30 from KMART was under $400. Wish I would have picked one up. I did pick up one in 44 mag though.

    Why can they not make them at the old price?

  • Laserbait

    ROFL – $1500 for a japanese made Winchester? I think I’ll wait for the $2000 chinese made version.

  • Doc Clary

    After Winchester trashed their quality at their U.S. plant, I won’t have one of the “new” ones at any price. If you want a good lever action rifle in .357 caliber, buy a Henry Big Boy for ~$900…. smooth action, lifetime guarantee and Made in USA. Besides, the original 1873 action was relatively weak when compared to the later 1894 action.